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Your Complete Guide to AliExpress Shopping in Mongolia

Payment:MNT ( Mongolian Tugrik )
Delivery:15-45 days

From the heartland of Mongolia, venture into the virtual markets of AliExpress. Your journey begins here, as we provide a map to the best deals and a compass for navigating this expansive digital marketplace. Forge your path with the confidence of a well-versed trader on the ancient Silk Road.

Mastering the Art of Shopping on AliExpress from Mongolia

Shopping on AliExpress from the expansive steppes of Mongolia is an art in precision and savvy. Customize your digital shopping experience to your local needs, embracing the convenience of international commerce right from your doorstep.

Setting Your Digital Stall: Language, Currency, and Delivery

Your AliExpress stall is your profile, preferences, and settings, fine-tuned for an optimized shopping experience.

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Language Preferences

Setting your language ensures clarity in communication and understanding. English works well for universal understanding, but choosing what’s comfortable for you is key.

Currency Configuration

To shop like a true Mongol, adjust your currency to the Mongolian tögrög. It’s not just about seeing familiar numbers; it’s about making smart financial decisions without the fog of conversion rates.

Delivery Details

Define your domain by inputting an accurate Mongolian address, aligning your AliExpress compass to your true north, ensuring that all roads lead to your home, be it a yurt or an apartment in Ulaanbaatar.

AliExpress Mongolia: A young and happy Mongolian woman stands in the center of Ulaanbaatar and holds a gift box in her hands.

The Mongolian March to Membership: Crafting an AliExpress Account

In the great marketplace of AliExpress, your account is your currency. It’s your reputation, your ledger, and your key to the kingdom of goods.

Email Registration

Your electronic missive, your email, is your herald. Choose it wisely, protect it fiercely, and use it to secure your account with a password as strong as the walls of Karakorum.

Account Verification

Seal your identity with the stamp of verification. It’s a simple click through an email, but it’s as significant as a handshake in the marketplace.

Profile Perfection

Furnish your profile with the details of your abode and preferred means of trade. A profile well set is a shopping experience well met.

Your Parcel’s Journey: Mapping Your Mongolian Shipping Address

Like the precise routes of the nomads, your parcel’s journey hinges on the accuracy of your address, ensuring that every order is a homing arrow, true to its target.

Address Accuracy

Mongolia’s expanse is vast, but your address must be a pinpoint. Detail it down to the last ger number, the alley, the landmark that says, “Here, this is where I stand.”

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Postal Code Precision

Your postal code is the drumbeat to which the postal service marches. Make it clear, make it loud, and your goods will find you, even across the vastness of the steppe.

Delivery Notes

Not all those who wander are lost, but couriers sometimes are. Leave them notes, directions, breadcrumbs in the form of additional delivery information, and they will find their way.

The Maiden Purchase: A Mongolian’s First Foray

Your first purchase on AliExpress is a rite of passage. Approach it with the diligence of a shaman consulting the spirits.

Item Inspection

Scrutinize your chosen item as if panning for gold in the Orkhon River. Let not a detail pass you unseen, let no review go unread.

Payment Protection

Offer your tögrög through secure channels, and guard your payment methods like the treasure of the Great Khans.

Order Oversight

Watch over your order with the vigilance of an eagle circling the skies. Track its progress, await its arrival, and prepare to embrace it upon its coming.

AliExpress on the Move: The App in Your Pocket

For the nomad in all of us, the AliExpress app brings the grand bazaar to your fingertips, as close as the phone in your deel’s pocket.

Instant Notifications

Be the first to know, the first to act, with alerts that fly faster than the arrow to its mark.

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App-Exclusive Deals

In the app lies the path to savings unseen on the open web—a secret garden of deals just for you.

Shop Anywhere

The steppe is your home, and now, so is the marketplace. Carry it with you, from the peaks of the Altai to the valleys of the Gobi, and let not your location limit your reach.

In adopting these strategies, you, the discerning Mongolian shopper, are well-equipped to venture into the vast online trade routes of AliExpress, armed with the knowledge to transact with the confidence and acumen of a true market maven.

