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Hot Products on AliExpress (Last minute items)

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In 2023, the Hot Goods section on AliExpress has completely changed. Now there is no need to seize the moment. A good item with a big discount can be taken at any time In this article, we will show you how to do it correctly and quickly.

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Hot Products on AliExpress: what is it

This is a section that contains very large discounts. Sometimes you can take headphones for as little as $1. Or buy earrings for $0.01. Last minute items are the cheapest section on AliExpress.

Previously, all burning goods cost 1 cent. And thousands of buyers competed among themselves – who will take first. Sellers needed this in order to increase their rating. Get good reviews from customers. But now the section no longer works like that. There is no frank freebie. But big discounts have been preserved. The fact is that the rules for conducting sales have changed in some countries. New legislation passed.

In some countries, the law prohibits companies from giving gifts

It is prohibited by law to give discounts over a certain level. In these countries, the prices of the “Hot Goods” section will be higher.

“Seize the moment” – how to buy

The “seize the moment” principle stopped working in 2020. No, there is still something to catch. But for the purchase, not 1 minute is given, but the whole day. Sometimes even several days. There are plenty of discounted products for everyone. It’s a pity, of course, the game was interesting.

And now you just come and calmly choose. If you haven’t found anything interesting, you can look in the official catalog. It’s full of good suggestions.

Therefore, the buying process is very simple. Almost no different from other sections of Aliexpress. Click on the image of the product you like. You get into his card. Here you need to select the country of delivery. Specify complete set. Check size and color. That’s all. It remains only to click on the “buy” button.

When the last-minute products are updated

The section is updated every day. Sometimes even more often. You can see what will appear tomorrow by clicking on the “soon” button.

Когда обновляются товары в разделе горящих

Below the product image, you can see how much time is left before the sale starts. The first number is the hours. The second is minutes. And third – seconds. If you want to know how many days are left, divide the number of hours by 24.

Sales on AliExpress are ongoing. To find out when and what it will be, follow our news. The best of them is Single’s Day. It will take place in mid-November.

Future last-minute items and Hot Products on AliExpress

Also presented in the “coming soon” section. But they are updated less often. There is no time counter under them. Such a product may appear at any time. Therefore, the element of the game remained for a while. It is very interesting. Come in and check every day. Suddenly, the item you need appeared in the section.

Last-minute goods on AliExpress for almost nothing

There is no more such a principle. In 2020, the ability to pick up goods for almost nothing was lost. The State Duma of the Russian Federation passed a law prohibiting such sales. Therefore, the rules have changed. There are only 70-90% discounts left.

And that’s good too. You can, for example, get some decent sneakers for only $10. Or a woman’s dress for the same amount.

Last minute items and Hot Products on AliExpress in the application

This is the same section as in the regular version of the site. But there is also a submenu “double benefit” in the application. Its essence is that you can see all the offers of the store. That is, all the goods offered by this seller at half price are collected.

Quite convenient. Especially if you are taking kits. For example, you want to buy several pans. Or a set of wedding decorations. But don’t be in a hurry to immediately agree. Check the price. Maybe the seller exaggerated the level of discounts a little.

Questions and answers (FAQ) on Hot Products on AliExpress

  1. Where are the Hot Products on AliExpress?

    Look for the heading on the right side of the site. Roughly below the language selection interface. The title is written in large letters on the main page.

  2. Where are the Hot Products in the Aliexpress app?

    Right centered on the main page of the app. Burning flame icon. Click on it, and you will be taken directly to the desired section.

  3. How to buy Hot Products on AliExpress?

    As usual. Choose a complete set / size / color. Indicate the country from which the goods will be shipped. Click on the “buy” button.

  4. How to find last-minute items on Aliexpress?

    They are always there. Access – directly from the home page. Read the text above carefully. Closer to the right side, there will be a link to the section you need.

  5. How do Hot Products work on AliExpress?

    Stores put up hot goods for sale. Give the maximum discount. But they limit the time and quantity of goods. Those who made it in time made a bargain. The products are divided into 12 categories.

  6. How to buy last minute items on AliExpress?

    No need to rush anymore. And there are no secrets. Come in and buy. If you find what you need in the list. If not, see the “Coming Soon” section. There are collected things that will soon be on sale.

  7. How to have time to buy last-minute goods on AliExpress?

    You need to keep an eye on the “Coming Soon” section. In order not to miss discounts on the desired item. When it appears on sale, checkout. There is no need to rush. The quantity of goods is almost never limited.

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