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Every buyer has the right to receive them. AliExpress discounts are an opportunity to purchase goods cheaper than they cost before. May be provided by the seller or AliExpress. Sometimes discounts are cumulative, reducing the price of the product even more.

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The biggest Aliexpress discounts are on sales. They can also be obtained with a coupon or promotional code.

Upcoming AliExpress discounts

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All 32 types of discounts on Aliexpress

Discount typeBenefitHow to get aWhen can I take
1Main Sale of the Year (Singles Day)The lowest prices for the year, coupons, discounts up to 90%Take a coupon, add products to the cart11 – 13 November
2Mega-salesDiscounts up to 70%, coupons, promotional codesTake a coupon, add products to the cartMarch 28, June 18, August 28, last Friday in November
3Seasonal sales60% discounts, couponsGet a coupon, discountEvery month (season) and before New Year
4Aliexpress Promotions50% discounts, coupons, promotional codesOpen the promotion pageEvery week
5Brand sales and new product premieresDiscounts 30% -50%, prizes, couponsOpen the sale page2-5 times a month
6Coupon/discount for a new customer$ 2-12, depends on the countryRegister for AliexpressGiven once upon registration
7Aliexpress special couponFrom $ 2 to $ 150Come to a big sale, make a big purchaseOnce every 2-3 months
8Aliexpress CouponFrom $ 2 to $ 150Given on sales and large purchasesOnce a month
9Aliexpress promo codeFrom $ 1 to $ 15Get it on our website or bloggersEvery week
10In-app discount1%-2%Checkout any in-app purchaseEvery in-app purchase
11Aliexpress Coins2%-10%You need to exchange coins for a discount in the applicationCollect coins
12“Almost for nothing” (Freebies)Opportunity to get goods for almost nothing – buy for $ 0.01Go to the application in the section “Almost for nothing” FreebiesThe list of products is updated approximately once a week, every day you can submit 2 applications
13You are a gift from AliExpressOpportunity to get goods for almost nothing – buy for $ 0.01Fulfill the conditions (invite friends, subscribe to stores, etc.)Log into the application every day – from time to time there is a distribution of gifts
14Invite friendsApproximately $ 4Get the code in the app and send it to a friendIt always works, you just need to open the “Friends” section in the application
15Get an invite from a friend$2-24A friend must send an invitation link from the appDepends on the country in which to register
16Flash DealsUp to 50%Visit the section “Hot Products”It takes place once a week
17Level discount1%-15%Get a “Gold”, “Platinum” or “Diamond” customer levelMake purchases, leave reviews, do not violate the platform rules
18Shop coupon$1-100Take a coupon from the store and fulfill the conditions (buy for a certain amount)Always available
19Subscription coupon$1-2Subscribe to store updatesNot all stores issue such coupons.
20Coupon in message$1-100Subscribe to store updates or make a purchase in itSellers from time to time send such coupons to their subscribers and customers.
21Store promo code$1-100Get a promo code. For example, on our websiteThe seller decides when and how much to release them.
22Discounts and gifts on streamsFrom 1%, giftsWatch streams (broadcasts) of sellers with product presentations in the applicationThere are always streams, you just need to open the Live section of the feed (Feed)
23Basic Seller DiscountSmallCrossed-out price in the product cardIt is given to everyone, but it is of little use
24Personal discount from the sellerIf we get luckyAsk the seller for a discount in a personal messageChinese sellers are willing to bargain
25Wholesale discount3%-50%It is given automatically when purchasing several units of a productSpecified in the product card. For example: “5% when buying 5 or more pairs”
26Discount from the seller for the type of delivery1%-15%Select the type of delivery indicated by the sellerRare, but for hot goods
27Gift from the sellerIf we get luckyMake good purchasesSome sellers put a gift in the package with the order.
28Discount when buying a set1%-10%Buy a set of several products. For example mobile phone, case, and wireless headphonesRare, mostly in large multi-brand stores
29Special store offer1%-20%Fulfill the conditions of the seller. For example, buy any two products and subscribeRare
30Group purchase1%-20%Get a link or QR code. Several users (usually 2) must make a purchase using the link.Rare
31Interactive games$1-$20Play in the app in Guess the Card (Flip’n Win) or Shoot the Discounts (Bubble Challenge)Some shops
32Expedited shipping5%-25%Buy a product for permanently promoted “Expedited Shipping” (In the Russian Federation – AliExpress Plus)Works constantly

How Aliexpress discounts work

The price can decrease several times. Here’s how it works:

  1. A discount for a specific product. Displayed in the product card. Applied automatically.
  2. – Shop discount. Price reduction provided to you by the seller. Applied automatically.
  3. – Shop coupon. Provided if you meet the conditions. You need to choose when paying.
  4. – Special coupon. Provided by Aliexpress in some cases. You need to choose when paying.
  5. – AliExpress coupon. Provided by Aliexpress in some cases. You need to choose when paying.
  6. – AliExpress discount. Provided in some cases. Applied automatically.

