AliExpress sales dates 2023: calendar, explanation and FAQ

AliExpress 2023 sales calendar with full schedule. When will be, how long will it last, what discounts will be, how to save. All AliExpress sales from big and holiday to daily and hidden.

AliExpress sales, February 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
February 1-28Feb CodesFebruary promotional codesDiscounts for selected goods
February 1-28Great-value deals – GlobalFebruary saleDiscounts up to 70% for popular products
February 8-10Brand Day – POCOSale of Poco smartphonesDiscounts on new and old models, coupons
February 14-16Plus DaySale of goods from local warehousesDiscounts for goods with fast delivery
February 16-18Brand Day – OnePlusSale of OnePlus smartphonesDiscounts on new and old models, promotional codes
February 20-22Inspiration for Better LifeSale of goods for homeDiscounts on household appliances and accessories
February 20-22Fashion-SportsSale of sports goodsDiscounts for sportswear and shoes, simulators
February 20-24Affilate Exclusive EventsThe main sale of FebruaryLarge discounts and promotional codes for all products
February 23-25Fashion New CollectionPresentation of spring collections of Chinese fashion brandsDiscounts for spring clothes and shoes
February 26-28New Tech EventPresentation of new electronics modelsDiscounts on smartphones, smartchants and other electronics

Discounts on sales are only higher than during the promotion. And the choice of goods is more In this article, we have collected all the information about real sales on AliExpress. In the news section of AliExpress, you can find out about the freshest and hottest discounts. The songs from the sale advertisements become hits.

Private sale on AliExpress for their own

Get an invitation to a private sale. Buy goods with discounts for regular customers

Constant sales on Aliexpress

During the breaks between major promotions, discounts on certain types of goods are available on the site. Here are collected all the current discounts from sellers . Please note – the offer expires after the start of a big sale.

  1. Sports goods and sportswear
  2. Goods for mother and child
  3. Automotive products and electronics
  4. Jewelry and decorations
  5. Beauty and personal care products
  6. Tools and products for home craftsmen
  7. Wigs and natural hair products
  8. Home & Decor Products
  9. Children’s toys and dolls
  10. Appliances

The main sales of the year on AliExpress (Big sales)

To participate in such a sale, the seller must have a rating of at least 90%. The price of the item must be the lowest price in the last 90 days or more. Therefore, the discounts are real. Product rating must be at least 4.5 stars. The seller must sell such things for at least $2,000 per month. Therefore, the products are popular.

Complete calendar of AliExpress sales, 2023

AliExpress sales in January 2023

AliExpress Coupons JANUARY

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
January 1-31Jan CodesJanuary promotional codesJanic6 Janic9 Janic14 Janic24
January 1-2New Year ThrillsFirst New Year Sale in 2024Discounts on goods from your desire list
January 1-2Expect new varmth at homeSale of goods for homeDiscounts for consumables and household goods
January 1-2Expect more outdor funSale of winter thingsDiscounts for skiing and winter clothes
January 3-5Plus Day-GlobalSale of goods with fast deliveryCoupons for $ 5 and $ 10 for all products
January 4-5Los Reyes Magos 2023Sale of goods for children only in SpainDiscounts up to 50% for toys, children’s clothes
January 9-13Winter clearence EventLiquidation of residues in warehousesDiscounts up to 90% for last year’s goods
January 16-23Tus Consejos de ahorro para 2023Sale only for SpainDiscounts up to 90% and free delivery
January 16-29Love Delivers EventChinese New YearCoupons for $ 2- $ 10, discounts up to 50%
January 16-29Brand Day – RealmeRealme 10 Sale$ 15 coupons, discounts, the opportunity to win a smartphone
January 16-30BR: Carnival OffersSale only for BrazilCopons for R $ 15, discounts, delivery in 24 hours
AliExpress sales in January
AliExpress sales February

AliExpress Sales, March 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
March 01-31New User DiscountsDiscounts, coupons and promotions for the first registrationSpecial discounts for new users. Promotions for users from Poland
March 01-31Super Deal: Limited Time SpikeSale for Poland.Sale of goods from the place of the treasure in Poland. Discounts and fast delivery
March 07-12Trend SpottingSpring SaleDiscounts on fashionable clothing from spring collections. Small discounts on electronics and household appliances
March 07-12AliaddictSale from local warehousesSmall discounts on power tools, autotes and electronics. Fast delivery of goods from a local warehouse
March 11-13FR Garden FestivalSale of home and garden products in FrancePromotional and discounts up to 30% for garden equipment, tools, household appliances only for users from France
March 11-17Group BuyGroup purchases in BrazilSignificant discounts on all goods when buying with friends. Only for Brazil
March 12-17High-quality lifeSale of home goodsDiscounts on household goods
March 13-17Drive for discountsSale of autotovarovDiscounts for automotive accessories, DVR
March 14-16Go outside. Play great gamesSale of sports inventoryDiscounts on sports goods
March 14-16FR-Les 3 jours des marqueSale of household chemicals and other goods in FranceDiscounts up to 65% for detergents and household chemicals for buyers from France
March 14-16Día de la Marca – MellerwarePresentation of the brand Mellerware.Discounts up to 80% on household appliances Mellerware brand – electric kettles, kitchen appliances, blenders. Promotional and Draws of Gifts only in Spain
March 14-16Consumers’ DaySale from a warehouse in BrazilDiscounts up to 70% and fast delivery of goods only for Brazil
March 14-181-stop family shoppongHousehold goodsDiscounts on household goods
March 14-18Top brands saleBrand SaleDiscounts on products of Chinese manufacturers
March 15-19Members’ dayFor regular Size Discounts
March 15-19Top brands for your homeSale of home goodsDiscounts on home decoration products
March 16-20.Trending in summer (Man)Sale Summer Collections of ClothingDiscounts on fashionable summer women’s clothing
March 16-20.Trending in summer (Woman)Sale Summer Collections of ClothingDiscounts on fashionable summer men’s clothing
March 17-18Fresh Finds – RobrockBrand Sale RobrockDiscounts on robots vacuum cleaners
March 17-21E-sportsSale of goods for gamersDiscounts on accessories for computer and computer games
March 17-21MROSale of tools and goods for repairDiscounts on tools
March 18-20.Les basicsSale of home products in FranceDiscounts and accelerated delivery to consumables and household goods in France
March 18-23TOP SELECTIONSale of electronics and household appliances in BrazilDiscounts and accelerated shipping Popular products only in Brazil
March 19-20Marca del Día-aigostarClearance brand AigoStarDiscounts and promotional products for kitchen techniques – mixers, blenders, multicookers, coffee makers. Only for Spain
March 28 – April 01AliExpress’s Birthday – 12 aniversaryAliexpress Birthday – Sale 328, Anniversary 12The largest Spring Sale. Coupons, promotional and discounts on all goods
AliExpress Sales, March