Securing Deals as Vast as the Mongolian Steppe

Embrace the wisdom of the ancients who traversed the Silk Road: never settle for the first price. AliExpress, a modern-day caravanserai, offers treasures at prices that fluctuate like the winds over the steppe. Equip yourself with the savvy to ensure you never pay full price again.

The Rhythms of Savings: Recurring and Seasonal Deals

As the seasons cycle from the frigid Tsagaan Sar to the warm Naadam festivals, so too do the deals on AliExpress. Our exclusive sales calendar for Mongolian shoppers is the astrolabe by which you navigate the year’s best purchasing opportunities.

Align with Annual Sales

Mark the dates of global phenomena like the 11.11 Single’s Day Sale or the Black Friday bonanza. These are the high tides of discounts, where the floodgates open to a sea of savings.

Seasonal Sales Synchronization

Spring into discounts with the March Anniversary Sale and harvest autumn deals during the September Super Sale. Each season brings its own reason to save.

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AliExpress Coupon Center

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Coupon Quest: Hunting Down AliExpress Savings

Coupons on AliExpress are the falcons of the marketplace—swift and precise in reducing prices. Master the hunt, and you’ll feast on discounts.

Store Coupons

Ally with specific vendors. Follow their stores, understand their patterns, and when they release their coupons, be ready to swoop.

Platform Coupons

AliExpress itself provides a bounty of coupons. Engage with the platform, participate in games and interactive marketing, and be rewarded with coupons applicable across myriad stalls.

Coupons by product category

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KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones

The Code to Savings: Mastering Promo Codes

Promotional codes are the whispered incantations that unlock doors to hidden savings. For the wise shopper, these codes are as powerful as the shaman’s chants.

Scour for Codes

Regularly visit dedicated deal forums, subscribe to newsletters, and maintain a vigilant watch on our platform for the latest promo codes.

Apply with Acumen

With the right code at your fingertips, apply it with precision during checkout, ensuring that you have met all the conditions required for its magic to work.

Day-to-Day Deals and Brand Bargains

The marketplace’s pulse beats daily with deals and discounts. Be attuned to its rhythm, and savings will follow.

Flash Sales

Like a sudden summer storm, flash sales bring a deluge of discounts. Be quick, for they are as fleeting as they are abundant.

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Brand Promotions

Prestigious brands often extend their hands to shoppers with exclusive deals. Recognize these golden opportunities to acquire premium goods at pedestrian prices.

By integrating these strategies into your AliExpress ventures, you will transform your shopping experience. With the savvy of a merchant prince and the wisdom of a steppe elder, the breadth of the marketplace lies open before you, ready to yield its treasures without exacting tribute on your wallet. Venture forth, Mongolian shopper, and claim the bounty that awaits.

Payment Methods: The Mongolian Edition

Tread confidently into the marketplace, knowing that your means of transaction can be as diverse as the landscapes of Mongolia. AliExpress offers a treasury of payment options, each tailored to different needs and preferences.

Payment Palette: Options at Your Disposal

The financial instruments at your command are both varied and versatile. Mongolian users can navigate these with ease:

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Universally accepted, these cards remain a steadfast option.
  • E-Wallets: Digital wallets like Alipay offer swift and secure transactions.
  • Bank Transfers: For those who prefer traditional methods, bank transfers stand ready.
  • Local Payment Methods: Catering to local habits, options like QIWI or WebMoney may be available.

Fee Forecast: Navigating Extra Charges

AliExpress’s skyline is clear of hidden levies, but one must still be vigilant. Here’s how to steer clear of unnecessary extra charges:

  • Understand Currency Conversion: Be aware of the exchange rates; they may affect the final cost.
  • Monitor Import Duties: In Mongolia, certain goods may incur additional taxes upon arrival.
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From AliExpress to the Heart of Mongolia: Shipping and Delivery Insights

Your chosen treasures must travel vast distances to reach you. Understanding shipping and delivery practices is key to ensuring their timely arrival.