This is how it works.

  • Let’s say the item costs $100. But it is on sale at a discount of $95.
  • You received a $5 discount from the seller.
  • You have a $5 store coupon for a $90 purchase.
  • And you have a special coupon (for example, a gift from AliExpress for your birthday) for $5.
  • You have a $10 AliExpress coupon for a $50 purchase.
  • You got a 10% discount on AliExpress.
  • Then you will pay only $63 for the product.


Sales are organized by the AliExpress administration. Sellers need to be eligible to list their products. Therefore, there are always real discounts on sales. Here’s what a salesperson must do to get picked up on the sale:

  • The rating of the store must be at least 90%
  • On sale, usually take products with a rating of at least 4.5 “stars”
  • The price of the product should be the lowest for the month/quarter/year. Depends on the type of sale
  • The store should have few disputes with customers
  • Shipping should be free. Sometimes – with a fixed price
All sales on Aliexpress

All sales on AliExpress

Calendar with the dates of all sales, how to get the maximum discount, how to save money, when it starts and ends.

Top Sale of the Year – Singles Day (World Shopping Day)

Singles’ Day or 11.11 AliExpress. Starts on November 11 every year. Lasts three days. Then the prices remain low for a whole week. This sale sells more items than Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and other American shopping festivals.

  • To qualify for Singles’ Day, the item must have the lowest price in a year.
  • AliExpress is giving out coupons and special coupons.
  • To get the maximum discount, you need to add the items to your shopping cart before 11.11.
The biggest sale of the year is Singles' Day (World Shopping Day)

Biggest sale in the world – $74 billion in 1 day

The day when all prices fall. And you can buy any product cheaper.

Mega sales

Four special deals. Only products with the lowest price in the last 90 days are allowed. You can get a coupon and special coupon from AliExpress.

  • Aliexpress’s Birthday (Sale “328”) – March 28
  • Mid-Year or Olympics (Sale “618”) – June 18th. Better known as Summer Sale
  • Post-Summer Sale, Summer Brands Week (Sale “828”) – August 28
  • Black Friday is the last Friday in November.

Seasonal sales

They take place about once a month. AliExpress changes its schedule every year, so follow our calendar. The most famous seasonal sales on AliExpress:

  • New Year’s sale. Runs until January 1 and after.
  • Cyber ​​Monday. Americans are holding it right after Black Friday. And on AliExpress, Cyber ​​Monday takes place at the end of January.

Aliexpress Promotions

Promotions on AliExpress are sales dedicated to the category of goods, not time. For example, only car products or children’s toys. Sometimes promotions are dedicated to the type of delivery. Or they just throw off the leftovers. They offer for half the price what did not sell, say, on Bachelor’s Day. The most famous promotions:

  • Bestsellers. Most popular products with discounted prices
  • Techno-discounts. Smartphones, fitness bracelets, consumer electronics
  • AliExpress style. Trendy things. Held every month
  • Low prices. Elimination of stock balances. All items are on sale for less than $10
  • New items. Presentation of new models in which several manufacturers take part at once
  • Live more fun. Sale of household goods. Sometimes there are also household appliances.
  • Cool finds. Thematic sale. Mainly electronics
Все акции Алиэкспресс в одном месте

All AliExpress promotions in one place

Dates, times, discounts. We will help you find the best price

Brand promotions and new product premieres

Major brands are holding their promotions on AliExpress. There is no pattern here. Companies choose when and what to sell to them. For example, Xiaomi makes promotions every two months.

If a new model comes out, the manufacturer holds a “World Premiere”. On the first day, he sells it at a big discount.

Discounts and coupons for new customers

AliExpress offers every new customer a discount of up to 50%. If you register on the site for the first time, you can get:

  • $2 coupon for purchases over $4.
  • The ability to buy a product from the list with a big discount – from 24% to 67%
  • The ability to buy an item from the list for only $0.01

The size of the gift depends on which country you are registering from. Most of all are given in Poland, France, Spain, the Republic of Korea and Brazil.