AliExpress sales, April 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
April 01-30New User DiscountsDiscounts, coupons and promotional codes for the first registrationSpecial discounts for new users. Promotions for users from Poland
April 01-30Canales del ALIADDICTSale of fashionable clothing in SpainSpecial prices for fashionable clothes only for buyers from Spain
April 01-30Super Deal: Limited Time SpikeSales of residues in warehousesDiscounts remaining after the March sale
April 02-09Great for your homeSale of goods for homeDiscounts up to 50% on interior elements, dishes, household appliances
April 06-08Xiaomi Fan FestivalSale of smartphones and electronics XiaomiDiscounts up to 30% on smartphones Redmi Note 11
April 05-09Exciting tech findsSale of gadgetsDiscounts up to 50% on smartphones, smart hours, accessories
April 06-112023 hair essentialsSale of wigsDiscounts up to 50% for wigs made of artificial and natural hair
April 07-13Bulk dealsDiscounts for wholesale partiesSale of consumables, stationery, goods for fishermen
April 11-14<Plaza days> – Dale vidilla a abril.Sale in SpainPromo codes only for buyers from Spain for all goods. Additional discount 15%
April 11-14Family Shopping FestivalFamily Sale in BrazilPromo codes for toys and children’s goods only for buyers from Brazil
April 11-16Play sports the comfy waySale of goods for outdoor activitiesDiscounts up to 50% for tourist clothes, tents, mountain bikes
April 11-17Deal du jourSale for FranceThe best price of the month and free delivery only for buyers from France
April 11-18Super Ofertas BrazilSale in BrazilSpecial prices for goods that have already passed customs clearance in Brazil
April 11-18Do BrasilSale of Brazilian goodsDiscounts up to 60% for Brazilian sellers for local buyers
April 11-18Tudo a R$9,99Sale in the application for BrazilThe ability to buy three goods at a special price R $ 9.9 or R $ 18.9 through the application only for buyers from Brazil
April 14-19Top brands saleSale of famous Chinese brandsDiscounts for electronics, clothes, toys, wigs and other products
April 14-19Tranding brands saleSale of young Chinese brandsLow prices for all groups of goods from Chinese manufacturers
April 18-20Super brand Day – P&GBrand Sale P&GDiscounts for skin care products, epilators and free delivery
April 18-21New in fashionSale of fashionable clothesThe first re -re -re -output collections of fashionable clothing summer 2023
April 24-28Diversión al aire libreSpring sale in SpainDiscounts up to 70% for goods in warehouse in Spain. For Spanish buyers only
April 25-28Outdor funSales of goods for recreationDiscounts for outdoor goods – tents, tourist clothes, camps
April 25-28En plein airPromo codes for France1 product discount up to 70% on promotional codes only for buyers from France
April 25 – May 1Deal du jourThe best price of the month in FranceDiscounts for goods with an estimate of 4.5 and free delivery. Only for France
April 25 – May 2Do Brasil 2Sale of Brazilian goodsPromo codes for the goods of the Brazilian sellers
April 29-30E-sports essentialsSale of computer accessories for gamersDiscounts on keyboard, mice and other computer accessories

AliExpress Sales, May 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
04-08 MayLa PlaceSale of goods from a warehouse in FranceDelivery for 3-7 days in France, discounts up to 500 euros
04-08 MayFun times with techElectronics outputDiscounts up to 50% for smart hours and household electronics
08-12 MayBrazil – Mother dayMother’s Day in BrazilDiscounts on goods for mother and child
May 09-11Plaza Days – SpainSale of consumer goods in SpainSignificant discounts for all goods and fast delivery for buyers from Spain
May 11-13Brand Day – One Plus-ENThe premiere of the new model One PlusDiscounts on smartphones 30% and accessories for them, a $ 4 coupon
May 13-16Bestsellers on great saleDiscounts for popular goodsDiscounts for popular goods
May 17-18Brand Fest – NaturehikePresentation of new models of the brand NaturehikeDiscounts for tents and goods for travelers
May 17-21Sports FunSale of sports goodsDiscounts for sportswear, shoes and simulators
May 19-20MallSale of fashionable clothes and accessoriesDiscounts on goods of famous brands
May 23-25Super New Arrival DayPresentation of summer collections and new modelsChinese manufacturers will give great discounts on new products
May 23-26Brand Fest – DJISale of quadrocopterDiscounts on quadrocopters and accessories for them, batteries
May 23-275 coolest tech debutSale of new products of Chinese brandsDiscounts on smartphones, quadrocopters, headphones, smart watches
May 25-29Fashion StyleSale of youth clothingDiscounts up to 70% for clothes and shoes
May 30 – June 2Tech and FunSale of electronics and smartphonesLarge discounts on electronics

