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Coupons and promotional codes Aliexpress March

March 2022. We have updated AliExpress coupons  and active promotional codes for March. Take a look at the sales and promotions in our calendar. After the lull caused by the Chinese New Year, booming trade begins. In March, we are waiting for the birthday of Aliexpress and the spring sale.

Active and working AliExpress promotional codes for March 2022

SalePromocodeDiscountMinimum purchase amountConditions for receiving a discount
New buyer codesMARNEW3$3$4Some countries
New buyer codesMARNEW5$5$10Some countries
New User DiscountsMARNEW3$3$4Only for Poland
New User DiscountsMARNEW5$5$10Only for Poland
March Codes for Top Selected ProductsSPRING4$4$30Some countries
March Codes for Top Selected ProductsSPRING7$7$50Some countries
March Codes for Top Selected ProductsSPRING12$12$80Some countries
March Codes for Top Selected ProductsSPRING17$17$140Some countries
March Codes for Top Selected ProductsSPRING255$25$200Some countries
Día de la Marca – MellerwareMW4€4€20Only for Spain
Día de la Marca – MellerwareMW6€6€30Only for Spain
Día de la Marca – MellerwareMW12€12€60Only for Spain
Día de la Marca – MellerwareMW20€15€100Only for Spain
Le printemps s’invite chez vousMJ2€2€15Only for France
Le printemps s’invite chez vousMJ3€3€23Only for France
Le printemps s’invite chez vousMJ4€4€30Only for France
Le printemps s’invite chez vousMJ7€7€50Only for France
Les 3 jours des marques & UnileverFRUN1€1€5Only for France
Les 3 jours des marques & UnileverFRUN2€2€10Only for France
Les 3 jours des marques & UnileverFRUN4€4€20Only for France

The best March coupons from sellers and stores on Aliexpress

Coupons are given only to registered users. Don’t worry, registering is not difficult at all. You will also be given a special discount for a newbie.

Лапша со вкусом AliExpress на Китайский Новый год
Aliexpress shares Chinese noodle recipe

The biggest discounts will be at the end of the month. On “Sale 328” (i.e., 28th of the 3rd of the month). It’s Aliexpress’s birthday. This year, the marketplace turns 12 years old. We are waiting for an interesting promotion with low prices. Last year, at the celebration of the eleventh anniversary, the Chinese did not let us down.

Choose a coupon by product type

AutomotiveComputersSports and Outdoors
KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones

What can I take for coupons Aliexpress March

Now China is recovering after a hard winter. Workers return to factories, carriers begin delivery. After a long break, a lot of goods have accumulated in the warehouses. Therefore, now the prices for all goods will be interesting. The Chinese want to empty the warehouses as soon as possible. And we can make bargains. AliExpress’s prices have become even lower.

And delivery problems are over. China began to work as before. Moreover, some goods have already been delivered to the Russian Federation and the EU. They have already paid customs duties. And you can receive your order within a week.

You can see for yourself. Buy any product and try to track it with Aliexpress. You will see from which country your order is being shipped. And it won’t be China.

Delivery for Aliexpress is handled by Cainao. This is another division of the Alibaba Group. Just take a look at how quickly and accurately they work:

Cainiao Intelligent Logistic Company. Amazing
Here’s What’s Happening at Aliexpress Warehouses

In Russia, this is already a common thing. There, a significant part of the goods is imported into the country even before they are sold. And for EU countries and other countries, this is unusual.

What else is worth seeing

Unlike other promotions Aliexpress, the choice of goods here is not large. Not all sellers can afford to pay for the delivery of goods to Europe. But don’t be sad. An assortment of several thousand items can satisfy even a sophisticated shopaholic.

We recommend paying special attention to the following things:

  • Goods for cleaning. Robotic vacuum cleaners, modern mops, cleaning products and fixtures.
  • Big screen TVs.
  • Lighting. From a flashlight and outdoor lamp to a stylish home chandelier.
  • Cases for mobile phones. Especially on beach and waterproof.
  • Office and stationery.
  • Car acoustics of Chinese brands.
  • Goods for fishermen. It’s your time, hunters.
акции Купоны Алиэкспресс март 2020
Examples of products that are already in Europe

Aliexpress coupons for the whole year

FAQ (questions and answers) on the March coupons Aliexpress

  1. Who can get Aliexpress coupons in March?

    All registered users. The only condition is to have an account. Of course, you need to fulfill the condition specified in the coupon. For example, to buy goods for a certain amount. Or several units of the same product.

  2. What if I haven’t bought from Aliexpress yet?

    Then you can get a newbie coupon. And for the second purchase – take the usual coupons Aliexpress March. And receive the same discounts and bonuses as other buyers.

  3. Where can I get Aliexpress coupons for March?

    In special sections of the site. In this article, we have provided links to all such sections. Coupons can also be taken from sellers. We publish the best of them. Come in and take as much as you need.

  4. How else can I get coupons?

    They can be obtained for Aliexpress coins. Install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Play games, subscribe to stores, visit the app often. For this, you will be given coins. And you can exchange coins for coupons.

  5. How long are Aliexpress coupons for March?

    Usually valid until the end of March. Or until the end of the sale. It all depends on the coupon. Read carefully what is written on it. And the validity period of sellers’ coupons is determined by the stores that issue them.

  6. Will February coupons be valid in March?

    There will be, but only those that are issued by sellers and shops. These are the so-called “yellow” coupons. White and red will not work. They are issued by Aliexpress itself. Those coupons that you received for coins last month will also work. But be careful – they can also expire.

  7. What discounts can I get with a coupon in March?

    Very big. In March, the second most popular Aliexpress sale. Celebrating the site’s birthday. It will be possible to take $10 for all purchases. Add to this a seller’s discount and a store coupon. Of course, not all prices will fall. Some sellers will offer fake discounts. But in each group of goods there will be profitable offers.

  8. What can I take with the promo code in March?

    Goods with local delivery. What Chinese sellers have already brought to warehouses in your country. First, residents of the Russian Federation and EU countries will benefit. Spaniards, French, Czechs, Poles will get the biggest discounts. And the goods will not have to wait long. It will be delivered in 3-10 days.

Why is it profitable to buy with Aliexpress coupons March 2022

Sellers have already spent money on shipping goods to Europe. They brought them by sea, and not by plane, as usual. Shipping was cheaper, which means you can offer big discounts. And the warehouses need to be emptied quickly. To avoid overpaying for storage.

So feel free to take what you like. First, it will arrive quickly. No need to wait a month or even two weeks. You will receive your order within seven days. Secondly, the price will please even the most economical. However, do not spend money uncontrollably. Weigh every purchase carefully. And check prices. Take only those goods that you can afford.