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Welcome, dear visitor! This is the PoKupar website – the most detailed and convenient resource about AliExpress in English. We help you find reliable brands cheaper. Will tell you how to buy on AliExpress, a marketplace owned by the Alibaba Group (阿里巴巴 集团, NYSE: BABA. We
help you find quality products from decent sellers and buy them cheaper.

On PoKupar you will learn: 

  1. What is AliExpress and how to use it correctly 
  2. How to find quality products and reliable brands 
  3. How to get discounts and buy even cheaper 
  4. Shipping – How to get goods faster
  5. How to buy, how to download AliExpress in English 

Quick access to all AliExpress discounts

Fresh promo codes, best purchases, hot brands all in one place. A page with all discounts at once

With us, you can buy more and pay less Yes, Chinese brands can be not only cheap but also of high quality. You just need to know where and how to look. 

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AliExpress is a part of Alibaba Group, created by Jack Ma. It is not an online store, but a marketplace. That is a platform where you can meet sellers and buyers. 

AliExpress only simplifies the processes of purchase and delivery. And also – guarantees the fulfillment of obligations. Protects buyers. Seller on AliExpress will receive money only after you receive the goods. And if you are satisfied with the quality and condition of the goods. Otherwise, you may return all or part of the purchase price. 

Products in the AliExpress catalog

There are more than 20 million products here. But finding something good can be difficult. Don’t worry, we will help. We have divided the entire AliExpress catalog into simple and understandable sections. So that you can immediately find the thing you need. For you – AliExpress English version. 


Companies not only from China trade on Aliexpress, but also from Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and France.

Chinese manufacturers produce goods for the whole world. Sometimes things that everyone thinks are German or Japanese are actually made in the PRC. The Chinese are skilled craftsmen. They know how to make quality products. 

But reliable Chinese brands are just starting to gain in popularity. You know for sure about Xiaomi. You may have heard something about Biolomix, Deko, or Fifine. But besides them, there are thousands of good brands. We will tell you about them. 

PoKupar’s staff make detailed and objective reviews of products and brands. We talk not only about the advantages but also about the disadvantages. 

Wholesale buyers

We help not only those who wish to purchase one thing. PoKupar has information about AliExpress in English and for wholesale buyers. Do you want to purchase a batch of FINETOO lingerie? Or if you want to do dropshipping, we will help you. 

We will tell you which of the sellers you should deal with. How to negotiate with a Chinese supplier. When to buy in bulk on AliExpress and when to order on Alibaba. 

About discounts on AliExpress in English

We have great news for you. There are over 20 ways to save money on AliExpress. And we will tell you about them. So, you can buy a product cheaper:

  1. On sale. We have a sales calendar for the whole year. 
  2. On promotions. We will let you know when the next one starts. 
  3. With a coupon or promotional code. We publish the best ones. 
  4. Get a discount from the seller. Here we can help you. 
  5. After all, you can get the item for free at all. We’ll show you how to do this. 

Yes, not all sellers are transparent. Somewhere someone deliberately raises the price before the sale. Then to give “discounts”. We will help you identify such dealers. 

Shipping & Payment

Tip: Always choose free shipping on AliExpress. The best method is Aliexpress Standard Shipping or Cainiao Standard Shipping. 

China seems to be so far away. But this is no longer a problem. AliExpress has already opened warehouses in different countries. Including the USA and the EU. Therefore, some products can be received a day after ordering. 

Alibaba Group has a separate logistics division. This is the Cainiao company. They have already learned how to deliver a package weighing 1 kg to any place in the PRC in 24 hours for only $ 0.3. Now it is the turn of other countries. 

We will tell you all about shipping on Aliexpress in English. Also, we will help you choose the best method. We will show you how to track the parcel and control the location of the parcel. 


Paying for an item on AliExpress is very easy. This can be done with any credit card. After all, Alibaba Group has its own financial division – AliPay. We constantly monitor changes in the payment rules and inform our readers. 

We will help you choose a payment method that will save you on commissions. 

How to buy on Aliexpress

Chinese culture is very different from Western culture. People in China love and know how to bargain. But Europeans and Americans do not always understand what is being offered to them from the east. Don’t worry, we have detailed instructions on how to buy on AliExpress in English. 

At PoCoupar you will find information on how to

  1. Download AliExpress in English. 
  2. How to register, specify the address and details. 
  3. Find the right product, determine its quality and seller’s reliability. 
  4. How to place a purchase and track its delivery. 

We sincerely wish you pleasant and profitable shopping.