Carriers of Choice: Shipping Methods to Mongolia

Mongolian shoppers can select from various couriers, each offering different services:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping: A balance of cost and timing.
  • Private Couriers: Companies like DHL or FedEx offer speedier, albeit pricier, service.
  • China Post: For the patient buyer, a more economical, albeit slower, option.

National Carrier Know-How: Posta Mongol

Embrace the traditional route with Posta Mongol, the national carrier that serves as a bridge between AliExpress and your Mongolian address. While not the swiftest, it is reliable and integrates well with local delivery systems.

Time Travels: Estimating Your Delivery

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to international shipping. Delivery to Mongolia can take:

  • Standard Shipping: Typically, expect a window of 15-45 days.
  • Expedited Options: Pay more, and your parcel may arrive in as little as 7-15 days.

On the Trail: Tracking Your AliExpress Orders

The modern-day equivalent of tracking a caravan across the steppe, AliExpress provides detailed tracking:

  • Use Provided Tracking Numbers: Enter these on the AliExpress site or the carrier’s website.
  • Utilize Third-Party Services: For a more detailed journey, third-party tracking websites can offer additional insights.

With this compass of knowledge, navigate the marketplace’s currents and the paths of delivery with confidence, knowing that each purchase will find its way from the heart of commerce to the heart of Mongolia.

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Track your parcel

Find out where your parcel is right now

When your AliExpress purchases cross into the territory of Mongolia, they encounter the watchful eyes of the General Customs Administration of Mongolia. This body imposes customs fees, not as a hindrance, but as a way to cover the processing costs of imports. Here’s what you need to know:

Understanding Customs Fees

Customs fees are determined as a percentage of your order’s value. For those modest purchases below ₮100,000, the gates open freely with a 0% customs fee. However, as the value of your goods climbs to ₮100,000 or above, a customs fee of 10% is levied.

Value-Added Tax (VAT) on Imports

As your goods arrive, they also attract a Value-Added Tax (VAT), standard across Mongolia at a flat rate of 10%. This tax is ubiquitous, applied to almost all goods and services within the nation.

Additional Charges to Consider

Beyond customs fees and VAT, the landscape of expenses includes:

  • Brokerage Fees: Enlist a customs broker, and they’ll demand their cut for guiding your goods through the customs clearance process. The fee varies based on the order value and the broker chosen.
  • Duty: Certain items, such as alcohol, tobacco, and luxury goods, attract additional taxes known as duty. These costs fluctuate depending on the specific category of the goods.
Woman with a parcel from AliExpress without taxes

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Practical Examples

Imagine you’re indulging in an AliExpress find worth ₮100,000. This item falls under general merchandise, subject to a 10% customs fee. Add VAT to the equation, and another ₮10,000 tags along. Your total escalates to ₮110,000, inclusive of all customs fees and taxes.

Now, let’s scale up. You set your sights on an AliExpress luxury costing ₮2,000,000. The same 10% customs fee applies, augmented by a VAT of ₮200,000. The grand total for this purchase would be ₮2,200,000, fully encompassing the customs fees, VAT, and other potential charges.

In the realm of online shopping, these charges are the tributaries that feed into the final river of costs. Understanding these fees ensures that when your AliExpress package makes its journey to you, the only surprise is the delight of your purchase, not an unexpected cost.

After-Sale Armour: Returns and Buyer Protection in Mongolia

Embarking on the AliExpress shopping journey from the grand landscapes of Mongolia comes with the assurance of after-sale support. Understanding the intricate tapestry of returns and buyer protection policies is key to ensuring a shopping experience as serene as the Mongolian plains.

AliExpress’s Return Regiment: The Mongolian Protocol

Navigating the return policy of AliExpress from Mongolia requires a clear understanding of the platform’s rules:

  • Timeframe for Returns: AliExpress typically allows a window of 15 days post-delivery to initiate a return.
  • Condition of Items: Products must be returned in their original state, unworn or unused, with tags, and in their original packaging.
  • Return Shipping: While return shipping methods may vary, it’s essential for Mongolian shoppers to keep in mind that they may be responsible for covering return shipping costs.