Gift box from AliExpress for new users

Get a gift for registering on AliExpress

Choose a gift for yourself for coming to the site. Let AliExpress pay for your first purchase

Aliexpress Coupons

AliExpress Coupon is the right to buy goods with a fixed discount. For example, a product costs $100. And you have a matching $10 coupon. This means that you will pay 100-10 = $90 for the product. There are three types of coupons on AliExpress:

  1. Regular AliExpress Coupon (Red Coupon). Valid for all products
  2. Special coupon AliExpress (White coupon). Only valid for products participating in the sale
  3. Shop coupon (yellow coupon). Only valid in the store that issued it. Can be combined with a special coupon.
  4. New customer coupon. Given only once, upon registration
A man, exiting of Aliexpress coupons center

Get AliExpress Coupons Now

All types of coupons

Shop (seller) coupon

Each seller can issue coupons for items from their store. As a rule, to receive a coupon, you need to make a purchase for the amount specified in it. According to the principle: “Take $ 15, get a coupon for $ 2”. Mandatory conditions:

  • The coupon is valid only in the store that issued it.
  • Received by registered users only.
  • The condition specified in the coupon must be fulfilled.

Coupons by product category

AutomotiveComputersSports and Outdoors
KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones

Aliexpress promo codes

The AliExpress promo code is a code (a set of numbers and letters) that entitles you to a discount. It is entered in the application or on the website before payment. If the code is correct, the price decreases. Promo codes expire over time. Some need to be used before the end of the month. Others are valid only until the end of the sale.

  • Store promo code – valid only in this store.
  • The promotional code of the product (comes across most often) is valid only for this product.
  • Sale promo code – only works for products presented at the sale.
  • AliExpress promo code – valid for all products. But you need to fulfill the condition (buy for the specified amount).
Get promo codes now All fresh and working.

Get promo codes now

All fresh and working. For branded goods

Store (seller) promo code

Each seller can issue their own promo code. He himself determines how long the discount will be valid. Sometimes very profitable and good ones come across.

In-app discounts

Aliexpress is actively promoting its application. Gives discount just for the fact that you have installed it on your phone. Therefore, buying through a phone or tablet is always beneficial. Some discounts are only available in the app.

To get an Aliexpress discount in the app, you need:

  1. Select a product in the full version of the site. On a computer or laptop.
  2. Add it to “My wishes”. Click on the “heart” next to the price of the product.
  3. Log in to the app on your mobile or tablet.
  4. Open the list “My wishes” there. This can be done in the “My Profile” section.
  5. Choose a complete set (color, size).
  6. You will see the discounted price in the Aliexpress app.

“In the app is cheaper.” The site constantly reminds us of this. So that we download the AliExpress application to a smartphone or tablet. Downloading and installing their program is really worth it. But don’t expect huge discounts there.

The price in the application can only be lower. But it doesn’t have to be. Approximately 70% of stores are involved in this. But they only reduce the cost of an in-app item by 1%. For example, the shirt costs $ 12.88 on the website. In the app on your mobile device, you buy it for $ 12.70. Sometimes they offer a big discount. But it is extremely rare that it is higher than 5%.

Three Aliexpress official rating medals

AliExpress Ratings – Best Products Today!

Get access to the most popular items. Discover what other shoppers are choosing

Aliexpress Coins

AliExpress’ coins are such an internal currency. You can get it for purchases, subscription reviews, and in other ways. And to spend, coins must be exchanged for coupons.

Freebies (“Almost for nothing”)

In the application, you can get the goods for almost nothing. That is, to buy an item that cost more than $5 for only $0.01.

It’s hard for the seller to get through with his product. Especially if he has a new store. Or a new product. Until enough feedback has been collected. To get feedback, sellers have to give away items for almost nothing.

You have a gift from Aliexpress

Sometimes the site itself offers something for free. A message comes in the application – “You have a gift from AliExpress“.

Private companies are prohibited by law from giving gifts. Therefore, you will have to pay a symbolic amount for the thing – $0.01.

Interactive games

Games are available in the application. You can win coins at them. And only then the coins can be exchanged for coupons.

  • Guess the card (Flip’n Win). The bet is 5 coins. You need to turn over two cards. If they match, the player receives a prize.
  • Shoot discounts (Bubble Challenge). The bet is 2 coins. You need to control an arrow to shoot down targets.
  • Magic Garden (Fantastic Farm). You need to grow a tree with coupons. You can spin the drum with prizes. The bet is 10 coins.

Group purchase

The discount is given if several people buy one product at once. For a group purchase to be counted, you need to use a link or QR code.

Such links and codes can only be obtained in the app. And only if the seller created them

Invite a friend or get an invite

If you don’t want to wait for the seller to offer you a discount, invite your friends yourself. This is one of the best deals from AliExpress. You can get from $4 to $24. The amount depends on the country you are ordering from.

