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AliExpress’ coupons 2024

AliExpress’ coupons can be obtained from a sale, a retailer, or in-app. They are given for AliExpress coins and when buying a large amount. Coupons applied when paying. Help reduce the price of a product.

Coupons by product category

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These coupons are provided by vendors and stores. Each of them independently sets the amount of discounts and the rules for their receipt.

AliExpress Coupon is a fixed discount. Its size is indicated on the coupon. The validity period and other conditions are also indicated there. Usually the size of an AliExpress coupon is from $1 to $100.

Coupons can be added to other discounts. But the price of a product does not always go down. Read the description of the sales. There we tell you what discounts, coupons and promotional codes you can get and apply.

AliExpress promo codes for every month

A man, exiting of Aliexpress coupons center

AliExpress Coupon Center

Active coupons for existing users. Fixed discount on all products

How to use AliExpress coupons

Time Needed : 3 minutes

What to do with AliExpress coupon. How to get the maximum discount. This instruction is for mobile version, app and full version of AliExpress.

  1. Get a coupon

    Get the AliExpress coupon from the store or seller where you want to make the purchase.Other options: AliExpress gives a one-time coupon when you first sign up, or gives them out with large sales. Follow the news.seller-coupons-1

  2. Select a product and click “buy now”

    If you have a new customer coupon, special coupon or sale coupon, you can choose any product. And if you have a coupon from a specific store (seller), then you can only select products in this store.coupons-buy-now

  3. Select the coupon you want to use

    When placing an order, you will see the item “seller coupon” in your menu. Only one coupon can be selected per purchase. If you have several of them, take with the largest amount.After choosing a coupon, the amount to be paid should be lower. This is an indicator that you are doing everything right.get-coupons

  4. Use AliExpress holiday coupon or special coupon

    Coupon discounts can be combined. For example, a seller coupon can be used in conjunction with a sale coupon or special coupon that you received from the site on your birthday.coupons-pay

  5. Complete your purchase

    Congratulations! You were able to successfully apply the Aliexpress coupon. You received a fixed discount and reduced the price of an item.order-pay

  • Coupon from AliExpress, from the seller, store, special coupon.
  • Aliexpress official website – AliExpress.com

Why AliExpress Coupons

To get a discount, the amount of which was originally set. That is, if you have a $10 coupons, then this is exactly the discount you will receive. Not 9 and not 8, namely 10. If, of course, fulfill the conditions of the seller.

For example, a salesperson says he will give a $10 coupons to anyone who buys $50 worth of merchandise from him. You know in advance how much money you can save. It doesn’t matter if you bought at 51 or 100. If you have fulfilled the condition, you are guaranteed to receive this discount.

What are AliExpress coupons

All coupons you receive are stored in your profile on the site. You can see what you have in the “My AliExpress” section.

There are 5 main types:

  1. New user coupon.
  2. AliExpress coupon for all products.
  3. AliExpress special coupon.
  4. Leveled coupons.
  5. Sellers coupons.
Сводная таблица купонов Алиэкспресс

New user coupon

Given to everyone who signs up for AliExpress. The amount depends on the country in which the buyer is located. The maximum you can get is $4, the minimum is $2. You can use this coupon at any store on the site. AliExpress itself provides you with a discount.

Please note – the price of the product must be more than $2. At least the minimum payment must pass from your side. The newcomer coupon also does not apply to “last minute” items and items of $0.01.

Gift box from AliExpress for new users

Get a gift for registering on AliExpress

Choose a gift for yourself for coming to the site. Let AliExpress pay for your first purchase

AliExpress coupon for all products

Appears before big sales. For example, coupons for all products are handed out three weeks before Singles’ Day. The amount of the discount depends on the rules of the promotion. And on the amount of your purchase. You can get about 3-7% discount for such a coupon.

Значок, которым обозначается купон Алиэкспресс на все товары
This symbol denotes an AliExpress coupon for all goods.

They can be used in any store. After all, the discount is not provided by sellers, but by AliExpress itself. Of course, a coupon can only cover a portion of your purchase. That is, you must pay a portion of its value for the product.

The standard conditions are something like this. You buy for $50, AliExpress refunds you $5. Great offer. After all, along with this discount, you can also apply a coupon from a seller.

Such coupons can be won in games or exchanged for coins in the AliExpress app. You can download the application to any device.

AliExpress special coupon

This is an incentive program from the site itself. For example, Aliexpress can give you a special coupon for your birthday. Or give for some other merit. Sometimes special coupons are raffled in the app. To access these games, you need to download the Aliexpress app to your device.

Символ спецкупона Алиэкспресс
This symbol denotes the special coupon Aliexpress.

Special coupons are not available in all stores. Sellers decide for themselves whether to participate in such promotions or not. The possibility of using a special coupon is indicated immediately below the price of the product. You will immediately notice it – it is a red square with the name of the special coupon.

