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Language:English, Spanish
Delivery:4-30 days
Warehouses in the USA:Yes
Download:Android, iPhone

Alibaba Group, led by Jack Ma, created AliExpress to operate in the United States. Therefore, the main language of the site is English. And the main currency in which payment is accepted is the US dollar.

Is AliExpress legit in the USA?

Yes, Aliexpress works in the United States legally, has a registered company and pays taxes. Just like Amazon or eBay.
Making purchases on AliExpress is completely safe. Because the company ensures your safety. The seller will not receive your money until you confirm receipt of the order.
You can also return an item without giving a reason within 15 days. Or return part of the money paid if the product does not match the description, is of poor quality, or for another reason.

Special entrance on AliExpress with discounts

Your personal AliExpress home page. Created personally for you.

How AliExpress USA website works

AliExpress is a marketplace with over 150,000 sellers from China, France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Brazil.

The AliExpress website itself does not sell products. It only brings buyers and sellers together. And ensures the fairness of transactions.

Buying on AliExpress you get a money-back guarantee and product quality. If the product does not arrive on time, does not match the description or is of poor quality, you will be refunded.

Coupons and promo codes on AliExpress

AliExpress’ coupons and promotional codes entitle you to receive a flat discount. If you fulfill a certain condition. For example, a $2 discount if you buy a $10 item.

Coupons can be issued by individual sellers or by AliExpress itself. The seller’s coupons are valid only in his store. AliExpress coupons are valid in all stores.

The biggest discounts on AliExpress can be obtained through sales.

AliExpress Coupon Center

Active coupons for old users. Fixed discount on all products

Shipping to USA

Delivery time depends on which country the package is sent from. Can be ordered from warehouses in the USA, Turkey and China. Time of delivery:

  • From USA – 1-4 days
  • From Turkey – 7-25 days
  • From China – 14-30 days

Choose the country of dispatch when looking for an item. AliExpress complies with local laws. Therefore, you can return any purchased item without giving any reason within 15 days after purchase. You can track the movement of the parcel in real time.

AliExpress Warehouse USA

Unfortunately, the Alibaba Group does not yet have its own warehouses in the United States. But Alibaba’s logistics arm, Cainiao, leases warehouses in North America in some cases. For example, it does it before big sales. Also in the United States, there are warehouses from some sellers.

They have already delivered the goods to the country and completed their customs clearance. Therefore, they can bring you an order in 1-4 days. Usually via USPS or FedEx.

Dropshipping and wholesales

Thousands of US online stores large and small sell products from China using AliExpress dropshipping. Therefore, Chinese sellers willingly agree to ship to any address. You can change the shipping address for each purchase. Or ask the seller to ship it right away to your customer.

Buying wholesale on AliExpress is also beneficial. In the product card, the seller indicates what discount he can give for a large batch of his product. You can also write directly to the seller and ask him a question. You can bargain and ask for a personal discount.

AliExpress contacts in the USA

AliExpress is a division of the Alibaba Group. The site is fully managed and maintained by the parent company. Alibaba Group’s U.S. office is located at:

525 Almanor Avenue, 4th Floor,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
United States

AliExpress in USA in English

Information about the company


Company Number 202024010038 Date 26 August 2020 Jurisdiction California (US) Branch of ALIBABA.COM U.S. LLC (Delaware (US)


  1. Are AliExpress items real?

    Yes, they are real. They are produced by the same Chinese factories as goods for other stores.

  2. Are AliExpress sales real?

    Of course, they are real. AliExpress sales are the main way to attract customers for the Chinese platform.

  3. Can AliExpress ship to the USA?

    AliExpress was created for US sales. Therefore, the delivery by air is fast and accurate.

  4. Does AliExpress ship to America?

    Yes, Aliexpress delivers goods by air to all countries in America.

  5. Did AliExpress get more expensive?

    No, this is a wrong impression. It’s just that prices on AliExpress drop a lot during sales. Therefore, after the end of sales, it seems that everything is expensive.