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Coupons and promotional codes Aliexpress April

April 1, 2021. We have collected for you all valid coupons and active AliExpress promotional codes for April. Also pay attention to sales and promotions in the near future. Make purchases wisely. Get Aliexpress coupons April and save more. In April, we are waiting for sales from well-known Chinese brands – Xiaomi, 70Mai, Biolomix.

Active and working AliExpress promotional codes for April 2022

SalePromocodeDiscountMinimum purchase amountConditions for receiving a discount
Plaza daysAPLAZA06€6€40Only for Spain
Plaza daysAPLAZA12€12€80Only for Spain
Plaza daysAPLAZA24€24€160Only for Spain
Do BrasilBR20R$20R$100Only for Brazil
Do BrasilBR40R$40R$300Only for Brazil
Do BrasilBR55R$55R$500Only for Brazil
Do Brasil 2BR10R$10R$60Only for Brazil
Do Brasil 2BR20R$20R$150Only for Brazil
Do Brasil 2BR30R$30R$300Only for Brazil
Family Shopping FestivalCRIANCA8R$8R$100Only for Brazil
Family Shopping FestivalCRIANCA20R$20R$260Only for Brazil
Family Shopping FestivalCRIANCA25R$25R$370Only for Brazil
Family Shopping FestivalCRIANCA35R$35R$530Only for Brazil
Family Shopping FestivalCRIANCA50R$50R$800Only for Brazil
AE April Outdoor Fun PromotionOD5$5$55Only for Poland
AE April Outdoor Fun PromotionOD11$11$120Only for Poland
AE April Outdoor Fun PromotionOD18$18$180Only for Poland
AE April Outdoor Fun PromotionOD25$25$250Only for Poland
Cobranding CodeOF18$4$45Only for Poland
Cobranding CodeOF19$10$100Only for Poland
New User DiscountsNB3$3$4Only for Poland
En plein airLAPLACE05€5€50Only for France
En plein airLAPLACE10€10€100Only for France
En plein airLAPLACE19€19€199Only for France
En plein airLAPLACE29€29€299Only for France

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Best April Coupons for Aliexpress

AutomotiveComputersSports and Outdoors
KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones

Sale with the freshest April coupons for Aliexpress

Coupons are only available to registered users. Don’t have an Aliexpress account yet? Then we have a gift for you.

What can I take for promotional codes Aliexpress April

We recommend taking a closer look at household appliances. Be sure to visit this section. You have no idea how much the Chinese have to offer you. For every need they have a device. A device that makes our life better. And thanks to the Aliexpress coupons in April, it is cheaper.

Household appliances for the kitchen

Devices for making drinks. Coffee makers, coffee grinders, kettles. Simple but necessary devices. Pay attention to Chinese brands. Such as, for example, Devsib or Sonifer.

A kettle from them will cost $10-12, and a coffee machine – $6-20. Very beautiful (and practical) – Japanese-style siphon coffee makers. They are often bought on Aliexpress in Kazakhstan.

Вафли с мороженым в мультипекаре REDMOND RMB-M614/1: мастер-класс Ильи Саприна
You can buy such kitchen appliances with Aliexpress coupons in April

Do not forget about grinders – blenders, mixers, manual combines.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Chinese theme. It is in China that the best and cheapest robotic vacuum cleaners are produced. Be sure to take a look at this one. So that the cleaning process does not take you a lot of time. Let modern technology work for you.

What else is worth seeing

There will be no big sales in April. But there will be small promotions. Each – for several categories of goods. If you follow them carefully, you can find great deals. And with Aliexpress coupons in April, this is even easier to do.

We recommend paying special attention to the following things:

  • Professional measuring instruments.
  • Goods for fishing. Especially the accessories. For example, gloves with a built-in flashlight.
  • Spring children’s clothing. Products for babies and newborns are cheaper in spring than in autumn.
  • Computer technology. Including used ones. Yes, you can buy something like this on Aliexpress.
  • Lighting devices for the house and the street. LED light bulbs are brighter than incandescent bulbs. And they use less energy.
  • Large screen TVs. If it doesn’t matter to you what logo was painted on the case, then take the goods of Chinese manufacturers.
акции Купоны Алиэкспресс март 2020
Examples of products that are already in Europe

Aliexpress coupons for the whole year

FAQ (questions and answers) on the April coupons Aliexpress

  1. Who can get Aliexpress coupons in April?

    Both new and registered users. There will be no big sales. But coupons will be distributed. Moreover, Aliexpress itself and individual stores will do this. Follow the calendar and go to every promotion.

  2. How long will April coupons be valid?

    As a rule – until the end of the promotion at which they are distributed. It’s usually three to four days. Sometimes it happens that the action lasts for a week. Then the coupon expires. But there is no need to be upset – there will be new sales soon. And new coupons.

  3. Where can I get the April Aliexpress coupons?

    This can be done on our website. We publish links to all sales that take place on Aliexpress. And on Aliexpress itself, this can be done in a special section. Look for the word “coupons” under the main menu.

  4. How else can I get coupons?

    Don’t forget about the “freebie” section in the app. There you can complete tasks or play games. And get coins. And coins can always be exchanged for coupons. You can install the app on your mobile phone or tablet. And in some cases – even on a personal computer.

  5. What do the April coupons for Aliexpress give me?

    The right to receive a fixed discount. If you fulfill the conditions of the promotion, you will receive exactly the discount indicated in the coupon. Conditions are the purchase of a product. Or buying different goods for a certain amount.

  6. Will the March coupons and promotional codes be valid in April?

    “Yellow” coupons issued by stores are always valid. Red and white are limited in time. Valid only from the sale “328” (Aliexpress Birthday). But they will also end on April 3rd. The rest will stop working. Don’t worry, there will be a lot of new promo codes and coupons in April.

Why is it profitable to buy with Aliexpress coupons April 2022

Because it’s a fair offer. You know in advance what kind of discount you will receive. And you can choose the product yourself. No need to take what the seller offers. The choice is yours.

Coupons help you save money. On Aliexpress, they are distributed in large quantities because there is huge competition between sellers. Dozens of stores may sell the same product. The seller who wants to beat the competition offers coupons.