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AliExpress promo codes

The AliExpress promo code is a set of numbers and / or letters that allows you to get a discount at checkout. You need to enter it in the payment form. It appears at the last step of the order. Before clicking the “place an order” button.

SalePromocodeDiscountMinimum purchase amountConditions for receiving a discount
Discount on first purchaseNEWUS6OFF$6.00$20.00For new US buyers only
Discount on first purchaseNEWUS8OFF$8.00$40.00For new US buyers only
Discount on first purchaseNEWUS12OFF$12.00$80.00For new US buyers only
Discount on first purchaseNEWUS25OFF$25.00$150.00For new US buyers only
Getaway Deals Global*AEGD03$3.00$29.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals Global*AEGD08$8.00$69.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals Global*AEGD20$20.00$169.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals Global*AEGD30$30.00$239.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals Global*AEGD50$50.00$369.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United StatesUSAFF3$3.00$29.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United StatesUSAFF8$8.00$69.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United StatesUSAFF20$20.00$169.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United StatesUSAFF30$30.00$239.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United StatesUSAFF50$50.00$369.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United KingdomUKJL03£3.00£29.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United KingdomUKJL08£8.00£59.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United KingdomUKJL15£15.00£129.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United KingdomUKJL25£25.00£199.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for United KingdomUKJL40£40.00£299.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for AustraliaAUGD05A$5.00A$50.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for AustraliaAUGD12A$12.00A$100.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for AustraliaAUGD30A$30.00A$250.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for AustraliaAUGD45A$45.00A$350.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for AustraliaAUGD75A$75.00A$550.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for Germany and NetherlandWEGD03€3.00€29.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for Germany and NetherlandWEGD08€8.00€69.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for Germany and NetherlandWEGD20€20.00€169.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for Germany and NetherlandWEGD30€30.00€239.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for Germany and NetherlandWEGD50€50.00€369.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for BrazilCHOICEBR15R$15R$15014-20 July
Getaway Deals for BrazilCHOICEBR35R$35R$30014-20 July
Getaway Deals for BrazilCHOICEBR100R$100R$85014-20 July
Getaway Deals for BrazilCHOICEBR150R$150R$1,20014-20 July
Getaway Deals for BrazilCHOICEBR250R$250R$2,00014-20 July
Getaway Deals for FranceFRGD03€3.00€29.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for FranceFRGD08€8.00€69.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for FranceFRGD20€20.00€169.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for FranceFRGD30€30.00€239.0014-20 July
Getaway Deals for FranceFRGD50€50.00€369.0014-20 July
Escapadas al Sol for SpainESGD03€3.00€29.0014-20 July
Escapadas al Sol for SpainESGD08€8.00€69.0014-20 July
Escapadas al Sol for SpainESGD20€20.00€169.0014-20 July
Escapadas al Sol for SpainESGD30€30.00€239.0014-20 July
Escapadas al Sol for SpainESGD50€50.00€369.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for ItalyITGD03€3.00€29.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for ItalyITGD08€8.00€69.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for ItalyITGD20€20.00€169.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for ItalyITGD30€30.00€239.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for ItalyITGD50€50.00€369.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for MexicoMXGET3$3.00$29.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for MexicoMXGET8$8.00$69.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for MexicoMXGET20$20.00$169.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for MexicoMXGET30$30.00$239.0014-20 July
Getaway deals for MexicoMXGET50$50.00$369.0014-20 July
여름아 부탁해 for South KoreaAE0703$3.00$29.0014-20 July
여름아 부탁해 for South KoreaAE0708$8.00$69.0014-20 July
여름아 부탁해 for South KoreaAE0720$20.00$169.0014-20 July
여름아 부탁해 for South KoreaAE0730$30.00$239.0014-20 July
여름아 부탁해 for South KoreaAE0750$50.00$369.0014-20 July
お買い得バカンス for JapanAEGD03¥450¥4,50014-20 July
お買い得バカンス for JapanAEGD08¥1,200¥10,00014-20 July
お買い得バカンス for JapanAEGD20¥3,000¥25,00014-20 July
お買い得バカンス for JapanAEGD30¥4,500¥35,00014-20 July
お買い得バカンス for JapanAEGD50¥7,500¥55,00014-20 July
ESPORTS TREDNS for SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QAGCC10$3.00$29.0014-20 July
ESPORTS TREDNS for SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QAGCC30$8.00$69.0014-20 July
ESPORTS TREDNS for SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QAGCC80$20.00$169.0014-20 July
ESPORTS TREDNS for SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QAGCC115$30.00$239.0014-20 July
ESPORTS TREDNS for SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QAGCC190$50.00$369.0014-20 July
* Global codes applies for countries Excluding DE,RU,BH,FR,SA,QA,BR,GB,UK,BY,MD,KG,GE,OM,US,AE,UZ,KR,MX,IT,AM,KW,ES,KZ,AU,TJ,AZ,TM,NL

Get an active promo code now

Here, sellers and shops publish new promotional codes every day. Everyone can get

 If the AliExpress promo code is valid, the amount to be paid will decrease. Usually a flat discount is given, such as $2.

The validity of digital promo codes is limited in time. They usually only work for one month. To get the freshest and working promo codes, follow the news on our website. We publish all current and new promo codes. And check out our sales calendar. To find out when the next promotion will be.

