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Aliexpress Coupons & Promo Codes January

We collect for you all valid coupons and active AliExpress promotional codes for January. We tell you about all sales and promotions. Think about your purchases, do not waste your money. A promo code can only give a discount for one product. A coupon lowers the price of all items in the store.

AliExpress promo codes valid in January

WinterC10$10 $100
WinterC20$20 $200

Coupons by type of goods

There will be many great deals on electronics and fashion. Traditionally, jewelry is bought in January. But their prices do not drop much. Good discounts are given on electronic devices released last year.

AutomotiveComputersSports and Outdoors
KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones

We wish you a happy shopping! We hope coupons and promotional codes will help you save some money.

AliExpress Coupons for January

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AliExpress January sales

Our calendar shows the exact dates of all sales.

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The main event in January is the AliExpress New Year Sale. Traditionally, it is called “Results of the Year”. Vendors offer us, at discounted prices, products that were very popular.

Don’t worry if you miss this sale in early January. Nothing wrong. The sale will be repeated in the middle of the month. With the same Aliexpress discounts and coupons for January. Another action will take place a little later. Most likely, it will be a major sale from a well-known brand – Xiaomi.

After January 20, before the start of the Chinese New Year, 10 sales are expected at once. Sellers from the PRC will dispose of the leftovers in warehouses before the holidays.

Aliexpress promo codes from stores and sellers for January

These codes are valid for one product only. Sellers release promotional codes every month. To increase sales of one model. Please note that the promotional code will no longer be valid for the second product. For example, you take several items at once. And apply the promo code. Then the discount will apply to only one of them. The rest of the order will be sold at full price.

Aliexpress coupons for the whole year

aliexpress coupon january

What is profitable to buy on AliExpress in January

Sellers want to sell off last year’s line-ups. Therefore, they give big discounts on balances. In China, the new year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar – February 1, 2023. In January, they want to get rid of the leftovers. Then to go on vacation and start the new year with new products. Don’t be afraid to bargain. January is the best time to ask for a discount from Chinese sellers.

FAQ (questions and answers) on the January coupons Aliexpress

  1. Do Aliexpress 2022 coupons work in 2023?

    Only some. Most of the promotions have ended. Try to apply the old coupon – you will see that the amount to be paid will decrease. If it still works. Otherwise, use the latest coupons issued in 2022.

  2. Do Aliexpress 2022 promo codes work in 2023?

    It is very difficult with promotional codes. Some of them work all the time, others only one day. Check if your purchase meets the conditions of the promo code. If so, try entering it. If the promo code is working, you will immediately see the amount of the discount.

  3. How to get Aliexpress coupons in January 2023?

    Take them on our website for free. Coupons are also handed out on Aliexpress stock pages. You can directly ask the seller for the coupon. Write him a personal message and be sure to tell him what you are going to buy from him.

  4. Is there a free return on Aliexpress for items purchased with a coupon?

    Unfortunately no. If you received a discount on a special Aliexpress coupon or a promotional code and then decided to return the product, then the seller will have to pay for its delivery. Therefore, be careful. Take only what you really need.

  5. Why are some Aliexpress promo codes only valid in one country?

    Aliexpress divides the whole world into markets. For example, the countries of the former USSR, except for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine, are one such region. The EU is different and the US is third. This is due to customs regulations and the geography of warehouses. Therefore, different promotional codes are valid for different regions.

  6. How do I know if a promo code is working?

    Enter it at the very last moment, before paying for the item. Next to the “pay” button, you will see a field where you need to insert a promotional code. If after that, the price has decreased, then the promo code is working. If it remains the same, you will not receive a discount.

  7. Will the January coupon be applicable in February?

    Unfortunately no. Most of Aliexpress promotions are valid only for one month. It is very rare for a sale to progress to the next one. Therefore, most coupons and promotional codes expire. Only yellow coupons from sellers remain valid. They can be applied at any time.

  8. Should you buy jewelry on AliExpress in January?

    No, there are no big discounts on jewelry in January. Better to wait until March.

  9. What products will have the biggest discounts in January?

    The best price will be for electronics. On the model lines of the last year.

  10. Why are there such big discounts on AliExpress in January?

    Because the sellers of their PRC want to get rid of the leftovers in the warehouses before the start of the Chinese New Year.