AliExpress Sales, June 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
June 01-30New User DiscountsDiscounts, coupons and promotional codes for the first registrationSpecial discounts for new users. Promotions for users from Poland
June 01-30Canales del ALIADDICTSale of fashionable clothesSpecial prices for fashionable clothes for all
June 01-30Code for Top Selected ProductsJune promotional codes$ 4-25 discount on promotional codes
June 01-30Super Deal: Limited Time SpikeHot salesThe goods are constantly updated. The best price of the day
June 1-2Tech and FunSale of electronics and toysDiscounts for electronic toys, tablets and laptops
June 1-6Do BrasilSale of Brazilian goodsDiscounts from sellers from Brazil
June 2-6Anker-Empower awesome music-ENSale of headphonesDiscounts for wireless headphones and speakers
June 6-9Brand day-HaylouSelling brand HaylouDiscounts for smart hours and wireless headphones 70%
June 6-9Tech for you loveSale of technological innovationsDiscounts for kitchen equipment, cleaning, video equipment
June 6-13Do Brasil 2Sale in BrazilDiscounts on the goods of the Brazilian sellers
June 9-11Super DayA large sale of electronics30% discounts on computer components
June 9-11New arrivals on phones and accessoriesPresentation of new smartphone modelsBig discounts on smartphones
June 8-12Sport FunSale of sports goodsDiscounts for summer sportswear and shoes
June 12-16Mall – Brand discoverySale of goods for homeDiscounts for consumables for home
June 13-16Brand day – BlacksharkSale of smartphonesPresentation of the new model of the BlackShark 5 smartphone
June 15-21Spain and France – CashBackSpecial discounts for France and SpainCashback for customers from France and Spain, discounts on all goods
June 17-21Fashion StyleSale of clothingDiscounts up to 50% for summer men’s and women’s clothing
June 27 – July 2Summer Sale-On saleSummer SaleDiscounts on everything – the first major sale of summer 618

AliExpress Sales, July 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
July 1-2Summer Sale-On saleSummer SaleDiscounts on everything – the first major sale of summer 618
July 01-31New User DiscountsDiscounts, coupons and promotional codes for the first registrationSpecial discounts for new users. Promotions for users from Poland
July 01-31Super Deal: Limited Time SpikeHot salesThe goods are constantly updated. The best price of the day
July 01-31Canales del ALIADDICTSale of fashionable clothesSpecial prices for fashionable clothes for all
July 01-31Códigos para los mejores productos en julioPromo codes for the best products of JulyPromo codes only for buyers from Spain
July 01-31JULY Payment DiscountDiscounts when paying through the BLIK systemEvery Friday, when paying $ 40 via Blik, get $ 8 discounts only in Poland
July 01-31Do BrasilDiscounts on the goods of the Brazilian sellersPromotional codes, coupons and fast delivery for users from Brazil
July 04-08Discovery – ceremony lifestyleSale of goods for homeHome Discounts
July 11-13Brand Day – ProstomerSale of the power tool ProstomerDiscounts for electric drill, grinding machines, perforators
July 11-17Discovery – summer trendsSale of summer clothes$ 3 discount when buying from $ 30
July 13-15Fresh Finds – XiaomiPresentation of new Xiaomi modelsDiscounts on smartphones and other electronics
July 11-173 pour 6,99€Three goods for only 6.99 €Sale only for buyers from France
July 14-17Anime WorldSale for fans animeDiscounts on all products with symbols of anime
July 18-20Mall Day – Summer ClearanceThe final sale of electronicsDiscounts on smartphones, tablets, smart watches
July 18-20AE PlusAnswer to competitors AliExpressPromotions for goods that are popular on other sites
July 18-21Super brand – FIMISale of quadrocopter FIMIDiscounts on quadrocopters only for Brazil
July 18-22Fresh Finds – InfinixPresentation of new Infinix modelsNovel discounts – Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G smartphone
July 18-22United States – Summer ClearanceFinal sale in the USADiscounts for all goods in warehouses in the USA and a $ 15 coupon
July 18-22Discovery – ceremony lifestyleSale of women’s clothingDiscounts for summer women’s clothes and shoes
July 18-22Discovery – Summer favoritesSale of men’s clothingDiscounts for summer men’s clothes and shoes
July 18-22Discovery – Tech DaySale of electronicsDiscounts on smart hours, smartphones, tablets, toys
July 18-22Discovery – Beauty items for youSale of goods for beautyDiscounts on combs, hair dryers, epilators, massagers
July 18-23Clearance Sale – BrazilSale of residues in warehouses in BrazilDiscounts for all goods only for buyers from Brazil
July 25-29Fresh FindsSale of new products of Chinese brandsDiscounts for all types of goods – new models
July 25-29Discovery – For Family TripsSale of goods for the familyDiscounts for toys and goods for leave
July 25-29Discovery – Player vs PlayerSale of goods for gamersDiscounts for game manipulators, keyboards, laptops
July 26-29Brand Day – DreameSale of vacuum cleaners DreameDiscounts for all Dreame models
July 26-29Get Tech ReadyElectronics sale in the USADiscounts on smartphones and other electronics only for users from the USA

