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How to find what you need on AliExpress: a seller, a product, a store, a discount, a promotion

We answer questions and explain with photos. How to search and find a product, store, seller, brand, discount, promotion, fake, copy, friends and everything else on AliExpress. Tip: always enter a long query in the search bar on AliExpress. For example, write “blue men’s long skinny jeans for an adult”, not just “jeans”.

How to find a store on AliExpress?

If you know the name of the store, use Google search. In the line enter the name of the store site: aliexpress.com. For example, if you are looking for vadim Official Store, then you need to enter “vadim Official Store site: aliexpress.com” in the search bar. On the site itself, only product search works. Therefore, you can search for a store there, except by entering the name of the product that it sells. Or go to the “shops for you” section of your AliExpress profile.Как найти магазин на Алиэкспресс

How to find what you need on AliExpress?

Use the site search – it is at the very top. Enter the name of the product as you know.  The site will try to give you suggestions from different sections. Refine your search. Filter the sections in the column on the left. Filter by price, rating, type of delivery. If all else fails, try searching for product names in English. Use Google Translate if you don’t know English well.Как найти на Алиэкспресс то, что нужно

How to find eye lenses on AliExpress?

Enter “eye lenses” in the search bar. Or go directly to the lenses section on Aliexpress. Please note – both ordinary contact lenses and colored ones are presented there. Select the section that interests you the most at the top, under the search bar.
Как найти линзы для глаз

How to find on AliExpress by picture or photo?

First you need to download the AliExpress application to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Search by picture and photo is available only in it. After opening the application, click on the icon with a camera in the upper right corner.
Now, 3 search options are available to you:
1. By photo. Take a photo, click on the big button in the center.
2. By the saved photo. Click on the icon with the picture and the signature “AR scanner” at the bottom left. The gallery will open, and you can select the photo of the thing you want to find.
3. By QR code. Click on the button at the bottom right and scan the QR code.
Please note – you can take a photo of a computer monitor or TV screen.
Как найти по картинке через приложение Алиэкспресс

How to find Zara things on AliExpress?

The Spanish brand Zara does not work with the Chinese platform. Therefore, you will not find original things. And fakes too – the query “Zara” is one of the few for which the search does not return a single product.
But you can find things similar to the original Spanish Zara. It is better to do it according to the picture. For example, this dress strongly resembles Zara BLACK – 5580/631

Как найти бренд Зара

How to find a cell jammer on AliExpress?

Unfortunately, no way. The administration of the Chinese site actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies. Especially with the Russians. Therefore, goods with limited circulation have disappeared from the catalog. Cell phone jammer is a product prohibited for sale in many countries of the world. Therefore, you will be in trouble with the law if you try to buy it. We strongly recommend that you do not do this.

How to find brands on AliExpress?

The original brands are sold at Tmall and Plaza. We recommend that you immediately switch to Tmall if you are in the Russian Federation. Or in the Plaza if you are shopping in Spain. If you are in another country, just go to the main AliExpress and look for the brand focus section. How it looks is shown in the picture. Как находить бренды на Алиэкспресс

How to find fakes on AliExpress?

The site administration is actively fighting counterfeit sellers. Therefore, the old search engines no longer work. Now, upon request “Abibas”, the search will give you the original Adidas, and not fakes. Moreover, you won’t find anything at all by the names of some well-known brands like Zara.
The only option is to search by image through the application. You can go to the website of the original brand and take a photo of the product you like. And then look for a thing similar to him from the Chinese. Sometimes you come across, let’s say, very similar products.

How to find Adidas on AliExpress?

The products of the famous German brand are now officially sold by the Chinese. Just enter Adidas in the search bar, and you will find thousands of products. True, their price will be the same as in the company store.
To find a cheap copy, look for a photo or in similar products.Находим официальный Адидас на Алиэкспресс

How to find a copy of an iPhone or a Chinese iPhone on AliExpress?

Times have changed. Now the Chinese are selling the original and official iPhone. If you are interested in cheap Chinese smartphones similar to the legendary iPhone, use the search in the “phones” section with a filter by price. Or follow this link to the AliExpress catalog.

How to find anorak on AliExpress?

Easy-peasy. Enter the word “anorak” in the search bar. The Chinese site will understand you and give you a wide range of excellent winter jackets. Of course, some vendors refer to other types of winter jackets as anorak to promote their offer. But most enter honest descriptions.

How to find a similar product from another seller on AliExpress?

Roll the product card to the very bottom. There will be a “seller recommends” section, with similar items from the same seller. And below – “Especially for you” – a section of similar products from other sellers.
There is an important nuance here. The AliExpress algorithm will offer you products in the same price range. And you want to find it cheaper. Take a photo of the product you like through the application and search by the picture. This way, you will find the same products with different prices faster.
Be sure to add the product you like to “my wishes” (click on the icon with a heart). AliExpress will immediately offer you similar products. And it will remind you of what you like, offering discounts and promotions.Поиск похожего товара

How to find a car on AliExpress?