If you see such an icon under the price, then you can safely buy this product. You will pay part of its cost with a special coupon.

Products for which you can use special coupons can be found using the standard AliExpress search form. Enter the name of the item you are looking for. For example, “women’s winter jacket”. And put a tick in the box “special coupons” in the search form.

Level coupons

Each registered user on AliExpress has a certain level. There are 4 of them:

  1. Silver level. It is given to everyone immediately after registration and the first purchase.
  2. Gold level. You need 100 points to get it.
  3. Platinum level. You need to score more than 500 points.
  4. Diamond level. Given to those who have more than 1500 points.

Points are awarded for purchases, communication (reviews and comments, responses to sellers) and as a bonus. The more you buy and comment, the more you get.

For the transition to a new level, AliExpress gives a coupon. Moreover, some merchant coupons and special coupons are only available to high tier customers. The rest of the buyers do not even see this opportunity. These coupons are called tier coupons.

level coupons Aliexspress

Seller coupons on AliExpress are the most common type

They are distributed by the stores themselves. Sellers set the rules and coupon amount. There are two types of rules:

  • You need to buy goods (or one product) for a certain amount.
  • You need to buy a set amount of goods (for example, 3 pieces or more).
символ, обозначающий купон продавца Алиэкспресс
Symbol denoting a coupon of an AliExpress seller

And if you meet these requirements, you will receive the discount indicated in the coupon. For example:

The seller gives a $5 coupon for a $20 purchase. This means you will receive a flat discount of $5. If you buy one item that costs $20 or more. Or buy multiple items over $20.
Then you can use the coupon when paying. And the total purchase price will decrease by $5.

With this coupon, you will take jeans for $21 and pay only $16.

Official explanation of the principle of the coupons from the administration of AliExpress

This instruction was published in the Aliexpress magazine (blog) on ​​May 20, 2021.

Вот такие купоны Алиэкспресс раздает в РФ

Explanation of Coupons on AliExpress – What is it and Why

Everyone knows that you can save a lot on AliExpress. But not everyone knows that you can save even more by using coupons. In these cards we will tell you everything about their varieties, features and rules of use. Bookmark it – handy.

Why are we here

You have received coupons and do not know what to do with them. How do they differ from each other? And how do I apply them to an order? How do you know that they have been applied? It seems that everything is very difficult, but in fact, it is quite possible to figure it out.

Firstly, we have a special cheat sheet page where we have collected the most necessary information on coupons. Secondly, now let’s talk about all the details so that you can figure it out for sure.

I seem to have received a coupon, but that’s not accurate. How can you be sure?

Your profile in the AliExpress app has a Coupons section. It carefully stores all your coupons (even those that have expired or have been used for a long time). There you can check their availability and expiration date. There are two types of coupons in total – AliExpress coupons and seller coupons. Further – in more detail about each.

Explanation of AliExpress Coupon

These coupons are provided by AliExpress itself – they are valid for products of all sellers. For example, you can get an AliExpress coupon right after registration – a small welcome gift. The newbie coupon can be found on the home page of the site or application, as well as on all product cards in the application.

AliExpress coupons can be used in conjunction with seller coupons.

Красный купон - так выглядят Купоны от самого Алиэкспресс

Explanation Seller Coupon

These coupons are provided by specific sellers, so they only apply to the assortment of the respective store. They can be obtained on the product page, store page, and even in the basket after a purchase for a certain amount. And, of course, in our Coupon Center (platform coupons will also be waiting for you there during sales).

Seller coupons cannot be used in conjunction with AliExpress coupons.

Так выглядят купоны продавца в РФ

Okay, AliExpress. How do I use coupons?

It is important to make sure that the coupon can be used. For example, a Xiaomi seller coupon will definitely not apply to an order from a LEGO store. An expired coupon won’t work either. If all conditions are met, you can act.

On the checkout page, you will see special fields with coupons – just select the one you want from the drop-down list. If everything is correct, the order amount will decrease by the coupon value

Пример использования купонов

I see a field for a promo code in the screenshot. Will you tell us about him?

During sales and other promotions on AliExpress, you can find promotional codes that look something like this: SUPERSALE500. The number at the end of the code is the discount amount.

The promo code can be used with a merchant coupon, but cannot be used with an AliExpress coupon. If you have a promotional code, just paste it into the window at the checkout stage and the discount will be applied immediately.

I need more coupons!

Then you urgently need to install our application. There are more bonuses – for example, you can get coins in games. These are virtual points that can be redeemed for coupons.

You can also enable push notifications and link mail – then you don’t miss the personal coupons that we sometimes send to our users.

The third way to get an extra coupon (although they, of course, are not superfluous) is to bring friends to us. Share your link on AliExpress with friends who have not bought yet – they will receive a coupon for their first purchase, and you will receive a coupon after a friend pays for their first order.

FAQ about AliExpress coupons

  1. How to get AliExpress coupons?

    When registering an account, you will receive a new customer coupon automatically. Seller coupons can be obtained from their stores. Tier coupons are given automatically, you will receive an in-app message. Special coupons are handed out before sales.

