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AliExpress for free

We will tell you how to take goods on AliExpress for free in the application and directly on the website. Or buy for $0.01 with free shipping. We’ll show you how to find purchases, how to download the app for free, win contests, and receive gifts.

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What can you get on AliExpress for free

You can get a free product, coupon, discount, delivery or gift.

Sellers on AliExpress want to make money. But both they and the AliExpress administration want to attract more customers. Therefore, we are ready to give them gifts.

Please note – in some countries, stores are not allowed to give away items from the catalog for free. Therefore, they offer to buy them for a symbolic price of $0.01.

Free shipping from AliExpress

This service works in all countries of the world. You can almost always opt for AliExpress free shipping. It is clear that its cost is included in the price of the product. But it still turns out to be profitable. Firstly, the price of AliExpress is always lower than in other stores. Secondly, if the product does not come to you, or you don’t like it, you can return the full amount. Including delivery costs.

выбор бесплатной доставки на Алиэкспресс

Get a gift for a new buyer on AliExpress

It is given only once. When you sign up for AliExpress. Each new client receives a bonus. It could be a coupon for a few dollars. You can use it to pay for part of the purchase. For example, you get a $2 coupons for a new customer. Then you take the item that costs $10. And pay only $8 for it.

Or you can access the section for new buyers. They offer goods almost free of charge on AliExpress. For 1-2 cents, you can take things that are much more expensive. Details – in our article you will receive a gift from AliExpress.

Get a gift for registering on AliExpress

Choose a gift for yourself for coming to the site. Have your first purchase paid by Aliexpress.

Download AliExpress for free on Android, iPhone, PC

Buying in the AliExpress app is both more convenient and cheaper. You can invite friends there and get a gift for it. Or organize group purchases, which is even more profitable. You can download AliExpress to any device:

Алиэкспресс скачать бесплатно на русском на Андроид, Айфон, ПК

Aliexpress free return

So far, this service is only available in Russia. Some items can be returned there. And do not pay for their postage. In other countries, if you want to return your order, you will need to pay for the shipping to China. But there is another way. If you receive a poor quality item, do not return it. Do not demand the full amount from the seller in the dispute. And part of it. Then you will be compensated for part of the costs.

AliExpress in Russia allows in some cases to make a free return. The fact is that Alibaba Group has an official representative office in the Russian Federation. Therefore, it meets the requirements of Russian legislation on consumer protection.

Get Free Aliexpress Coupons

If you already have an account on AliExpress, you can take coupons in any quantity. Each of them qualifies for a fixed discount. How much is written on the AliExpress coupon, so much you get.

Birthday gift

When you register, you are asked for your birthday. Every year on Aliexpress’s birthday, they give you a gift. The date needs to be confirmed. And it cannot be changed. The size of the gift depends on how long you have been registered. And how much you buy.

Aliexpress will give you a birthday coupon for free. Or the right to buy certain items at discounted prices. The rules change every year. But you win anyway. You can order something interesting for yourself. And useful.

Get free promotional codes from sellers on AliExpress

These are sets of numbers that must be entered when paying. Eligible for a fixed discount. Almost like a coupon. Available to everyone. You can share AliExpress promo codes with your friends. Pass them on in secret.

You don’t need to pay for promotional codes. Just remember to enter them before paying. The largest promotional codes are for power tools, products of Chinese brands and cosmetics. They are given by sellers, not AliExpress itself.

Get free trial goods on AliExpress

It is difficult for Chinese sellers to enter the European market. It is especially difficult to do this with a new product. For example, they sewed a shirt of a new style. Or shoes. Or a bag. How to sell it? Therefore, they distribute such goods to active buyers.

So that they get them on Aliexpress for free. And then they left a good review. Have recommended to your friends. The section in which such goods are distributed is called “almost free”. It is only available in the app.

Раздел в приложении Алиэкспресс "Почти даром"
This is what the Almost for nothing section looks like in the app.

To get into it, install the application. Go into it and visit several sections. Then go back to the main menu, and you will see it in the right middle part of the screen. There, you will be offered goods for $0.01. You will only need to write a review after receiving it.

Games and contests on AliExpress

Comes ahead of big sales. For example, many games and contests are held before Shopping Day on November 11th. You can participate in the application or on your computer. Prizes are usually coupons. Fixed amount.

The main condition for winning is to visit AliExpress as often as possible. And play as often as possible. If you add a lot of items to your cart, you can increase your chances of winning.

Get AliExpress coins for free

Another interesting game. AliExpress’ coins are such a special currency in the application. It is given for a variety of actions. For example, if you use image search. They even give for the fact that you just go to the application on your mobile every day.

Coins can then be exchanged for coupons. Or pay part of the cost of the goods. That is, if you often complete tasks in the application, you will collect a lot of coins. It turns out that with their help, you will pick up the goods on AliExpress for free.

FAQ about free AliExpress

  1. How to get a product on AliExpress for free?

    This can be done in the AliExpress app. In the “Almost for nothing” section. Other ways are to use coins. Or go to the section with the cheapest offers. AliExpress also gives birthday gifts if you specified the date when registering.

  2. How to download AliExpress for free?

    Just like any other application. If you want to download on Android, you need to go to Google Play. If you’re downloading to an iPhone, go to the Apple Store. By opening AliExpress on your mobile, you will automatically receive an invitation to download the application.

  3. How to buy on AliExpress for free?

    This can be done using coupons and promotional codes. They are distributed by vendors and shops. You can also get coupons from AliExpress itself before big sales. Another way is in the “Almost for nothing” section. They offer goods for 1 cent per sample.

  4. How to order from AliExpress for free?

    To pay less, take advantage of discounts, promotions, coupons. Ask the seller to reduce the price. Choose free shipping. If there is no such option in the product card, look for the same product. On AliExpress, the same things are sold by different sellers with different conditions.

  5. How to return an item from AliExpress for free?

    This can only be done in the Russia. And only those goods are returned free of charge, which are covered by AliExpress Plus delivery. Otherwise, it will be more profitable for you to leave the goods and demand compensation for part of its value.

  6. Why is there free shipping on AliExpress?

    The Chinese figured that if they included the shipping cost in the price, they could sell more. European and Russian buyers are willing to pay for things, but not for shipping. Services for organizing delivery are offered to sellers by AliExpress itself. Moreover, at discounted prices.

  7. Why is there no free shipping on AliExpress?

    Free shipping is not available only for some products. Try to look for the same item from another seller. If one store only delivers for money, another may offer free shipping.