So far, only residents of some countries can do this. Cherry cars are sold on the site for them. The Tiggo model is presented in four trim levels. Sales have not yet started, but you can already get a discount coupon for the car. It is available in the official Chery store on AliExpress. Автомобили Черри на Алиэкспресс

How to find your AliExpress account?

Click on the little man and the word “my profile” in the upper right corner of the site. If your username is not displayed, or you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” in the login form. Or sign in with social media.

How to find Stone Island on AliExpress?

The Stone Island brand is not officially sold on the Chinese site. But you will not see fakes with a similar name either. But you can find similar things. The only way is to search by photo through the app.

How to find branded watches on AliExpress?

Type the most accurate product name in the search box. For example, “mechanical wristwatch”. And click “search”.
Above, above the results, you will see the logos of those brands which are sold officially. If you want to find a copy, then the only way out is to search by image.

How to find copies of brands on AliExpress?

Only through the app. Only in the picture. But you can also take pictures of the monitor screen. Go to the page of your favorite brand. Select a product. Take a photo of it in the AliExpress app on your iPhone or other smartphone. Search by picture.

How to find copies of cosmetics brands on AliExpress?

The easiest way is in the “cosmetics” section, among other products. You should have a good understanding of what exactly you are looking for. After all, copy sellers do not advertise their product. Formulate your requirements as clearly as possible. Use filters. And you will succeed.

How to find beadwork on AliExpress?

It is all collected in one section. Just go to “beadwork” and choose what you like. There is both diamond embroidery and simple embroidery. With or without frame. The choice is very large.

How to find a blogger on AliExpress?

After the shutdown of the iTao service in June 2019, the blogging platform is in a relaunch mode. The old one has already been “broken”, and the new one has not yet been built. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to look for bloggers yet. You can read their posts only in the mobile application, in the “interesting” section. But the tape is formed automatically. You cannot search for the right blogger there. But you can subscribe to those you saw in the feed. Or write a post yourself.

How to find a store on AliExpress in the mobile application?

Unfortunately, only product search works there. It’s easier to find a store on your computer and click “subscribe” at the top of the page. Then it can be opened in the application, in the “subscriptions” section of your profile.

How to find branded items on AliExpress?

In the “Brand Focus” section on the main page or on Tmall. But shopping on Tmall is available only to residents of Russia and Belarus. You can also search by brand name. Make sure you make it from the “official store” before buying.

How to find cheap things on AliExpress?

Search for a product name and sort the results by price. To show cheap things first. Or go to the “All under $5” or “Hot Products” section.

How to find trendy items on AliExpress?

In the left column of the menu, products are divided into categories. If you hover over the sections “women’s clothing” or “men’s clothing”, a submenu will open. There, at the very bottom, there is a “mod” button. Click on it, and you will be taken to the section where the most fashionable things that can only be found on AliExpress are presented.

How to find AliExpress in euros?

Go to the version of the site that you are opening. Select the “euro” currency in the upper right corner. That’s it, AliExpress will display all prices in euros.

How to find Gucci on AliExpress?

The Gucci brand is not officially sold on AliExpress. Moreover, the brand owners are fighting counterfeiting. Therefore, upon request “Gucci”, you will not be given a single item. The only option is to look for copies or similar items. This can only be done from a photo through the application. Just take a picture of the thing you like and look for a similar one in the photo.

How to find Dolce Gabbana on AliExpress?

The Dolce & Gabbana brand does not cooperate with the Chinese. Therefore, you will not find his products in the official sale. You can only try to look for copies and similar products. Take a photo in the app and hit search.

How to find Hermes on AliExpress?

The fashion brand Hermès does not work with the Chinese marketplace. Therefore, even on Tmall, you will not find his products. Look for copies through their photos in the app. This is the only opportunity to buy a similar item. Please note – there is not even a hint of Hermes in the title and description of the copy.Магазин Элко на Алиэкспресс

How to find Hot Products on AliExpress?

They are presented right on the home page. Or you can search through the sales on AliExpress. All current promotions are presented there.

How to find friends on AliExpress?

There is no search for friends on the site. You are offered to subscribe to random users. But there is one trick. To find a specific person, you need to agree with him in advance. The procedure is as follows:
1. You subscribe to the same store. Or you add the same product to “my wishes”.
2. You ask a question about the product. But you are not asking the seller, but the buyers.
3. Your friend visits the same product and sees your question.
4. Now he can open your profile and follow you.
5. And so that you can subscribe to it, you need to repeat all these steps, only in reverse order. Your friend should ask buyers a question.
Difficult, but there is no other mechanism.

How to find Dior on AliExpress?

The French brand Christian Dior does not work with the Chinese. Therefore, you cannot officially buy its products on AliExpress. And you will not find gross fakes. You can, perhaps, look for similar things. To do this, you need to use the “search by photo” function in the application.

How to find perfume on AliExpress?

In the perfume section. You go to “Health and Beauty”, there you choose “perfume and deodorant”. And you see all the perfumes that are sold on Aliexpress. For convenience, it can be sorted by category. Use the filters on the left for this.

How to find cheap branded items on AliExpress?

If you are looking for copies of well-known brands, try adding the words “jeans” and “miss” to the product name. Look for something like “denim man perfume” or “denim ladies perfume miss”.

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