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AliExpress New Year’s Sale 2024: Winter Sale

Product type:Most Popular Products 2023
Begining:1 January
End:5 January
Distribute:Discounts up to -70%, coupon for $3-9

Welcome to the culmination of AliExpress’s 2024 year-end sales, including the “Gift Season,” “Winter Sale,” “New Year Sale,” “Christmas Sale,” and “The Last Sale of the Year.” Running from December 11 to December 15, PST, these sales collectively offer up to 70% off on a wide range of products. Additionally, shoppers can enjoy a special discount of $3 off for every $20 spent, up to a maximum of $9 off. These sales are your chance to grab last-minute holiday gifts or treat yourself as the year comes to a close.

AliExpress Winter Sale logo

AliExpress invites you to the Winter Sale!

Don’t miss your chance for great deals. Join millions of customers who are already receiving their discounts, coupons and promo codes!

This is the third New Year’s sale. The first one took place in late December – early January. We will be offered products that:

  • Item sold in the last 30 days
  • Product has the lowest product price in the last 30 days
  • Seller rating in the last 90 days ≥ 90%
  • Product rating for the last 90 days at least 4.5

AliExpress New Year Sale 2024 promo codes

Are given only for a specific type of product. You will need to enter the numbers and letters of the promo code before paying. This will lower the price.

CountryMinimum SpendDiscountPromo Code
France€50€5 offFR05
€100€10 offFR10
€200€25 offFR25
€300€40 offFR40
BrazilR$250R$25 offNATAL25
R$400R$40 offNATAL40
R$1000R$100 offNATAL100
$40US $8 offNEWUS8OFF
$80US $12 offNEWUS12OFF
$150US $25 offNEWUS25OFF
AliExpress Winter Sale (new year sale) 2022

Promotional codes for Poland

Promo codeDiscountFor the purchase amountInformation
ZNIZKA$6$40For all
OFERTY20$3$27For all products
NOWYROK15$3$20Who will be the first to use on December 6
NOWYROK4$4$5Who will be the first to use on December 6
NOWYROK5$5$10For new users
NOWYROK10$10$20For new users
Whats new in Aliexpress new year sale

Promotional codes for Spain

Promo codeDiscountFor the purchase amountInformation
AECGS33 €25 €For all
AECGS66 €50 €For all products
AECGS99 €70 €For all products
AECGS15A15 €120 €For all
AECGS1515 €120 €For all products
AECGS2323 €190 €For all products
ESNEW55 €10 €For new users
ESNEW77 €15 €For new users
ESNEW88 €20 €For new users

Promotional codes for Brazil

Promo codeDiscountFor the purchase amountInformation
anonovoR$40R$350For all
feliznatalR$70R$650For all products
amorpazR$110R$1200For all products

Promotional codes for France

Promo codeDiscountFor the purchase amountInformation
DEC2€2€15For all
DEC3€3€20For all products
DEC4€4€30For all products

Aliexpress New Year Sale Coupons

The site administration gives you $3 for purchases. The coupon is denominated in the currency of the country in which you are located. You can use it in any store taking part in the promotion.

AliExpress New Year Sale: What They Offer Us

What is interesting on New Year sale

The largest discounts will apply to the following categories of goods:

  1. Smartphones and accessories. Covers, protective films, wireless headphones.
  2. Watches of the middle and high price category. Mechanical and quartz. Mostly from Chinese brands.
  3. Winter clothes. Men’s, women’s children’s. You can also watch spring things.
  4. Quadcopters. Unmanned aerial vehicles with cameras.
  5. Accessories. Belts, cuff links, flashlights.

For example, you should take a closer look at QCY wireless headphones. Although the brand is Chinese, it does good things.

The watch is also worth looking at. With three dials. Mechanical or quartz. They look very nice, they go for sure. And they are much cheaper than Swiss ones.

Новогодняя распродажа Алиэкспресс - что предлагают продавцы

Of course, this is not all. Interesting offers can be found in all categories. And remember, this is a sale. That is, you can cheaply buy things from last year’s collections on it.

Real freedom for women at the AliExpress New Years sale. Here you will find jewelry, rings, and cosmetics. Of course, you need to be careful. And choose only quality products. Read reviews from other buyers carefully.

Why is it beneficial

Aliexpress’s New Year Sale is the last opportunity for stores to get rid of winter clothes. And for electronics manufacturers – from last year’s model line. Therefore, they are ready to deliver really low prices.

Of course, the 90% discount is not always realistic. Sometimes stores can abuse trust. It is worth getting involved, though. You can replenish your winter wardrobe. And save a significant amount. If you approach the issue rationally. Study prices and reviews carefully.


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