AliExpress Sales, August 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
01-31 AugustSuper Deal: Limited Time SpikeHot salesThe goods are constantly updated. The best price of the day
01-31 AugustNew User DiscountsDiscounts, coupons and promotional codes for the first registrationSpecial discounts for new users.
August 01-05Discovery-Exciting tech findsSale of electronics and toysDiscounts on smartphones, electronic devices and children’s toys
August 01-05Discovery – KitchenSales for kitchen goodsDiscounts on pans, knives, dishes, kitchen equipment
August 01-05Trends – Refresh YouSale of autumn clothesDiscounts on clothes, shoes, watches and accessories
August 01-05School is coolSale of clothing for schoolchildren$ 3 discount for every $ 30 spent on clothes
August 01-05Eco-friendly cyclyngSale of electric scooters and electric bicyclesDiscounts up to 50% and delivery up to 7 days
August 06-10Fresh FindsShow new modelsDiscounts for electronics
August 08-11Brand day – RoborockSales of robots-percleshotsRoborock S7 Maxv discounts and other models
August 08-14Super OfertasSelling from a warehouse in BrazilDiscounts for all goods for buyers from Brazil
August 08-143 pour 6,99€Sale from a warehouse in FranceBuy three items for only 6.99 €
August 08-14Deal du jourSale from a warehouse in FranceThe lowest price of the month for goods with an estimate of 4.5 and above
August 10-15Maintenances, réparations et opérationsOnly in FranceDiscounts for power tools, free delivery and 1 year of warranty service
August 13-16Brand day – BaseusSale of wireless headphonesDiscounts for new and old Baseus models, MacBook Air drawing
August 15-19Brand day – PopmartSale of the brand PopmartDiscounts on collectible figures
August 17-21Mega Brands Sale-Warm UpPreparation for the week of brandsAdditional discounts for those who put the goods in the basket
August 23-30Brands WeekMega Brands SaleThe final sale of summer 828. The lowest prices in 2022. For all – $ 3 discount for each spent $ 31

AliExpress Sales, September 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
September 01-31Промокоды на сентябрьDiscounts on promotional codesEvery day – new products
September 01-31Super Deal: Limited Time SpikeHot salesThe goods are constantly updated. The best price of the day
September 01-31New User DiscountsDiscounts, coupons and promotional codes for the first registrationSpecial discounts for new users.
September 01-31Coupon CenterSeptember coupons and promotional codesWorking coupons from sellers and stores
September 01-05<Plaza Day>Sale of goods with fast delivery only for SpainFree delivery and discount on promotional codes PLA2
September 05-09Tech EventSale of electronics and smartphonesDiscounts on autumn news from Chinese manufacturers – Xiaomi and others. Promo code: 8TECH4
September 05-09US: 7-day-Delivery (Tech Event)Electronics Sale for the United StatesDelivery of goods from sales in the USA for 7 days
September 05-10ES: Quedadas TechElectronics Sale for SpainDiscounts, cashback and promotional code TRE2 only for users from Spain
September 05-10FR: Le mois des tendances — Rendez-vous TechElectronics Sale for FranceFree delivery, cashback 10% and 2TRE promotional code
September 05-10BR 99 AliDeals CodesElectronics promotional codes for BrazilDiscounts for electronics on the promotional code of AliteC50 and AliteC160 only for users from Brazil
September 05-113 pour 6,99€Sale only for FranceThree goods can be bought for only 6.99 €
September 06-10POCO M5 World PremiereWorld premiere of smartphones POCO M5 and POCO M5SSale of smartphones
September 09-17ES: Día de SupermercadoSale for SpainPrices are lower than in a supermarket. Delivery up to 5 days for home goods
September 09-17Le mois des tendances ——Rendez-vous MaisonSale only for FrancePayment via Klarna without commission, free delivery, cashback 10% for popular goods
September 12-13Brand Day – AnkerSale of new products from the brand AnkerDiscounts for wireless headphones, portable speakers
September 12-16Discovery – For your new lifestyleBig sale of goods for homeDiscounts up to 50% for household appliances, interior decor, tool, bedding, dishes. Promo code: ES8 for 8 €
September 12-16Halloween FestSale on Halloween only for the United StatesDiscounts up to 50% for holiday products, carnival costumes, toys, home goods
September 12-16Lanzamiento de POCO M5 & M5Sale of Poco smartphonesDiscounts for new smartphone models.
September 14-15Brand Day – BlackviewSale of new products from the BlackView brandDiscounts on tablets and protected phones BlackView
September 19-23Trends SpottingThe first large autumn sale of clothingDiscounts for autumn collections of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories
September 19-23Fresh FindsChinese manufacturers have united to present new itemsElectronics discounts from Anker, Reolink, 1more, Cubot, Ulefon, Oukitel
September 24-26French DaysSale from a warehouse in FrancePayment by installments with Klarana and discounts up to 30 € with a promotional code 30FDS
September 24-30Rebajas TrendeezSale of home goods only for SpainLow prices and free delivery, 15 € discount on the promotional code AYLM12
September 24-30Le mois des tendances — Rendez-vous plein airSale of clothing and sports only for FranceCashback 10% and discounts up to 30 € for promotional code 30FR/30FDS
September 26-27Brand Day – RealmePresentation of new Realme smartphones modelsDiscounts on smartphones and accessories for them
September 26-30Discovery – Tech & FashionSale of clothing and technologyDiscounts and promotional codes, free delivery
September 26-30Otoño al Aire LibreSale of clothing and sports only for SpainCashback 10% and discounts up to 30 € by promotional code ES30
September 27-29The Middle East – PaydaySale of warehouses in Israel for the Middle East on the day of salaryDiscounts and promotional codes for all goods from the local warehouse
September 28-29Brand Day – AmazfitsSale of new amazfit brand models$ 25 discount on USNEW25 promotional codes

