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Join our team! Strive, be inspired, create.

We are creative, funny, interesting. And a little more – dreamers

We are journalists and storytellers. Marketers and designers. Programmers and layout designers. A jack of all trades.

We work a lot, we have fun

We love hard work. We like the Chinese system 996 工作 制. Where the working day starts at 09:00 and ends at 21:00. And so – six days a week.

We deeply respect the people who work this way. That is, almost all employees of Chinese Internet companies. You guys are cool. You can always do more than 40 in 72 hours.

We urge you to adhere to the national labor laws of the country in which you are located.

Who are we interested in right now


Responsibilities: Reviews of products and services, writing instructions, brand reviews, brand history.

Requirements: Specialized education (journalism, marketing, philosophy, economics), portfolio of articles. Languages ​​(optional) – Ukrainian, Russian, French, English, Spanish.


Responsibilities: descriptions of goods, services, comparison of goods.

Requirements: desire to work, ability to speak and write coherently, familiarity with modern electronics, household appliances.

iOS developer – middle

Responsibilities: application development, full cycle.

Requirements: experience or portfolio.

Send your resume to PoKupar

Send your CV to: [email protected]

Or through the feedback form.

We do not guarantee getting the job. We will consider your resume, but we reserve the right not to reply to letters. We are only interested in the best candidates. Negotiations on employment or ordering services will only start if we consider the candidate worthy. This page is not an official job offer. The information provided here is nothing more than a search for talent. We do not have and will not have vacancies requiring urgent filling.