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Search by photo on AliExpress: how to find a product, a copy and the best price

A simple instruction with a photo of each step. AliExpress’ search by photo or picture on your phone and computer. Helps to find copies of brands and similar products. You take a photo of an item or take a screenshot of the screen and find this item on AliExpress. The best way to find the lowest price.

How to search by photo (or picture, screenshot) on AliExpress – step by step

Time Needed : 5 minutes

This guide will teach you how to find any product. Even if you don’t know what it is called. Or find the best price by comparing offers from different sellers. You will also learn how to find copies of branded products using AliExpress photo search.

  1. Open the AliExpress app on your mobile, tablet or computer.

    If you do not have the application yet, then you need to download AliExpress to your device. Can be downloaded for Android and iPhone.
    The most convenient way to use search is on a smartphone. Therefore, we present screenshots taken on the phone. You can also search by picture on AliExpress from your tablet and even from your computer. The main thing is that your device has a camera.
    Откройте приложение на Алиэкспресс

  2. Open the camera in the AliExpress app

    Click on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the app.
    When launching the application, sometimes full-screen ads are shown. Click on the home icon in the lower left corner to switch to the normal view. You need to allow the Aliexpress app to use the camera on your device.
    Откройте камеру- шаг 2 Поиск по картинке Алиэкспресс

  3. Take a photo of the item you want to find.

    Point the camera at an object and click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. The way you usually take a photo on your phone. We have selected an electric kettle to show you the Aliexpress image search.
    Please note – you can turn the flash on or off. This is important if you are taking a photo in a dark room. You can also scan the QR code on the item through the app.
    Сфотографируйте товар в приложении для поиска по фото

  4. Select a product from the search results.

    The application will give you the results in just a second. Shows all similar products to Aliexpress. Even if the similarity is small. In our case, these are not only teapots, but also car ashtrays. The picture shows why they also got into the results.
    You will receive several offers of the same product at once. Please note that prices may vary.
    Выбирайте товар в результатах поиска по фото на Алиэкспресс

  5. Another way is to search by Aliexpress photo from your gallery.

    You can also search for an old photo saved on your mobile device. For example, you saw an interesting thing in a store and photographed it. Then, through a search by Aliexpress photo, to find the same product, only cheaper.
    The procedure is the same – open the camera in the application. Click on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen. A gallery will open with the saved photos on your smartphone. Select the photo of the product you want to find.
    Поиск по фото из галереи на мобильном на Алиэкспресс

  6. An example of a search for a saved photo on AliExpress.

    The better the image, the easier it is to find a similar product.
    If you can, take a photo against a uniform background.
    Сохраненная фотография (пример)

  7. You can search for multiple images at once, saved in the gallery on your mobile device.

    After opening the gallery in the AliExpress application, mark the photos for which you want to search.
    To do this, check the boxes in the upper right corner of each desired image.
    Поиск по нескольким фотографиям из галереи на Алиэкспресс

  8. The AliExpress app has issued the desired product.

    So, we have found many variations of our pepper shaker.
    Different sellers, different prices, different delivery terms. It remains only to choose the best application.
    Похожие товары в результатах поиска

  9. Another way is to search for a product on the Internet, and then search by picture on AliExpress.

    We are looking for the product we need on the Internet. It doesn’t matter where. You can search in any online store. Or simply by searching Google by picture, as you like. Please note that you can search on your computer, not just on your phone.
    This method is suitable when you are looking for branded items. Then you can find a copy of it on AliExpress from a photo of a dress or bag. Today, it is the only working method to find copies of well-known brands.Поиск по картинке в Гугл

  10. Take a screenshot of the computer screen with your phone.

    The most convenient way is to simply take a picture of the monitor. But you can save the photo in the gallery, and then search on the AliExpress app by saved picture. You will receive all similar products in catalog anyway.
    Similarly, you can take pictures of goods on AliExpress itself. To find them the same, but cheaper. The price may differ several times.
    Делаем скриншот экрана компьютера с помощью приложения Алиэкспресс

  11. We study the search results on AliExpress.

    We used a car refrigerator in the example. But you can do it with any product.
    Search by picture from other online stores. Or from photos taken on the pages of Aliexpress itself. The goal is to find the best deal. Usually, the site shows the more expensive items first. The lowest prices can be found only in the search by photo.
    Товары с разной ценой в результатах поиска по фото на Алиэкспресс

  12. Search by photo of Aliexpress of similar products.

    From the picture, you can find not only the same products, but also similar ones. The button “search for similar” opens automatically.
    The AliExpress application uses artificial intelligence to understand which product is shown in the picture and find its analogues. You can shop in your city with the camera turned on, and the app will offer you copies of the items you see.
    Ищем похожий товар по фото на Алиэкспресс

  13. Artificial intelligence needs to be given a little time.

    At the bottom of the screen, two balls “run”. The search process takes a few seconds.
    In this case, your device must have access to the Internet.
    Идет процесс поиска в приложении Алиэкспресс

  14. Choose a similar product.

    Aliexpress delivers excellent results. There are many interesting and cheap goods among them.
    Through the search for similar ones, you can find, for example, a thing whose name you do not know.
    Выбираем похожий товар в результатах поиска

  15. What to do when the right product is found.

    You can add a product to “my wishes”. To buy it later. To do this, click on the “heart” under the image.
    Below are three other options. “Add to cart” to continue shopping. “Buy” – immediately place an order for the item you like. Store image – go to the page of the seller offering the found product
    Покупаем лучший из найденных товаров

  16. AR Scanner in AliExpress app.

    The name comes from the words “Augmented reality”. The function is used to interact with advertising offline. Unfortunately, such advertisements are found only in China so far.
    For example, you need to go to a certain place and scan a tag to get a discount. We are waiting for AliExpress to start posting something like this with us.
    Поиск в дополненной реальности на Алиэкспресс

  • The app from AliExpress installed on your device
  • Smartphone, tablet with camera

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Why do you need AliExpress search by photo

The price of the same product from different sellers can vary greatly. The only way to find the best deals is to search by the AliExpress picture. Any product can be found this way. Due to the fight against counterfeiting, it is very difficult to find copies of brands on AliExpress. Abibas is no longer for sale. But if you use a picture search on AliExpress, you can find things that are almost indistinguishable from branded ones at very low prices.

You can also search for products by QR code through the AliExpress app. Or scan your surroundings in augmented reality.

Official instruction from AliExpress: how to search by picture through the application:

AliExpress - Поиск по фото

See how Natasha Krasnova effectively uses the image search by AliExpress:

Наташа Краснова feat. AliExpress в магазине