AliExpress Sales, October 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
01-31 OctoberSuper Deal: Limited Time SpikeBurning sales (updated every 24 hours)The best price of the day
01-31 OctoberNew User DiscountsFirst purchase couponDiscounts for new users
03-05 OctoberPlus DaySale of all goods with fast deliveryDelivery for 72 hours and a 10% coupon
03-05 OctoberBrand Day – LAUNCHSale of electronics for car servicesCoupon up to $ 99 and discounts on car scanners
October 03-08BR: Super Brand for InfinixSale of smartphonesDelivery for 3 days and a discount of up to 50% to Infinix smartphones
October 04-07Jours ExpressSale of everyday goods in FranceDelivery for 3 days, cashback 10% and discounts on promotional codes 30EXD
October 04-07Días ExpressSale of everyday goods in SpainDelivery for 3 days, cashback 10% and discounts on promo codes Exd3
October 04-07Día de la Marca-TinecoSale of vacuum cleanersDiscounts up to 60% for vacuum cleaners, profitable offers for Spain
October 05-07Brand Day – RockbrosSale of goods for cyclistsDiscounts up to 90% for bicycle equipment
October 10-14Lifestyle EventSale of goods for home and kitchenDiscounts up to 60% for the most popular products of this fall
October 10-14Spend & Safe (Lifestyle Event)Only for the USACoupons for $ 3-9 for home goods
October 10-14Brand Day – XiaomiWorld premiere of smartphones Xiaomi 12Redmi Watch 2 as a gift, coupons up to $ 100 per smartphones
October 10-15BR: Children’s DaySale of toys in BrazilDelivery for 1 day and discounts on toys and children’s goods
October 10-15Halloween 2023Sale of holidays and masquerade costumesDiscounts on promotional codes LeoCT10
October 10-17BR: Super Ofertas-Extreme flash dealSelling from a warehouse in BrazilDiscounts for all goods in the Brazilian warehouse
October 13-16Día de la Marca-MideaSale of vacuum cleaners MideaDiscounts up to 70% and 2 years of guarantees for vacuum cleaners
October 15-21Tenues chaudes et confortablesSale of winter clothes from a warehouse in FranceDiscounts up to 50% and delivery in 3-10 days
October 15-22Cómodo sin fríoSale of winter clothes from a warehouse in SpainDiscounts up to 50% and delivery in 3-10 days
October 17-19Brand Day – UgreenThe premiere of the new Ugreen modelsSale of cables, headphones, charging devices and computer accessories
October 17-21Better LivingSale from a warehouse in the USADiscounts for household appliances and goods for a smart home. USNEW25 promotional code for new customers
October 17-21Día de la Marca-OlceanSale of OCLEAN goods in Spain30% discounts on electric toothbrushes
October 19-20Journée de la super marque &OcleanSale of OCLEAN goods in France30% discounts on electric toothbrushes
October 19-21Fresh FindsSale of new products of Chinese brandsDiscounts for electronics
October 20-25Warm up your winterSale of warm things and heaters only for Germany, Holland, France, Poland, SpainDelivery up to 12 days and discount 2 € for all orders from 12 €
October 24-29Top SelectionSelling from a warehouse in BrazilDiscounts for popular goods
October 24-303 pour 5,99€Sale only for France, only in the applicationAny three products from the list for only 5.99 € with free delivery
October 29-31Single’s Day Warm-UpPreparation for 11.11Distribution of coupons that can be spent on a bachelor’s day

AliExpress Sales, November 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
November 01-1211.11 SaleThe main sale of the year is a bachelor’s dayDiscounts, coupons for everyone for $ 3-15, the best price of the year
November 01-12Double 11 Top Sale 100100 main goods sales 11.11The lowest prices for the most popular goods
November 04-054th-5th Nov: FashionSale of clothing and shoesSpecial discounts, coupons and promotional codes for clothes
November 6-076th-7th Nov: TechSale of electronicsDiscounts
November 08-098th-9th Nov: HomeSale of goods for homeDiscounts up to 30%
November 24-29Black FridayLast major sale of the yearDiscounts for all goods, an additional discount of $ 4 for every $ 30 from Aliexpress, coupons, promotional codes