Promo codes work just like AliExpress coupons. The only difference is that the information from the coupon is stored in your account, and you cannot transfer it. Anyone who knows these letters and numbers can use the promo code.

How promo codes differ from coupons

The AliExpress coupon is valid for all products in the store. But to get a discount, you need to make a purchase for the amount indicated in the coupon. You cannot share the coupon with a friend or pass it on to another person.

The promo code is valid for only one type of product. Very rarely – for several products. But you will get a discount anyway. Even if you only buy one item. You can share the promo code with your friends. You can transfer these numbers to any other person.

AliExpress promo codes for every month


AliExpress promo codes from bloggers

Bloggers are people who review products for sellers and site stores. AliExpress has launched a channel on the Internet. And it broadcasts around the clock. Bloggers from Russia, Spain, France, Brazil and other countries post their reviews. Often they do them live.

Coupons and promotional codes are displayed under the review. To attract more buyers.

Where to get promotional codes

The essence of the code is that it can be passed in any way. You can even send it to a friend via messenger. Or type from memory. If the promo code is working, then the person who used it will receive a discount.

Therefore, you can take promotional codes wherever it suits you. Visit our website. Read the news and get information about AliExpress promotions. Browse blogs on social networks and other sites. Explore the official pages of the Chinese marketplace.

All the main ways to get promotional codes are described in this article. But you can search for your own methods. In any case, you have nothing to lose. Both beginners and “oldies” can receive discounts with their help. That is, those who buy for the first time. And those who already have a purchase history on AliExpress.

For new users and for the first order

Gift box from AliExpress for new users

Get a gift for registering on AliExpress

Choose a gift for yourself for coming to the site. Let AliExpress pay for your first purchase

For existing customers

If you have already registered for AliExpress, you can use any promotional codes described in this article. There is only one exception. You cannot use the newbie privileges. They are given only once, when registering an account.

We do not recommend re-registering for coupons or promotional codes. This is prohibited by AliExpress rules. You can get penalties for this. Until the account is closed.

A man, exiting of Aliexpress coupons center

AliExpress Coupon Center

Active coupons for existing users. Fixed discount on all products

Free shipping promo codes

Shipping cost does not affect promotions and discounts in any way. The promo code lowers the price of the item, not the shipping. Read carefully the product card. If there is a free shipping option, then buy it. And already when paying, use the promo code to get an AliExpress discount.

How to use Aliexpress promo codes (where to enter)

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Instructions for using any promotional codes on AliExpress and AliExpress Plaza.

  1. Get a promo code.

    Copy, photograph or memorize letters and numbers.Important! Pay attention to the lowercase (small) and uppercase (large) letters.

  2. Read the terms carefully.

    Usually, a promo code is valid only if you fulfill the conditions of the promotion. They are indicated on the page where the promo code is placed.For example, you need to buy a certain type of product. Or the total amount of the order must be more than the specified amount.

  3. Choose one product or several.

    Depending on the conditions of the promotion. You shouldn’t collect things that you don’t need.Look carefully at which stores you order the product. Some sellers may not be eligible for the promotion.

  4. Buy the selected items.

    Click “buy now” if you are buying a single item. Or open your shopping cart and go to checkout.Pay attention to the prices. They are listed without discount.

  5. Enter your promo code.

    This can only be done in the most recent form of payment.Enter numbers and letters exactly in the order as they are indicated in the promo code.On Aliexpress, promotional codes are always given in Latin, not Cyrillic. Don’t forget the uppercase and lowercase letters.

  6. Get a discount.

    Immediately after the introduction of the promo code, the price should change.If this did not happen, then the promotional code is not valid. Or you have not fulfilled all the conditions of the promotion.

  7. Congratulations, you did it.

    If the price has decreased, then you can click on the “pay” button.You received your discount with a promo code.

  • Valid promo code.
  • Aliexpress website

FAQ on promo codes on Aliexpress

  1. Where can I find the AliExpress promo code?

    They are found on the stock pages. Sometimes – on the main page of AliExpress. You can also find it from bloggers on the TV channel. Follow the news on our website – we publish the best and real AliExpress promo codes.

  2. How to get an AliExpress promo code?

    It is enough to copy the letters and numbers of the promo code. Or remember. When you place an order, they will need to be entered when filling out the payment form. Can be pasted with Ctrl + C or typed from memory.

  3. How to activate the AliExpress promo code?

    No activation required. It is enough to enter these numbers and letters when purchasing. If the promo code is valid, the price will decrease. Remember, most codes are time-limited. For example, last year’s no longer qualify you for a discount.

  4. How to apply the AliExpress promo code?

    Enter it in the special box that appears in the payment form. This should be done after you select a product and click “buy”. Read the terms of the promotion carefully. For example, a promo code can only be valid for products from one group or from one seller.

  5. What are the promotional codes for AliExpress?

    There are very different. More often linked to the purchase amount. For example, to get a $2 discount on a promotional code, you need to buy for $10. They always have a validity period – from a day to a week. Sometimes it takes longer. Also, the discount amount can be either $1 or $100.

  6. Where do AliExpress promo codes come from?

    They are created by sellers, shops or site administration. Just like coupons. This is done to stimulate purchases. You’re not interested in just buying a phone for $100. But you will probably want to pick it up for the same $100, if you can get a $10 discount for the promotional code.