AliExpress Black Friday 2022

Product type:Electronics, over 80 million products
Begining:November 16
End:November 30
Discounts:Up to 70%, coupons, promotional codes

Black Friday on AliExpress in 2022 will run from November 16 to November 30. The beginning and the end – at 00:00 a.m. PST (08:00 a.m. London, United Kingdom).

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Black Friday sales take place on the last Friday of November. This is an American tradition. Therefore, the Chinese AliExpress calls its sale this day “Super Friday”.

Discounts at the end of November are slightly lower than 11.11. Still, the Black Friday sale is one of the highlights of the year. The biggest discounts are given on electronics, mobile phones, computers, winter clothes.

AliExpress Black Friday promo codes

Promo codeDiscountPurchase amount

Promocodes for US only

Promo codeDiscountPurchase amount

Promo codes for Brazil only

Promo codeDiscountPurchase amount
sextou60R$ 60R$ 600
sextou150R$ 150R$ 1500
sextou330R$ 330R$ 3000
sextou350R$ 350R$ 3000

Promo codes for Spain only

Promo codeDiscountPurchase amount
ES22€ 19€ 
ES66€ 49€ 
BFES1010€ 50€ 
ES1313€ 99€ 
BFES30ES3030€ 150€ 
ES5555€ 299€ 
ES7070€ 399€ 
BFES100100€ 500€ 

Promo codes for France only

Promo codeDiscountPurchase amount
FR22€ 19€ 
FR55€ 49€ 
FR1010€ 99€ 
FR2020€ 199€ 
FR3030€ 299€ 
BFFR1010€ 50€ 
BFFR3030€ 150€ 
BFFR5555€ 299€ 
BFFR100100€ 500€ 

Promo codes for Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries only

  US $2.1 off $8 with code: Arab8
  US $4 off $38.6 with code: Arab15
  US $7.9 off $77.6 with code: Arab30
  US $11.8 off $45 with code: Arab45

Promo codes for Korea only

 US $5 off $40 with code: KR1124
  US $7 off $60 with code: KR1125
  US $15 off $100 with code: KR1126
  US $18 off $150 with code: KR1127
  US $30 off $200 with code: KR1128

How to get the maximum discount on Aliexpress on Black Friday

Time Needed : 2 days 10 hours 10 minutes

What to do before and during the Black Friday sale on AliExpress

  1. Visit the site before November 25

    You need to go to Aliexpress before the sale starts. The rule is that whoever comes first gets more discounts and coupons.

  2. Add items to cart

    Select the products you would like to buy. Put them in the basket. You don’t have to buy everything.

  3. Take an AliExpress Coupon

    Prior to the start of the sale, Aliexpress will be giving away coupons that can be spent in all stores. These coupons usually offer a 10% discount.

  4. After the sale starts, check your discount

    Go to your shopping cart and see what kind of discount you get on the selected products.

  5. Check messages from sellers and stores

    In the application or in your account on AliExpress, you need to check the messages. Sellers send coupons, discounts and gifts.

  6. After the sale starts, use coupons and discounts

    If you are satisfied with the price – shop. Take all available coupons. Use promotional codes.

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  1. When is Black Friday on AliExpress?

    The beginning is November 25, the end is November 30 at 00:00 a.m. PST. Don’t be surprised that Black Friday starts on Monday. And lasts almost a whole week. It’s just that Aliexpress wants to hold the sale before American online stores start.

  2. Does AliExpress do Black Friday?

    Yes, it does. But it calls the sale “Super Friday.” The sale starts a few days before Black Friday in the US.

  3. Is AliExpress Black Friday sale real?

    Yes, but you need to be careful. Not all sellers offer discounts. However, there are many great deals to be found.

  4. Does AliExpress do Black Friday deals?

    There are many. But you need to come to AliExpress on Monday. To take coupons. And don’t forget to check the Black Friday prices.

  5. What are the Black Friday discounts for AliExpress?

    On average, 15%. Smartphones will give somewhere 5-7%. The biggest discounts will be for winter clothes – up to 50%.

Black Friday on AliExpress 2022

Event Details
Start Date : 2022-11-16 ,4:00:00 pm
End Date : 2022-11-30 ,3:59:00 пп
Website :
Attendance Mode : OnlineEventAttendanceMode
Status : EventScheduled

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The exact time of the beginning of the Black Friday sale on AliExpress

USA (PST) Pacific Coast00:00 a.m.
London, United Kingdom08:00 a.m.
Toronto, ON, Canada03:00 a.m.
Canberra ACT, Australia07:00 p.m.
Cape Town, South Africa10:00 a.m.
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland08:00 a.m.
Jerusalem, Israel10:00 a.m.
Singapore04:00 p.m.
Madrid, Spain09:00 a.m.
France (Paris), Germany (Berlin)09:00 a.m.
Poland (Warsaw)09:00 a.m.
Wellington, New Zealand09:00 p.m.
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia (Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn)10:00 a.m.
Kyiv, Ukraine10:00 a.m.