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Brand Week 2022 (August): Mega Brands Sale

Product type:All goods
Beginning:August 22
End:August 26
Discounts:$3 off for every $30 spent

It became known when the “Brand Week” sale will take place. The official name is Mega Brands Sale. Another name is 828 Summer Clearance Sale. This is the biggest sale before 11.11 on AliExpress. Brand Week starts on August 22 and ends on August 26. In Spain, the sale is called La Vuelta al Cole.

Get Discount at Brand Week 2022

Sale of the best Chinese brands.

In previous years, the action was held on 28 August. Therefore, the sale is also called “828” (28th day of the 8th month). This is one of the Mega Sale. The sellers’ offers are just as good as those at AliExpress’s Summer Sale and Birthday.

How to get the biggest discount on the sale?

Items must be added to cart by August 22. And get a coupon for $3. And after August 23 – buy them. Then you will be given the biggest discounts and coupons. Sellers and Aliexpress want to know in advance what you will choose. They are willing to pay you for it.

When will there be a week of brands on AliExpress 2022

DateStage nameWhat to do to saveBenefit
August 17-21Preparing for the saleAdd items to cart, get couponMore products – more discount
August 22-26Brands Week 2022Place an order, take a promo codeDiscounts up to 70%, $3 off for every $30 spent

What will be the discounts at the Week of Brands

Only products with:

  • Lowest price in last 90 days (3 months)
  • Sales more than $2000
  • Seller rating higher than 4 stars

US Brand Week – Back to School Sale

Amount of discountPromo codeOrder price

La Vuelta al Cole in Spain

The sale in Spain is called the La Vuelta al Cole.

Amount of discountPromo codeOrder price

Promo de la rentrée in France

In France, the sale is called Promo de la rentrée. Unfortunately, there will be no promo codes.


  1. What is AliExpress Brand Week?

    This is the biggest sale ahead of Bachelor Day. The biggest discounts are given by Chinese brands – well-known manufacturers of clothing and electronics.

  2. Why is the sale called “828”

    Because before it took place, one day – August 28. Eighth month, day 28, so 828. Then the sale was extended for a whole week. And even postponed. But the old name has survived.

  3. Why is the sale called “End of summer sale“

    The Chinese are experimenting with different names. In this case, they mean that the sale has been going on all summer, and now it is over. What will be the biggest discounts in the last 3 months.

  4. When will there be the biggest discounts at Brand Week?

    On the very first day – August 22. And on the very last day – August 26th.

  5. How can I increase my discount?

    Collect the items you want to buy into your shopping cart by August 22. Then the sellers will know about your desires. And they will offer you a discount.

  6. How to get a coupon for Brand Week?

    Come to the sale on the very first day. Add as many items to your shopping cart as possible. Then you can only buy some of them.

Brands Week 2020 – What was offered on AliExpress

Immediately after the end of the summer campaign, the autumn one began. We are offered stylish and fashionable items. From the Fall 2020 collection. Special attention is paid to warm clothes. See what will keep you warm this fall.

Купоны на неделе брендов 2020
Промокоды на неделе брендов 2020

What else is worth seeing

We advise you not to pass by such products:

  • Aroma lamps.
  • Waist purses and other accessories.
  • Pools and trampolines of all sizes.
  • Fanless fans.
  • Sports goods. Especially goods for cyclists.
  • Lightweight shorts and skirts.
  • Panamas and other types of summer hats.

Only the best baby stuff. These are not no-name manufacturers. Well-known brands offer us discounts. Producers who are well known not only in China or Russia, but also in the EU and the USA. In the forefront are:

  • Bear Leader. Dresses and clothes for girls.
  • EACHINE company. Sophisticated radio-controlled toys, quadcopters.
  • Robotime company. Constructors – moving cars and models from wooden parts.
  • Belens. Educational toys.

Although, adults will also be happy to play with such toys. See:

Eachine E56 720P WIFI FPV Selfie Drone With Gravity Sensor Mode Altitude Hold RC Quadcopter RTF
Demonstration of the capabilities of the Eachine E56 quadrocopter.

It’s time to buy summer clothes and shoes. You can also look at autumn things. School is just around the corner. Be sure to take a look at:

  • Soft blankets made from natural fabrics. They are already turning into the hit of the season.
  • Autumn and spring shoes. It is now given away very cheaply. By the end of summer, prices will skyrocket.
  • Products for mothers. Especially bags and accessories for feeding newborns.

This time the decorations were displayed. The best. What Chinese craftsmen are proud of. Perhaps, in some ways, Asians are inferior to European or American brands. But not in the production of jewelry. Just take a look at this list of manufacturers:

  • CSJA. Jewelry with precious and artificial stones.
  • Bamoer company. Fine silver jewelry.
  • SANTUZZA. Author’s jewelry.
  • WOSTU company. Jewelry and bijouterie.
  • TOPGRILLZ. Wonders of silver and zirconium.
  • Vinox company.

Well, what woman can resist this beauty? Admire:

Bamoer New Products
Presentation of new Bamoer products.

Why is it profitable – buy on brands week

Brands Week is the most interesting sale on Aliexpress. After all, not little-known small producers take part in it. Large Chinese brands come to the “week”. Companies that have already gained prestige in Europe and America. Those whose products are eagerly bought both in Uzbekistan and in Poland.

They are in no hurry to give discounts. Doesn’t promise “cool half-price products” every month. Only once a year do they go to AliExpress to pamper their fans. So don’t miss out on May Brands Week. Unless, of course, you like stylish and high-quality jewelry. If you appreciate beautiful things created in small quantities.

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