  2. How to get AliExpress coupons for all products?

    Visit the site before big sales. Install the app on your smartphone or tablet. As a rule, a week before the start of the promotion, coupons are distributed to everyone. You can directly ask the seller for a discount.

  3. How to get $4 AliExpress coupons?

    Unfortunately, the AliExpress administration lowered the amount to $3. The exact amount depends on the specific country from which the person is registering. In most countries, newbies are given a coupon by AliExpress for only $2 upon registration.

  4. How to get AliExpress Coupon 2024?

    The easiest way is from the seller. Select a product, select the store where it is sold. Under the price of the product there will be information about the available coupons, click on it to find out the conditions. In almost all stores, you can get at least $ 2-3 for every $100 spent.

  5. How to get a $30 AliExpress Coupon?

    These coupons are distributed before 11.11 (Shopping Day). Visit AliExpress from November 1st to November 10th and add items to your shopping cart. If you collect $250 worth of merchandise, get a $30 coupon.

  6. How to get an AliExpress coupon for coins?

    Only in the AliExpress mobile app. In the “Mobile Bonuses” section, there is an exchange of coins for coupons. It can only be accessed from the home screen of the Home application. It lists all the coupons that you can get for coins. Usually they give $0.01 for 1 coin.

  7. Where can I get AliExpress coupons?

    Get them from sellers. All stores have a section called “seller discounts”. And coupons are distributed there. Visit the site more often. Especially before holidays and big sales days. Install the AliExpress application on your smartphone or tablet.

  8. Where can I find AliExpress coupons?

    Look for them on sales pages, on store pages under “seller discounts,” in the news, in the app, and in your email.

  9. Why do you need coupons for AliExpress?

    To increase your shopping engagement. Newbies are given a coupon so that they are not afraid to make their first purchase. Sellers give out coupons for you to buy in their stores.

  10. How to use AliExpress coupons?

    With their help, you can pay part of the cost of the goods. You can spend the Special Coupon AliExpress in any store. And if you have a coupon from a specific seller, then it can be sold only in his store.

  11. How do AliExpress coupons work?

    With their help, you can pay part of the cost of the goods. Of course, only if you fulfill the conditions indicated on the coupon. For example, you make a purchase for the specified amount.

  12. How to use AliExpress coupons in the mobile app?

    You choose a product, put it in the basket. Click “buy now”. And when you pay you will have a menu item “select a coupon”. There you can choose one of the coupons you have.

  13. How to remove AliExpress coupons?

    They do not need to be deleted. If you do not use the coupon within the specified period, it will be deleted automatically. If during the purchase, you indicated the wrong coupon that you wanted, then just take a step back.

  14. How to use AliExpress 11.11 coupons?

    Just like any other day. Choose the products you like. Move on to the buying process. And before paying, you can select the 11.11 coupon and add it to the seller coupon or other discounts you have.

  15. How to apply AliExpress coupons?

    Select a coupon when paying for an item. Both in the mobile application and in the full version of the site, before paying you will be prompted to choose the discounts you have.

  16. How to get AliExpress coupons?

    First, you need to register on the site. Then you will receive a newbie coupon that can be spent in almost all stores. Make purchases and follow the promotions.

  17. How to spend AliExpress coupons?

    Select a product and buy it. Before paying, AliExpress will offer you to choose one (or several) of the coupons you have in order to reduce the cost of the goods.

  18. When are AliExpress coupons given?

    The biggest giveaways are before November 11, before the last Friday of November, before Christmas and New Years, at the end of March (AliExpress’s birthday), at the beginning and at the end of summer. Store coupons are available at any time.

  19. When do AliExpress coupons appear?

    For the New Year. In the spring – the end of March, the celebration of AliExpress’s birthday. In summer – late August and early June. And in the fall, the largest coupon distribution takes place before World Shopping Day – November 11.

  20. When are AliExpress coupons updated?

    It happens all the time. If you haven’t spent some coupons, you can always get others. If you have collected a lot of coins in the application, regularly check which stores and at what rate offer to exchange them for coupons.

  21. When will there be coupons for AliExpress?

    Check your account, maybe they are already there. Go to “My AliExpress” on the website or open the application on your mobile device. There you can see what coupons you currently have.

  22. When do they give out coupons for AliExpress?

    Before big and small sales. Large ones take place about once every three months. Little ones – every week. And coupons from sellers can be taken at any time.

  23. Where can I enter a coupon for AliExpress?

    You do not enter a coupon, but select it from the list. This can be done on the order completion page. Where you indicate your payment method. The “coupon selection” menu item will appear immediately above the number of the total order amount.

  24. Where do AliExpress coupons come from?

    They are created by the site administration or sellers, store owners. It must be remembered that AliExpress itself does not sell anything. Sellers can issue coupons at their discretion.