  • Go to the app.
  • Select “Invite a Friend”.
  • Generate a link and send it to a friend.
  • If he clicks on it and signs up for Aliexpress, you will receive a discount.
  • Your friend will also get a discount.
A girl welcome wisitors to the Aliexpress

Special access to AliExpress. Just for you!

Get access to your personal page with products specially selected for you

Discounts and gifts on streams (online broadcasts)

The app is constantly streaming live. Sellers show their products online. As a rule, there are discounts on these items during the broadcast. Attentive viewers receive coupons and promotional codes.

Level discount

All buyers on AliExpress get a level. Points are awarded for purchases, reviews and communication. The more points, the higher the level.

  • 1-100 points – Silver level.
  • 101-500 points – Gold level.
  • 501-1500 points – Platinum level.
  • More than 1500 points – Diamond level.

What does it do? A special coupon AliExpress is given for the transition to a new level. A special coupon is also given on the birthday and on the anniversary of the registration on the site. Its size depends on the level.

In addition, at higher tiers, you can receive coupons from stores, exchange coins for coupons at a better rate, and receive tier discounts.

Flash Deals

This is a special sale that runs continuously without interruption. Products on it are updated every week. To get into the Hot Products, you need to fulfill these requirements.

  • Only free shipping items are accepted
  • Who have bought at least 4 times
  • Product rating must be at least 4.5 stars
  • The price of the product should be the lowest in the last month.
  • The store must sell goods for at least $2000 per month
  • Store rating must be above 95%
Get hot products right now

Take Hot Products right now

Constantly updated hot sale

Seller discounts

AliExpress is just a platform. He does not sell goods. Everything you buy on the platform, you take from the sellers. And each of them can give you a discount. The good news is that the Chinese are very fond of bargaining. You can always negotiate with them.

That is, you are unlikely to get 90% discounts from AliExpress from the seller. But you will be able to bargain your 10-30%. You can add a product to your shopping cart before starting negotiations. This will show the salesperson that they are interested. It will be easier to negotiate.

Свяжитесь с продавцом, чтобы попросить скидку
Click on the “envelope” in the card of the product you like to contact the seller.

Personal discount

Write a private message to the seller. You can write in Russian or English, the system will translate the text automatically. Directly ask him for a discount. Of course, it’s better to ask if you are buying multiple units at once.

Wholesale discount

Buying on AliExpress in bulk is always profitable. Look at the product card. Wholesale will be listed next to the regular price in small print. Something like “-10% when buying 5 items”.

You can also always negotiate with the seller in private messages.

Discount for type of delivery

Some types of delivery are more profitable for sellers. For example, you will be waiting for an item for several days longer. And the seller will earn more. In such cases, some stores offer discounts.

Read carefully the conditions in the product card. To find a discount for a type of delivery.

Buying a set and specials from the store

Given when purchasing multiple related items. For example, when buying a phone immediately with a case and wireless headphones.

Discount kits are rare. Read the text on the product card carefully. Look for the words “cheaper together”.

Expedited shipping

This is one of the biggest discounts. Works in some countries. Sellers from China have already brought their goods and cleared them through customs. So that they do not lie in the warehouse for a long time, they are sold at great discounts.

Now you can reduce the price for expedited delivery in Spain, France, Poland, Brazil and the Russian Federation. In Russia, a discount is given when buying Aliexpress Plus products .

When are discounts on Aliexpress

большие скидки Алиэкспресс
There are always discounts on Aliexpress.

Always. There are higher, there are lower. But you will be taken to a sale or promotion at any time. You have the right to bargain with each seller and claim a discount. Even for a single item.

Want to know more? Read the Aliexpress news and stay tuned for updates on our website.

Sections with discounts on the main page of Aliexpress

This is the fastest way to get a price cut. Go to Aliexpress and choose one of the sections on the main page. Right below the search box. There you will find products that sellers are willing to sell for less than the regular price.

Big discounts on Aliexpress

There are only once a year. Only on World Shopping Day – November 11th. The Chinese call this holiday “Single’s Day”. You cannot skip it. After all, dreams come true on this day. The price can drop several times. Even a branded product.

Of course, there are significant Aliexpress discounts on other sales as well. For example, on Aliexpress’s birthday. Or for Brand Week in the summer. But such as on a day of shopping, you will not meet at another time. Only 11.11. Four ones are a symbol of trade. For you to understand, in 2019 Aliexpress made more than $30,000,000,000 traded. This is more than the entire GDP of Estonia.

Be sure to contact the seller if you want to buy more than two units of a product. This gives you the right to claim a discount. According to statistics, two out of three sellers agree to lower the price.