AliExpress Sales, December 2023

Beginning and the endOfficial nameWhat will be offeredWhat is the benefit
December 1-31Promocodes DecemberPromo codes of DecemberPromo code 12DEC9 or 12ic9 for other countries
December 1-31Super DealsThe best prices of DecemberDiscounts 10-30%, the list of goods is updated every day
December 1-31New User Gift (december)Discounts for new usersGifts the opportunity to buy a product for $ 0.01
December 5-9Holiday Deals EventSale of popular brands$ 3-9 discount from AliExpress and Brandc6 promotional code
December 12-17Warm winter EssentialsSale of warm things and heatersDiscounts up to 70% and free delivery in Spain, France
December 12-17Home festival essentialsSale of goods for homeDiscounts up to 50% for household appliances and home goods
December 12-17SupermarketSale of household goods and consumablesDiscounts up to 50% and fast delivery
December 12-25Weekly DealsThe best price of the week25% discounts for all goods on sale
December 12-31Warm WinterSale of warm things and heatersDiscounts up to 50% and promotional code AEWARM5
December 14-21Christmas giftsChristmas sale in Spain and FranceDiscounts up to 50% and surprises for 1 euro
December 15-17Brand Day – MoesThe anniversary of the brand MOESDiscounts for smart home and coupons up to $ 20
December 19-21Brand Day – WOSAISale of the Brand of WosaiDiscounts 46% and promotional code WSBRAND36
December 19-23Discovery – New Year Tech GiftsNew Year’s sale of electronicsDiscounts up to 60% on smartphones, headphones and more
December 19-23Discovery – New Year, New KitchenNew Year’s sale of goods for the kitchenDiscounts up to 60% on cutlery, kitchen appliances and other
December 19-23Express Days – Featured SelectionDiscounts for goods with fast deliveryDelivery in 3-10 days only for Spain and France
December 19-25Spend & Save First RoundNew Year’s sale only for BrazilFree delivery and R $ 20 discount when buying for R $ 200
December 19-26Do BrasilDiscounts on the goods of the Brazilian sellersDelivery for 3-10 days only for Brazil
December 22-24Brand Day – DOOGEEPresentation of new doogee modelsDiscounts on smartphones and coupons up to $ 30
December 26-28Trendy tech gadgetsSale of electronicsDiscounts up to 50% on smartphones and laptops
December 26-28New Year tech giftsNew Year’s sale of electronicsDiscounts up to 50% on smartphones and accessories
December 26-28New Year with new outfitsNew Year’s sale of clothesDiscounts up to 50% for winter clothes
December 26-29Brand day – EAFCSale of professional automobile equipmentDiscounts up to 60% for compressors, charging devices, inverters
December 26-29Brand day – CubotPresentation of the new model Cubot Note 30$ 10 coupon for smartphones

The marketplace is famous for its low prices. And the best way to save money is the AliExpress sale. Sellers, brands, manufacturers and stores sell certain types of goods with discounts ranging from 20% to 90% or more. This is done to promote the brand, attract new customers, eliminate inventory and for other reasons.

What are the sales on AliExpress

  1. Permanent sales also known as hidden sales.
    • Section “up to $5”.
    • Hot products.
    • Sales on AliExpress homepage.
    • Product sales search page on AliExpress.
  2. Sales at Tmall in Russia and at Plaza in Spain.
  3. In-app sale.
  4. Sales organized by sellers.
  5. Brand sale.
    • Week of brands.
    • Sale from the brand.
  6. Calendar sales.
    • On the anniversaries of AliExpress and Alibaba Group.
    • On public holidays.
    • Sale for local and regional holidays.
    • For religious holidays.
  7. The main sale of the year is 11/11 Bachelor’s Day.
  8. American sales on AliExpress.
    • Black Friday.
    • Cyber ​​Monday.

Permanent and hidden sales on AliExpress

Whenever you visit the site, you are always immediately offered to take part in large-scale promotions. Four types of permanent sales and 5-6 more variables are waiting for you. Let’s see what and where to find.

Section “up to $5”

One of the most attractive page on AliExpress. Here are collected not only little things, but also quite useful things. Such as clothes, dishes and even household appliances. And even such a low price can be lowered even further if you download the application. And share the link with your friends.

Why is it beneficial for sellers

In the “All up to $5” section, companies dump the remainder of unsold goods. What is lying around in their warehouse and only takes up space. There are both good and bad things. You need to look and look.

Fast deals

Last minute discount for only 48 hours

Don’t miss your discount. Fast sale of the most popular products

Any seller can place their goods in this section, providing a discount of at least 20% of the regular price. The average discount is 60%, there are promotions at 90%. A prerequisite – the number of products is limited.

Unpopular things can hang here for a very long time. And what is in demand is scattered in a matter of seconds. Sellers announce the start of sales. Therefore, people sit at the appointed time in the “Quick Deals” and refresh the page in the browser in order to have time to click on the “buy” button

How to find a good offer

Follow the ads of the seller you are interested in. Read the news on our website and on the main page of AliExpress. When the sale you want appears, “sit down” on its page. Keep updating it in your browser to have time to buy.

It makes sense from time to time to immediately go to the “Quick deals” section. Very interesting things come across there. The site is designed in such a way that products from those categories that you recently viewed are displayed first.

What are the benefits of sellers

By selling few products, they create buzz around their store or brand. Even if some production goes below the cost price. The losses are compensated by the following sales. After all, the quantity on sale is limited. Almost never enough for everyone.

Sales on AliExpress homepage

Special entrance on AliExpress with discounts

Your personal Aliexpress home page. Created personally for you.

The most expensive and honorable place on the site. Sellers need to pay a lump sum to get here. In the Slider on the main AliExpress, advertisements from five to ten different sales are constantly spinning.

