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How to buy on Aliexpress: Step-by-step instructions (guide) with photos

In this article, we will teach you how to buy on AliExpress and not make mistakes. Let’s describe what you should pay attention to. And we will explain how to get additional benefits. We wish you a happy shopping. We recommend that you first log into AliExpress

How to Shop on AliExpress

Step-by-step guide – how to buy on AliExpress

Time Needed : 20 minutes

The most detailed step-by-step guide on How to buy on Aliexpress.

  1. Let’s take a strap as an example.

    We need to buy a watch strap on Aliexpress. Nice, leather.
    Be sure to take measurements so as not to be mistaken. A regular school ruler will do.Выбираем товар, который хотим купить на Алиэкспресс

  2. We start searching for an item on Aliexpress

    In the search bar, we write: “watch strap”.
    The search is better done in English. If you don’t know English well, use Google Translate.Шаг 2 Как купить на Алиєкспресс

  3. Filtering results

    We need exactly the blue strap. Therefore, we select in the column on the left “strap color” – “blue”.
    This makes the search much easier.Шаг 3 - как купить на Алиэкспресс

  4. The more filters, the easier the search

    The site sells millions of products. In order not to get confused and quickly find the right one on AliExpress, we use filters.
    Pay attention to the “more” button. If you click it, the site will offer you a few more filters. For example, in terms of material, not just color.КК Шаг 4

  5. Choosing the type of delivery

    When searching, it is better to immediately tick the box “free shipping”. It’s easier to calculate the price this way. After all, sometimes the price is low, and delivery is very expensive. We are interested in the free delivery of AliExpress.
    It is understood that sellers include shipping costs in the price. But you don’t care what part of the money goes to the seller, and how much to the delivery services.Шаг 5 как купить на Алиэкспресс

  6. Choosing a product rating

    The stars are customer ratings. We are not going to take risks, so we are only looking for products with a 4-5 stars rating. We put a “tick” in the box with stars.
    A low rating (less than 4 stars) is a bad sign. It is better not to buy goods with such a rating.Шаг 6 руководства по покупкам

  7. We sort by price to find the cheapest item.

    If you want to find the best deals, please select the sort by price. Click on “price” with arrows.
    Please note that you can sort both “from cheap to expensive” and “from expensive to cheap”. In some cases, it is better to buy the most expensive item.КК - Шаг 7

  8. Other filters and sorts

    There are a lot of filters on Aliexpress. And many sortings. The more you use them, the easier it is to find the right product.
    For our purchase, we chose: color – blue, material – leather, leather type – calfskin, delivery – free, rating – 4 stars and above, sorting is the best choice.Шаг 8 - как купить на Али

  9. Be sure to read customer reviews.

    In order not to get into a mess, we read the reviews. And we look at the photographs of the goods received, taken by buyers. From the reviews, you can understand whether the product meets our expectations or not.
    The more reviews, the better. If their number exceeds 50, there is no doubt about the seller and the product. Как купить на Али - шаг 9

  10. Particular attention is paid to photos in reviews.

    These photos are taken by customers. On them, you see the product that was actually sent to them.
    Pay attention to color and other characteristics. They are listed in each review.Шаг 10 - КК

  11. See the seller’s rating

    Pay attention to the percentage of positive reviews. And for the presence of a gold “medal” with the inscription “Best Brands”. AliExpress gives it only to the best stores and sellers.
    Next to the rating is the “Write” button. By clicking on it, you can send a message to the seller. For example, a request for a discount.Шаг 11 о том, как купить

  12. We read the seller’s responses to other buyers.

    To save time, we read that the seller replied to other buyers.
    Typically, people ask the same questions.КК Шаг 12

  13. We compare the characteristics of the product.

    We need to make sure – this is what we need or not. Size, length, material, type of fastener – that’s it.
    Chinese sellers don’t always write the truth. For example, they are very fond of the word cotton. Read reviews carefully.Шаг 13 руководства

  14. Selecting an item in the item card

    Important! Don’t rush to click the “buy” button. A lot of goods are sold in one card on Aliexpress. Choose size, color and other characteristics.
    Until the main characteristics are selected, Aliexpress will not allow you to make a purchase.Шаг 14 руководства

  15. We look at the seller’s recommendations.

    When we have made a choice, the seller’s recommendations appear. He offers us similar products.
    Sometimes this feature is very useful. The product offered may be even better than the one you have chosen.Шаг 15 инструкции

  16. We look at offers from other stores.

    Below, under the product card, recommendations from Aliexpress appear. We are offered similar products from other sellers.
    Don’t pay too much attention to the price. You may be offered something that at first glance seems cheaper. But in the end it will be more expensive. Be carefulШаг 16 инструкции как купить товар на Али

  17. If you are not ready to purchase yet.

    You have two options:
    1. Add to cart. If you still want to pick up a couple of items from this or another seller.
    2. Add to “my wishes”. Click on the “heart” and the product will be saved in your profile. You can buy it later.
    If you add an item to your wishlist instead of buying, the seller might offer you a discount. To persuade buying. Check your profile the next day.Шаг 17 - инструкции, как сделать покупку в китайском интернет-магазине

  18. “You May Also Like”

    When you add a product to “my wishes”, Aliexpress offers you similar products from other stores.
    Sometimes very interesting offers come across.18 шаг инструкции по покупкам на китайской интернет-площадке