Shield of the Shopper: AliExpress Buyer Protection

AliExpress enforces a Buyer Protection program to safeguard your purchases:

  • Full Refund: If your order doesn’t arrive within the promised delivery time, you are entitled to a full refund.
  • Partial Refund or Keep Items: If your items arrive but are significantly different from their description, you can opt for a partial refund and keep the product.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: For branded goods, AliExpress ensures an authenticity guarantee or a full refund if proven otherwise.

The Support Caravan: Contacting AliExpress in Mongolia

Should the need arise to contact AliExpress for any post-purchase inquiries or assistance, the platform provides multiple avenues:

Dialogue with Support: Reaching Out to AliExpress

  • Online Chat Service: AliExpress offers a 24/7 online chat service for instant support.
  • Email: For less urgent issues, sending an email can be a suitable option, with customer service representatives attending to queries promptly.
  • Social Media: AliExpress’s social media channels are also a portal for assistance, where you can send messages or post queries.

Local Liaisons: AliExpress in Mongolia

For those who prefer a more direct approach or face-to-face interaction, AliExpress’s details are available:

  • Address: While not within Mongolia, AliExpress’s headquarters are reachable at 699 Wang Shang Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310052, Zhejiang Province, China.
  • Phone: For telephone inquiries, the contact number is (+86) 571-8502-2088.

It is worth noting, however, that physical interactions may not be practical due to geographic distances.

Mongolian shoppers, armored with knowledge of the after-sale landscape, can traverse the AliExpress marketplace with confidence. With a robust understanding of returns, buyer protection, and accessible support, the post-purchase phase can be as smooth and worry-free as the shopping experience itself.

Aliexpress support center operator

AliExpress Official Support 24/7

Get help from the official support team. Contact an operator right now

From the Steppes to the Storefront: Reviews and Tips from Mongolia

In the vast digital marketplace that AliExpress presents, the wisdom of the crowd becomes a guiding star. The shared experiences of Mongolian users become invaluable narratives that shape the shopping journey for many.

The Review Roundup: Mongolian Voices

Mongolian shoppers have been vocal about their AliExpress experiences, providing a tapestry of feedback that ranges from the speed of delivery to the quality of products. Highlights include:

  • Delivery Times: Experiences vary, with some reporting expedient deliveries, while others note delays, particularly around Mongolian holidays or due to customs processes.
  • Product Satisfaction: Many shoppers express satisfaction with the price-quality ratio, while advising caution and a thorough check of seller reviews and product ratings.

Novice Notes: Advice for New Mongolian Users

For those embarking on their first AliExpress journey from the lands of Mongolia, seasoned shoppers offer sage advice:

  • Start Small: Make your initial purchases low-risk items to familiarize yourself with the process.
  • Seller Research: Invest time in researching seller ratings and customer feedback.
  • Communication: Don’t hesitate to contact sellers for clarification before purchasing.

AliExpress in Mongolia: Weighing the Pros and the Cons

Any marketplace can be a double-edged sword, and AliExpress is no exception. For Mongolians, the platform offers a myriad of opportunities tempered by cautious considerations.

The Trust Terrain: Securing Confidence in Transactions

Building trust in transactions involves a few strategic steps:

  • Check Ratings: Always look at the seller’s ratings and the number of orders they have completed successfully.
  • Secure Payment Methods: Utilize AliExpress’s secure payment system to ensure financial safety.

The Assurance Audit: Confirming Product Quality

Mongolian shoppers need to employ a keen eye when assessing product quality:

  • Read Descriptions Carefully: Ensure the product specifications match your expectations.
  • Visual Verification: Examine customer-uploaded images to verify that the product meets quality standards.

Cautionary Signals: Spotting Security Red Flags

Remaining vigilant against potential pitfalls is crucial:

  • Too-Good-to-Be-True Prices: Extreme discounts can sometimes signal counterfeit or substandard goods.
  • Unverified Sellers: Sellers without a solid track record may warrant extra scrutiny.
  • Unusual Payment Requests: Sellers asking for payments outside the AliExpress platform should be avoided.

By weaving the collective wisdom of Mongolian users into the fabric of these sections, this guide not only illuminates the path to successful purchases but also fosters a community that shops smarter, not harder.