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Coupons and promotional codes Aliexpress May

We have collected for you all valid coupons and active AliExpress promotional codes for May. Also pay attention to sales and promotions in the near future. Enjoy shopping. The material is being updated.

New AliExpress promotional codes for May 2022

SalePromocodeDiscountMinimum purchase amountConditions for receiving a discount
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY4$4$30Some countries
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY6$6$50Some countries
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY10$10$80Some countries
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY17$17$140Some countries
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY25$25$200Some countries
US $4 off on $40+ ordersMAY$4$40United States
New User Discounts5MAYNB3$3$4Only for Poland
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY4$4$30Only for Poland
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY6$6$50Only for Poland
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY10$10$80Only for Poland
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY17$17$140Only for Poland
May Code for Top Selected Products5MAY25$25$200Only for Poland
Super Mother Daymamae24R$24R$380Only for Brazil
Super Mother Daymamae38R$38R$570Only for Brazil
Super Mother Daymamae58R$58R$910Only for Brazil
Reflesh SaleNOVINHO6R$6R$50Only for Brazil
Reflesh SaleNOVINHO10R$10R$100Only for Brazil
Reflesh SaleNOVINHO30R$30R$350Only for Brazil
Reflesh SaleNOVINHO70R$70R$1,000Only for Brazil
Reflesh SaleNOVINHO100R$100R$1,500Only for Brazil
Reflesh SaleNOVINHO200R$200R$3,100Only for Brazil

Best May Coupons for Aliexpress

AutomotiveComputersSports and Outdoors
KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones

Sale with the freshest May coupons for Aliexpress

Here, hits of sales have also appeared. The most important promotion of the month. After all, we offer discounts on those products that are in the greatest demand. That is, for the right things.

What can I take for coupons Aliexpress May

The motto of May shopping is “Spring Reboot”. We are offered to seriously take up housing. Therefore, the biggest discounts are on tools, cleaning products. And personal electronics. Don’t ask why that is. The Chinese combined fitness trackers and electric drills.

In May, two world premieres of world headphones take place at once. Therefore, you can get Edifier discounts and Amazfit discounts. The first brand focuses on sound quality, the second – on modern technology. And you can choose what you like best.

Means of protection

Finally, the Chinese have launched the production of these things to the fullest. Now you can buy them at reasonable prices. Moreover, they even offer discounts on protective masks on Aliexpress.


This special fair takes place every month. Approximately from the 7th to the 15th. For a whole week, you can buy a smartphone, tablet, or even a musical instrument at a reduced price with the Technodiscount promotion.

Tools and arrangement

Things that should make our home cleaner and better. For example, products of such brands:

  • Livilo. Lamps, electrical sockets, switches.
  • Deko. Electric drills, perforators, screwdrivers.
  • Aodeyi. Taps and faucets for bathroom and kitchen.
  • Hunta. LED strips, UV lamps.

Lighting in a room will cost you $15-20, and a good perforator will cost $20-24. Note that the Chinese power tool has become very popular recently. It is dismantled both in Ukraine and in Poland on Aliexpress.

Here, for example, is a review of a Deko screwdriver:

Обзор шуруповёрта DEKO Banger / DEKO Banger review
Overview of the DEKO Banger screwdriver. It can be bought with an Aliexpress May coupon.

The surprises don’t end there. You can find anything in the official Aliexpress catalog. And we also have permanent active coupons for DEKO.

Personal electronics

These are all kinds of bracelets, headphones, portable speakers. There is for every taste. Large and small, with color screens and monochrome. And they are much cheaper than the products of such well-known brands, like Samsung or Motorola.

What else is worth seeing

In May, we are waiting for numerous sales on Aliexpress . Both Chinese brands and Russian ones will come out. This spring has been too quiet. Everyone sat at home and was in no hurry to shop. However, Aliexpress May coupons help you save even more. And you can apply them not only during the action. They are available at any time.

We recommend taking a look at the following items:

  • Smart navigation systems for cars and motorcycles. It’s time to stop using your smartphone for this. Take professional equipment.
  • Sneakers. And everyday, and running, and for rough terrain. May is the last month of spring. At this time, manufacturers throw off spring collections at bargain prices.
  • Power elements. Batteries for mobile, flashlights, cameras and other electronic devices.
  • Threads and yarn. Everything you need for home crafts. Moreover, not only synthetic, but also natural wool. And even silk.
Examples of products that are already in Europe

Aliexpress coupons for the whole year

Why is it profitable to buy with Aliexpress coupons May 2022

This has already happened historically. Aliexpress offered many opportunities for savings. But our users fell in love with coupons. Therefore, the site publishes them often and a lot.

After all, for Aliexpress, the main thing is that you buy more often. And the sellers themselves deal with prices and other things. What. This is a good opportunity to save money. It’s worth taking advantage of.