There are several types of stocks:

  • Sale of a specific product. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page where you can buy it at a promotional price.
  • AliExpress brand sale. Products of one brand are offered. You get to the page or straight to the company store.
  • AliExpress calendar sale. Read about them a little below.
  • Special offers. They can be very different. Sales marketers are fond of inventions.

Please note that sales may be:

  • Limited in time.
  • Limited edition may be offered.
  • Not started. In this case, you will be taken to the AliExpress sale page, where there will be a counter with a countdown until the start of the promotion.
What sellers get from it

The ad that will be seen by the largest number of site visitors. Admit it, you also start surfing from the home page.

Product sales search page on AliExpress

Here are collected in the form of a list links to all hot offers from sellers. Accommodation is also paid, but the price is much lower than on the main page. Therefore, here you can find offers from small companies and individuals. Yes, ordinary Chinese people also trade on the site.

What are the benefits of sellers

They can advertise their products for little money. Of course, not all offers in the section are profitable. Therefore, be careful. See if the price is right for you. Compare it with similar items in the AliExpress catalog and other offers.  

Tmall and Plaza sales

Please note – these sites work only in Spain and Russia. The goods are delivered as quickly as possible, since they are already in warehouses in these countries. The Chinese site Tmall is available only within the PRC. And Tmall Global is focused on overseas Chinese. It is only available in Chinese.

What are the benefits of sellers

Large manufacturers and brand owners are well aware that the marketplace practically monopolizes online commerce in Spain and Russia. If you want to sell online, you must have a well-promoted store in Tmall or Plaza.

In-app sale

The price of any product you find on AliExpress will be lowed if you buy it through the app. The Chinese marketplace wants to get as close to you as possible. Wants you to carry it in your pocket. On your mobile, smartphone or tablet.

There are ongoing sales in the app. They are divided into two types:

  • AliExpress sales on the home page. Everything is as simple as it is on the website. You will see ads and immediately understand what’s what.
  • Share and earn. You get to this item through the menu. The bottom line is for you to make a group purchase. Share the link to the product with a friend, buy it together. And get a discount for it.

What are the benefits of AliExpress and sellers

Here, the Chinese online store is fighting for customers. It wants to become the main (or even better – the only) application on your phone through which you make purchases. So that we can show you ads at any time. Therefore, it gives you discounts. And sellers get cheap advertising and the ability to sell several products at once instead of one.

Sales organized by sellers

Not all shops on the Chinese marketplace want to pay for advertising. Some people simply don’t have the money. But they also want to sell more. Therefore, they organize their own sales of AliExpress. Without advertising. They just add one word to the name of the product – “sale”.

How do I find them? Yes, it’s as easy as shelling pears. It is enough to type in the name of the product you need and the word “sale” in the search box. For example, you are interested in a wall clock. Then enter “wall clock sale” in the search bar.

Or another example. Let’s say you are fond of fishing and would like to see what they currently offer. But without specific preferences. Then just type: “fishing sale”.

Just be careful and know the prices. Not all sellers and shops are crystal-clear. Some may even inflate the value of the goods. But most, nevertheless, organize real sales.

Why is it beneficial for sellers

You can get rid of the leftover goods. Advertise your store or attract more customers. And you don’t have to pay anything for advertising.

Brand sale

These Chinese brands are already known all over the world. They are sold on both Tmall and AliExpress. And, of course, they want to stand out. They invest a lot of money in promotion. And they organize AliExpress sales.

Promotions can be collective and personal. In the first case, the marketplace itself acts as the organizer. Brand owners only have to pay to participate. In the second case, companies are promoted individually.

Week of brands

Also called “AliExpress Total Sale”. Discounts range from 30% to 50%. The time is a few days, usually three or four. Held at the end of summer – from 27 to 30 August. Brand Week is the largest fair before Singles’ Day.

How it can be beneficial for the seller

Preparing for Shopping Day. Sellers determine which products will be popular. And big sales. People are willing to buy at the end of summer.

Brand Clearance

The brand decides to declare itself louder and puts forward interesting proposals. One of the best Aliexpress sales. Unlike the previous type, you can’t hide anything here. Therefore, the discounts are real. The price can be reduced from 20% to 80%. On average, about 30%. But that’s an honest thirty percent.

Why is it beneficial for the brand

The main tasks are to increase awareness and loudly declare yourself. Often such actions are organized by Chinese manufacturers of clothing and household appliances.

AliExpress Sale Toy Land 7-21

Calendar sales

This type of bulk selling is the most popular on the site. Now, in fact, one seasonal sale of AliExpress is replacing another. You can always find great deals. Especially for seasonal goods.

Calendar events are advertised on the homepage and in the app, and they are reported in mailing lists. You can plan your purchase in advance. For example, knowing that at the end of winter they will get rid of winter collections at low prices. Or offer the best deals on electronic gadgets on Cyber ​​Monday.

On the anniversaries of AliExpress and Alibaba Group

The official birthday of AliExpress is March 28, 2010. The site started working earlier, but it is customary to celebrate the end of March. This event is timed to coincide with the second most important (after Bachelor’s Day) sale of AliExpress. This is the largest event since the beginning of the year.