Aliexpress discounts FAQ

  1. Where are the discounts on Aliexpress?

    Right on the home page. Scroll down and you will see a list of discounted products. You can also visit the Hot Sales section. Or take part in one of the promotions that are advertised on the main page at the top. You can also ask the seller for a discount.

  2. How to get Aliexpress discount?

    The easy way is to ask the seller about it. This is especially true if you take several units of a product. If he refuses, wait for the sale. The larger the sale, the higher the discounts. Use coupons. You can get them from sellers or in the Aliexpress app. They can be won there.

  3. How to ask for a discount from Aliexpress?

    In the card of the product you like, click on the icon in the form of an envelope. It is advisable to put the product itself into the basket before that. But don’t make a purchase. By clicking, you will open a chat with the seller. Write him a message. You can write in Russian. Aliexpress will automatically translate your request into Chinese.

  4. How to check discounts on Aliexpress?

    It is very difficult. After all, sellers are constantly manipulating prices. One and the same product can be sold at prices that differ significantly. Try to search for the same product by picture or name. Add the item to “My Wishlist” and wait for the sale. Then compare prices. Haggle. No plugins and extensions will give a 100% guarantee of a low price.

  5. How to find discounts on Aliexpress?

    Right on the home page of the site. Just below the search bar. There are links to sections with discounts. And the slider contains links to current sales. If you are already registered, check your mail. Aliexpress regularly sends emails with discounts. Look in the section “My Aliexpress”. And follow the list “My wishes”. Interesting offers can also come there.

  6. How to track discounts on Aliexpress?

    There is only one way. You need to regularly go to the card of the selected product. To make it easier to do this, add it to “My wishes”. By the way, the seller can see this and lower the price for you. There are no browser extensions or apps that track the price for you. Aliexpress constantly blocks them.

  7. How to find out discounts on Aliexpress?

    Follow the news. Visit the site regularly and run the application. Check your mail. Select the products you would like to buy in advance. At the end of the day, just ask the salesperson. The Chinese love to bargain and very easily agree to give a discount. Check the price before the sale.

  8. How often are discounts on Aliexpress?

    Constantly. One time is more, another is less. But you can always find sales, discounts, promotions and other opportunities to save money. You are also allowed to bargain with the seller. Try asking him for a personal discount. Most likely, he will agree. And if not, you can look for a similar product elsewhere.

  9. What are the discounts for Aliexpress 11.11?

    On average, about 15%. For popular and branded goods – about 7%. Very rarely, discounts for Singles’ Day can go down to 5%. If you are looking for high-quality, practical things, and you do not care about the brand name, you can find 50%. And for some products – even 70% or more. In addition, on 11.11, you can add seller and Aliexpress discounts together.

  10. What are the discounts for Aliexpress on Black Friday?

    On average, about 10%. The largest ones are for old models of electronics and accessories. Let’s say you can buy headphones or a case with a 50% discount. For branded goods in great demand – 5-7%. But you can add Aliexpress coupon and seller discounts together. Then the savings are even greater.

  11. What are the discounts for Aliexpress?

    The average level of discounts on sales is 7%. But you can find products that sell for 50% of the regular price. Sometimes the level of discounts can reach 70-90%. For example, at the liquidation of seasonal collections or when changing the lineup. If you bargain, you can get a 5% discount from any seller.

  12. How many days of discount on Aliexpress?

    Usually a sale or promotion lasts 5 days. Big sales like Bachelor’s Day or Aliexpress’s Birthday – 3 days. Or just 1 day. Discounts may vary during the same sale. As a rule, the maximum price reduction can be obtained at the very beginning of the promotion, at 11:00 Moscow time.

  13. How long will discounts on Aliexpress last?

    Better not to wait, but to buy right away. Average sale time is 5 days. But coupons may expire faster. And discounts may disappear. This is done to ensure that customers buy more on the very first day. Therefore, if you see an interesting price, it is better to take it right away. Then it will be more expensive.

  14. What are Aliexpress discounts?

    This is an opportunity to buy a product cheaper than it was previously sold. There are seasonal discounts, sales, promotions. Sellers and Aliexpress itself are giving out coupons with fixed discounts. Sometimes there are promotional codes or other opportunities to save money. A small discount can be obtained simply by purchasing a product through the application. You can also bargain with sellers on Aliexpress.

  15. Why can’t I get a discount on Aliexpress?

    There can be only three reasons. Either you have not met the requirements. For example, you bought goods for a lower amount than you need to get a discount. Either the promotion (sale) has ended. Or you are buying an item from a Russian seller. Most Russian sellers do not participate in Aliexpress discount programs.