  19. We look at the saved products in the list “my wishes”

    Click on the “my wishes” button at the top to view your list.
    There you will be shown discount offers from sellers.Шаг 19 руководства

  20. Personalized discounts from sellers on wishlist.

    These discounts are offered only to you. To persuade buying.
    If the price still doesn’t suit you, wait for a big promotion or sale on AliExpress. For example, March or November.Шаг 20 - как купить на китайской площадке

  21. We check what delivery methods are available.

    We click on the “delivery” button to make sure that the seller can deliver the goods to us. You can also see the cost of delivery. We are interested in a free option.
    You can also see the approximate delivery time here.21 шаг пошагового руководства

  22. Checking the country.

    Sometimes, AliExpress may misidentify your location. Then you need to choose a country yourself.
    Some items may not ship to your country. Without explaining the reason.22 шаг - проверка страны

  23. Click “buy now” and make a purchase. The choice has been made.

    If you have decided – click on “buy now”.
    Do not forget to double-check the color, size and other important characteristics. The arrows in the picture indicate all the points worth paying attention to.Шаг 23 инструкции о покупках с мобильного и компьютера

  24. If you are buying for the first time and have not yet entered all the information.

    Then AliExpress will ask you to fill in the delivery address and choose a payment method.
    The information you entered will be saved. And next time it will not need to be entered again.24 шаг подробной инструкции

  25. We fill in the delivery address. If you haven’t done so before.

    We have already written how to fill out the address on Aliexpress. Just enter the correct information. Where possible, choose from the drop-down lists.
    Please note – if your city / village is not in the list, you need to select “other” and indicate the postal code. Don’t worry, the goods will come to you.25 шаг - заполняем адрес

  26. Choosing a payment method, entering payment details.

    At the top, select a payment method. Fill in the details below.
    Please note – the payer and the recipient of the goods can be different persons. That is, one person pays with his card, and another person receives it.26 шаг - выбираем способ оплаты

  27. Making your first purchase – how to buy on Aliexpress.

    At the first purchase, you proceed to registration immediately after filling in the requisites. As soon as you click on “Checkout”, the payment will be made.
    If this is not the first time you buy, the confirmation form will be different.27 шаг - оформление покупки

  28. We check the data before confirming (if this is not your first purchase).

    We check the delivery address, payment method and order. Here you may be offered to use coupons or promotional codes. If you have them.
    Please note – you can change the delivery address here. For example, send an item to a friend. And the payment method changes right there.28 шаг - проверяем данные

  29. We place an order

    Once again we check everything and click on “place an order”. At this moment, the money is debited and the purchase is considered complete.
    Please note – you can leave a comment for the order for the seller. For example, ask him to pack the goods better. Or specify the size / color again.29 шаг - завершаем оформление заказа

  30. We write a comment to the seller, if necessary.

    You can write your wishes in the comments. Or ask him for something.
    It is better to write in English.30 шаг - пишем комментарии

  31. Payment confirmation from AliExpress.

    If you had enough money in your account and the payment was completed, you will see such a message from Aliexpress. Now you need to wait for confirmation from the seller that he has sent you the goods.
    It means that you did everything right.31 шаг - Алиэкспресс подтвердил оплату

  32. We check the status of the order.

    The order status can be viewed in your profile. Tracking information is displayed there.
    The main thing is to find out when the seller sent the goods.32 шаг - проверяем состояние заказа

  33. We are waiting for the seller to send the goods.

    As long as you see the message “waiting to be sent”, the package has not left for you yet. Aliexpress gives the seller 5 days to complete the shipment.
    Sometimes it happens that the seller has run out of the product you need, or some other circumstances have appeared.Шаг 33 - ждем продавца

  34. Confirmation of payment come to your e-mail.

    Here you can see that Aliexpress has received your money.
    If the money has not passed, you will also be informed about it.34 шаг - подтверждение на почту

  35. You receive a message from the seller about the shipment of the goods – how to buy on Aliexpress.

    Typically, the seller writes you a personal message when they ship the item.
    You can write something to him too.35 шаг - сообщение от продавца

  36. Correspondence with the seller.

    Seller may email you before shipment to clarify size or other important information. For example, you have chosen the largest size and the seller wants to clarify if you are not mistaken.
    Don’t forget to check your email, app, or your AliExpress profile.36 шаг - переписка с продавцом

  37. Confirmation of dispatch. Translation of messages.

    The official language of communication on Aliexpress is English. But you can turn on automatic translation into Russian or other languages.
    The translation may not be accurate. The tracking code (track number) is immediately indicated in the shipping message.37 шаг - перевод сообщений

  38. Confirmation of shipment – the purchase is made.

    The message that the order has already been sent to you comes to your email and to your profile on Aliexpress. Here’s how to buy on Aliexpress.
    The text of the letter contains the conditions for the refund38 шаг - как купить на Алиэкспресс - покупка совершена

  39. We have received the order.

    The goods came in 14 days after payment. This is faster than usual. You need to confirm receipt. If you do not, then after 60 days the confirmation will go through automatically.
    Don’t forget to rate the seller. And write a review if you get the chanceТовар получен - пришел раньше срока

  • Aliexpress website or app
  • Computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone

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