Consists of several stages:

  1. The advertising campaign starts around March 19-20. Stay tuned for ads and start collecting coupons and bonuses.
  2. March 23 is the peak of the promotion. You can get the best deals, but the discount items are not yet on sale. We register, add products to “my wishes”.
  3. On March 28, at exactly 10:00 Moscow time, the birthday of Aliexpress will begin. Hurry up to get what you want. Get the most out of your business. But be careful – check prices before buying.
Why do the sellers themselves need it?

Everything is very cleverly arranged. AliExpress’s two major sales are spaced apart in time for fall and spring. In winter there is Christmas and New Year, two holidays when it is customary to give gifts. And in summer it is the vacation season. Manufacturers are targeting the major sales of the year. It was at this time that people change their wardrobe, buy household appliances. Yes, margins are falling, but you can sell a lot of products.

On public holidays

The Chinese love to relax. They have 7 public holidays a year, more than two dozen days off. But civil servants like to have a rest, of whom there are a lot in the PRC. And entrepreneurs prefer to work. For example, arrange AliExpress sales.

Why do sellers need it

First, more product can be sold. And, secondly, to accustom foreign clients to the Chinese culture.

Local and Regional Sale

The Chinese also respect the people of the countries with which they do business. They are perfectly oriented in our calendar and in our traditions. And any reason is used to increase revenue.

Why such promotions are beneficial for sellers

Bargaining is growing, and you can sell trinkets that will be used as gifts.

AliExpress’ sale for religious holidays

This is where the legendary Chinese pragmatism comes in. They don’t care what religion you are. If you are celebrating something, if you need paraphernalia and gifts, they will be sold to you. Therefore, Christmas and Easter are also not complete without an AliExpress sale every year.

Why do sellers need it

You can sell festive paraphernalia in large quantities. Starting from Christmas symbols and tree decorations. Finishing with Easter egg paint.

The biggest Sale of the Year – 11.11 Singles’ Day

The Chinese oppose the Americans in everything, even in shopping. So they invented Singles’ Day. Initially, this date was celebrated by single men. They did it as opposed to Valentine’s Day. Then Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, decided to turn November 11 into a shopping festival.

  • From a marketing point of view, the solution is very good. See for yourself:
  • Singles’ Day is always ahead of American Black Friday. Customers have not yet had time to spend their money.
  • The middle of autumn, when it starts to get colder. It is at this time that people change their wardrobe.
  • There are no other holidays on this day. Nothing distracts customers from shopping.
  • Better to create your own tradition. Than adapting to others.

Therefore, “11.11” or “Singles’ Day” turned into a grandiose event. Sales volumes on AliExpress alone are measured in tens of billions of dollars. Yes, shoppers spend more on AliExpress in one day of sales than some governments in a whole year.

For comparison – in 2018, sales amounted to $30.8 billion, which is approximately the same as the GDP of Bolivia. And Paraguay’s GDP is $1 billion less. Just imagine: the whole Bolivia, a country with 11 million inhabitants per year produces less than AliExpress sells in one day!

More than 180,000 brands from all over the world took part in the action.

Why do sellers need it

In just one day, you can sell a huge amount of goods. Enterprises are preparing for this action as for the most important event.

American sales on AliExpress

Although the Chinese invent their own shopping holidays, they do not forget about strangers either. It is clear that most of all attention is paid to the American market. It is here that the traditions of AliExpress sales are born.

Black Friday

A major day for American shopaholics. Originated in the USA, but has already spread throughout the world. It’s hard to imagine a country that doesn’t have Black Friday sales.

Celebrated the first Friday after Thanksgiving in America. Always falls at the end of November. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, in honor of the first harvest in the New World.

Black Friday is always the fourth Friday in November. Usually falls at the beginning of the twenties.

Why do Chinese sellers need it

The American market is a priority for them. There are always the biggest and most profitable sales. Therefore, almost all stores are organizing an AliExpress sale on this day.

Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday – the next Monday after Black Friday. Day of sales on the Internet. It was invented by retailers specifically for those who did not have time to skimp. Or could not do it for some reason. In order not to stand in lines at supermarkets on Friday, you can safely stock up on the Internet on Monday. On this day, it is customary to make promotions for electronic gadgets and other equipment. On AliExpress, Cyber ​​Monday does not take place in November, but in January.

The sale on AliExpress on Cyber ​​Monday is not as big as in the US. But there are many interesting things here too. The level of discounts is approximately 30% of the original prices. Be careful – fake promotions are common on Cyber ​​Monday. When the value of the product doesn’t actually decrease.

What does it do for sellers

The ability to distract at least some customers from the sites of American competitors. Attract new users to your stores.

FAQ on sales on Aliexpress

  1. What is the sale date on AliExpress?

    The most important one is November 11th. It’s called Singles’ Day. The second in importance is March 28th. It’s AliExpress’s birthday.

  2. When does the sale on AliExpress start?

    All sales begin and end at 00:00 Pacific Time (PST).

  3. How long is the sale on AliExpress?

    Major sales (Singles’ Day, Black Friday, AliExpress’s Birthday) last from 3 to 5 days. Brand week and regular promotions last 7 days.

  4. What is the name of the main sale of AliExpress?

    The official name is Global Shopping Festival. World Shopping Day, Singles’ Day or 11.11

  5. What’s the sale on AliExpress?

    There are at least 3 sales on the site at any time. Details of current sales

  6. How often are sales on AliExpress?

    They go constantly. Big sale every three months. Once a month – seasonal. Small ones – every week.

  7. How to find a sale on AliExpress?

    Use our calendar. Read the news. Go to the main page of Aliexpress.