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Aliexpress price: how to buy cheaper and not miscalculate

Chinese goods are inexpensive. Therefore, the price of AliExpress is almost always lower than in other stores. In this article, we will tell you where AliExpress prices come from, how they change and how to find the best deal. To buy cheaper.

A man, exiting of Aliexpress coupons center

AliExpress Coupon Center

Active coupons for existing users. Fixed discount on all products

The seller sets the price for AliExpress, not the site administration.

Therefore, the cost of the same product may differ in different stores. Sometimes the price difference is very large, up to 50%. Sellers decide on their own what discounts to give. The coupon, discount and shipping cost may also differ from store to store. And this is good – you can always find a better price option for AliExpress.

Sellers on AliExpress always calculate prices in US dollars.

How to get the lowest price on AliExpress

  1. Find all the sellers offering the product you like on AliExpress. How to do this is described below.
  2. Find out how you can get a discount or coupon from a seller. The conditions are written in the product card, under the price. As a rule, you need to buy several identical products.
  3. Check if a similar product is currently in the Hot Products section.
  4. Write a private message to the seller and ask for a discount directly. Yes, you can bargain on AliExpress. It is better to write in English, you can use Google translator for this.
  5. Add the product to “My wishes”. Perhaps the seller himself will give up after a while and offer you a discount.
  6. Wait for the big sale on AliExpress. It can be Bachelor’s Day, Black Friday, or another large-scale event.
  7. The lowest prices can be obtained from the monthly sale. This is the elimination of seasonal balances, goods are given three times cheaper.

Why are there two prices on AliExpress

The site allows you to “stuff” several products into one product card at the same time. The lowest price is the cost of the cheapest product, and the highest is the cost of the most expensive. For example, let’s say you sell shoes. The model is the same, but larger sizes are more expensive. Or the price depends on the terms of delivery.

Comfortable? Yes! But sellers on AliExpress sometimes abuse this.

Из чего состоит цена Алиэкспресс
Elements that make up the Aliexpress price

Elements of the price on AliExpress:

  1. Lowest price. In our case, for a chair without a headrest.
  2. Highest price. For a chair with a headrest, as in the main picture.
  3. The current seller discount and the number of days the offer will last.
  4. Where the goods will come from. The place of dispatch can affect the price.
  5. Coupon from AliExpress. Given to new users on their first purchase.
  6. Seller’s coupon and conditions for obtaining a discount. In this case – 2% for the purchase of 5 seats.

How sellers on AliExpress abuse two prices

The seller has included a small accessory in the product card. To get your attention.

почему на Алиэкспресс две цены
Manipulation of the seller with the second price

What’s going on here? The seller sells expensive (13,000 rubles) gaming chairs. He knows that you will be sorting by price. You will look “from cheap to expensive”. To find the cheapest chair.

Therefore, in the product card, he included a small pillow (for 2,000 rubles). And now you will see his product among others, which cost 2,000.

AliExpress’ price in different currencies

The main currency of AliExpress is the US dollar, USD, $. You can pay for your purchase in the national currency of your country. But the seller will still receive your payment in dollars.

USD price – basic

In other national currencies, only approximate prices are displayed. The exact value of the item in the currency of your country depends on the exchange rate on the day of purchase.

Prices in rubles and euros on AliExpress

There is an exception to this rule. Prices for goods delivered to a local warehouse are calculated in local currency. In 2021, this only works in the European Union and the Russian Federation. Goods brought into the EU go through customs clearance. They are priced in euros. And for goods imported to the Russian Federation, the price is set in rubles.

Prices in UAH, AMD and other additional currencies

If there is no AliExpress office in the country, then all prices are pegged to the dollar. For example, the price of AliExpress in UAH is indicated approximately. The exchange rate is set by the bank that issued the card to you.

When buying hryvnia, Armenian drams and some other currencies must be converted into US dollars.

Finding the best price on Aliexpress

To find the best price for a product you like, just copy its name into the search box. You will be surprised when you see the result.

For example, you want to buy an inexpensive Chinese smartwatch, you like the Moni CD16. Take their name, insert it into the search line…. And see what happened.

Цена Алиэкспресс на смарт-часы
The difference in prices of AliExpress for smartwatches Moni CD16

As you can see, the price of AliExpress for the same product differs by more than TWO TIMES.

Be careful – search clearly for the model name. The highest bidders try to hide the model name away. They also know this method.

Another method of finding the best price on AliExpress

  1. Install the official AliExpress app on your smartphone.
  2. Open AliExpress on a computer with a large monitor or laptop.
  3. Use the AliExpress picture search in the app.
  4. Take a photo of his image on the monitor through the AliExpress app.
  5. The application will immediately offer you several options.
поиск лучшей цены Алиэкспресс в приложении
Searching for the price of AliExpress through the application on the smartphone

Checking the price on AliExpress

Marketing methods are often overused by sellers. For example, overpricing before a sale. Then to reduce it to an acceptable level. Therefore, people are wondering how to check prices on AliExpress. And then they fall into the clutches of other scammers.

