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Navigating AliExpress in Armenia: A Comprehensive Guide

Payment:AMD ( Armenian Dram )
Delivery:15-45 days

AliExpress is a popular online marketplace that offers a wide array of products at competitive prices. However, if you’re shopping from Armenia, there are some important details you should be aware of. This guide aims to provide you with essential information for a safe and cost-effective shopping experience on AliExpress in Armenia.

The Pitfall of AliExpress RU

What is AliExpress RU?

AliExpress RU is a Russian version of AliExpress, but it’s not owned by the original Chinese company. Instead, it’s operated by Russian proprietors.

Here are some reasons to avoid AliExpress RU:

  • Higher Prices: The platform generally has higher prices compared to the original AliExpress.
  • Different Sellers: The sellers on AliExpress RU are not the same as those on the original AliExpress, affecting quality and variety.
  • Different Policies: The terms and conditions may differ, offering less buyer protection.

For more information on how to distinguish between the two, read our AliExpress in English guide.

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Accessing the Authentic AliExpress Platform in Armenia

How to Access the Original AliExpress

  • Check the URL: Ensure it starts with “www.aliexpress.com” and not any country-specific extensions.
  • Use a VPN: If you’re being redirected to AliExpress RU, use a VPN to access the original site.
  • Browser Settings: Change your browser settings to prefer websites in English.

For more details on how to set up and log into your AliExpress account, check out our how to buy guide.

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Benefits of Using the Original Platform

Using the authentic AliExpress platform ensures that you are covered by the company’s global policies, including buyer protection. For more tips on how to shop safely, read our mistakes on AliExpress guide.

Payment in Armenian Dram (AMD)

Display and Payment in AMD

Prices on the original AliExpress are displayed in Armenian Dram (AMD), and payments are also processed in AMD. This eliminates currency conversion fees, making your shopping experience more straightforward.

For more information on how to get the best deals, check out our AliExpress Discounts guide.

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Customs and Taxes in Armenia

New Customs Rules as of January 1

Armenia has updated its customs regulations. If your purchase exceeds 100€, customs officers will determine the value of your package. If they assess it to be over the stated amount, you’ll be liable for additional taxes and customs fees.

For more details on how VAT and other taxes apply to your purchases, read our VAT on AliExpress guide.

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How Customs Fees are Calculated

  • Customs Value: Customs officers determine the value of the package, which may include shipping costs.
  • Excess Value: Any amount exceeding 200€ is subject to customs fees.
  • Customs Fee: A 15% fee is applied to the excess value.
  • Payment: All fees are paid in Armenian Dram (AMD).

Tips to Avoid Extra Charges

  • Separate Shipments: Instead of consolidating orders, have them shipped separately to avoid exceeding the 200€ limit.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on currency conversion rates and adjust your orders accordingly.

Shipping and Delivery

Common Shipping Methods to Armenia

  • Armenia Post: This is the most common method and is generally reliable.
  • DHL: Faster but usually more expensive.
  • ePacket: A balance between speed and cost.

For more information on shipping options, consult our AliExpress shipping guide.

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Estimated Delivery Time

The average waiting time for AliExpress shipments to Armenia is around 5 weeks or 35 days. However, this can vary based on the shipping method you choose and customs processing times.

For more on how to track your orders, see our AliExpress tracking guide.

Consumer Protection in Armenia

Local Consumer Rights Organizations

In Armenia, the Association of Consumers handles consumer rights. They don’t have a website, but you can contact them at their Yerevan office for any issues.

AliExpress Buyer Protection

AliExpress offers several layers of buyer protection, including a dispute system. Always read seller reviews and ratings to ensure you’re buying from a reputable source.

For more tips on how to shop safely, consult our how to buy guide.

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Shopping on AliExpress from Armenia can be a smooth experience if you’re aware of the customs rules, shipping methods, and consumer protections available to you. Always opt for the original AliExpress platform to ensure you’re covered by their global policies and to take advantage of the various AliExpress promotions and coupons.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to navigate AliExpress in Armenia effectively and safely. Happy shopping!