проверка цены на Алиэкспресс
Check Aliexpress prices with other sellers

How to check the price of AliExpress

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the product page. There you will be shown other offers and given links to similar products.
  2. Copy the product name into the search bar.
  3. Use the app on your smartphone as described above.
  4. If you are buying a branded product, look for the manufacturer’s store. Almost all Chinese brands have branded stores. But the goods in them are not always cheaper.

Price monitoring for AliExpress

Alibaba Group is engaged in information technology, not retail sales. That is, the owner of the AliExpress website provides the sellers with computing power, advertising, hosting and other services. And the sellers themselves set the prices.

The AliExpress administration is not interested in anyone checking the prices of millions of goods.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to legally monitor the price of AliExpress. Why do the Chinese need an extra load on the servers?

Take a look – this is how the Alibaba data center looks like:

Discover | New Eco-Friendly Green Data Center

These are the servers that AliExpress “lives” on. Relatively speaking – for every 10,000 visitors, you need to install one server. And for one application that will “monitor” prices, there are several such servers at once.

What do you think? Does AliExpress need it?

Therefore, applications, browser extensions, special sites offering monitoring the price of AliExpress are most likely not monitoring anything. They simply display fictitious price monitoring.

Most likely, they are just looking at how much commission they can get on a particular item if you buy it. If the commission is large, they show that the price has decreased. If it is small, it shows that it has increased. Thus, they stimulate you to buy exactly those goods on which you earn more.

Please note – they almost do not provide information about themselves.

AliExpress helper

Browser extension for Google Chrome. It offers price monitoring (which is extremely doubtful, in our opinion), determination of the seller’s rating and tracking of parcels. Almost all of these functions are in AliExpress itself. There you can see reviews about the seller, and track the movement of the parcel.

But if it is more convenient for you, you can install alihelper in your browser. However, be careful – the domain name is registered in Russia. And all information about the owner company is hidden. Has about 22,000 installations. Reviews are mixed.

alituls – reviews

Another browser extension. Installed in all browsers – from Chrome to Yandex browser, Opera and Firefox. Has its own application for Android and IOS. Gives out the same information that can be obtained on AliExpress itself – seller rating and reviews about him, price monitoring (doubtful).

Receives mixed reviews. It is convenient for some users to use it. Others complain about technical problems. Be careful with installing it. On Google Play, the creator of the application is AliTools Ltd. And on the site – Big Data Technologies ltd. The same company owns the site. Has a little less than half a million installations.

Other browser extensions

There are many more applications, extensions and plugins out there. But their value, in our opinion, raises many questions. In fact, there are tons of tools in AliExpress itself to get the best price.

Be extremely careful when using additional software to access the trading platform. And always check the publisher.


How to cut the price on AliExpress?

Write to the seller and bargain. Tell him directly how much you want to pay. The Chinese love to bargain.

How to lower the price of AliExpress?

Add the product to “my wishes”. The very next day, you may be offered a 20% discount. Sometimes even more.

How has the price of AliExpress changed?

Sellers manipulate prices every day. They try to sell their product as high as possible. Therefore, the history of the price does not really matter. Look for the same product, and you will most likely find a seller who offers it for less. It makes no sense to monitor prices. Or buy now, bargain, look for other sellers. Or wait for a big sale like Single’s Day.

What are the prices for AliExpress?

Variety. There are both very cheap and very expensive goods. But, as a rule, goods on AliExpress are cheaper than in other stores.

Why are prices in dollars on AliExpress?

Because it is the base currency of settlements. Most of the sellers are Chinese. To avoid fluctuating prices from changes in exchange rates, they quote prices in dollars.

How to track prices on AliExpress?

Add the product to “my wishes”. Install the official AliExpress application on your phone. You can check the price at any time.

How to understand prices for AliExpress?

It’s very simple – choose the product that you like, choose the quantity, delivery set and delivery method. All – now the price is one.

How to compare prices on AliExpress?

Copy the product name and paste it into the search bar. You will be given all the same and even similar products. You can compare prices and find the best one.

How to transfer prices to AliExpress?

Click on the flag icon in the upper right corner. At the bottom of the menu that appears, select the currency you want to convert prices to.

When do AliExpress prices change?

This happens every day From time to time, sellers arrange promotions and sales. The biggest discounts can be obtained on November 11 – on the Single’s day.

Why did the prices for AliExpress rise?

It only seems so to you. More products just appeared, and the marketplace shows you the expensive ones first. Search better, select a category, set a low price in the settings – and low prices will return.

Why did the prices for AliExpress go up?

Because first, you are shown more expensive goods. Low prices have not gone anywhere, they are here.

Are the prices cheaper than AliExpress?

You are unlikely to find. Be careful not to get caught by scammers.

What is a special price on AliExpress?

This is the price that can be obtained if the seller’s conditions are met. Sometimes you need to bring a friend, sometimes you need to buy more items or make a pre-order.

What does the wholesale price for AliExpress mean?

This is the price you can get if you purchase a large batch of goods. The lot size is indicated by the seller. Sometimes it is only 12 pieces or even 6 pieces.