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Your Roadmap to Savings on AliExpress in Georgia

Langue :English
Monnaie du prix : GEL ( Georgian Lari )
Délai de livraison : 25-60 jours

Hello there, fellow Georgian shoppers! Are you excited to explore the endless aisles of AliExpress? You’ve landed on the right page. This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step you need to shop like a pro on AliExpress. From account setup to landing the best deals, we’ve got your back. So get comfy, and let’s get started!

Choosing Language, Currency, and Delivery Country

No more wrestling with language barriers or currency converters. AliExpress lets you pick your language, view prices in your own currency, and even set Georgia as your delivery country. It’s all neatly organized in the top-right corner of the homepage.

Setting Up Your AliExpress Account

Joining the AliExpress community is easy-peasy.

  • Click ‘Join’ in the upper-right corner of the home screen.
  • Opt to sign up with your email, phone number, or even through social media.
  • Confirm your info, create a password, and you’re good to go!
Gift box from AliExpress for new users

Get a gift for registering on AliExpress

Choose a gift for yourself for coming to the site. Let AliExpress pay for your first purchase

Entering Your Shipping Information

Let’s make sure your packages find their way home. Head over to ‘My Account,’ then navigate to ‘My Shipping Address‘ to input or update your delivery details. Do double-check; you don’t want your gadgets taking a detour!

AliExpress Georgia: A young and happy Georgian woman stands in the center of Tbilisi and holds a gift box in her hands.

Executing Your First Purchase

Found something you like? Let’s make it yours!

  • Click on your chosen item to view more details.
  • Select your desired size, color, or other options.
  • Hit ‘Add to Cart,’ and when you’re set, click ‘Checkout.’
  • Confirm your shipping info and pick a payment method.
  • Hit ‘Place Order’—congratulations, you’re officially an AliExpress shopper!

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Installing the AliExpress Mobile App

Take AliExpress wherever you go with their mobile app. Available on both iOS and Android, it offers exclusive deals and a handy order-tracking feature. Just search for AliExpress in your app store and tap ‘Install.’ Shopping has never been this easy!

And there you go! Those are your first two sections, restructured to help you navigate the wonders of AliExpress. Stick around for more helpful tips!

Smart Savings on AliExpress

Who doesn’t love a good deal? With AliExpress, saving money is more than just a one-time event—it’s a lifestyle! Let’s take a closer look at how you can always pay less on AliExpress. And hey, don’t forget to keep an eye on our sales calendar for the inside scoop on upcoming discounts!

A man, exiting of Aliexpress coupons center

AliExpress Coupon Center

Active coupons for existing users. Fixed discount on all products

Frequent and Time-Limited Offers

AliExpress is a treasure trove of deals, and we’re not just talking about those big holiday sales. There are frequent discounts on all sorts of items, from fashion to electronics. Make sure to keep tabs on our sales calendar to never miss an opportunity for more savings.

Unlocking AliExpress Coupon Savings

The good news? AliExpress has plenty of coupons up for grabs! You can find these valuable pieces of digital gold scattered throughout the website—from the product pages to the store homepages. Some coupons are general-use, while others are product-specific, so choose wisely!

Discovering Promo Codes

A promo code is like the cherry on top of your discounted sundae. Usually, these are given during special events or via AliExpress’ social media pages. Make sure to follow AliExpress on their social channels, sign up for their newsletter, and hey, maybe even keep tabs on some savvy shopping forums online.

AliExpress promo codes for every month


Day-to-Day Deals and Exclusive Brand Offers

Besides the usual suspects of seasonal sales and coupons, individual sellers on AliExpress often run their own unique promotions. Whether it’s “Buy One, Get One Free” or “Flash Sales,” there’s no shortage of special deals that are tailor-made for the thrifty shopper in you.

And there you have it! Your comprehensive guide to saving smart on AliExpress. Remember, a savvy shopper is a happy shopper, so make the most of these tips. Happy hunting!

Understanding Payment Methods in Georgia

Living in Georgia and shopping on AliExpress? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how you can seamlessly pay for your orders, and in your local currency—Georgian Lari (GEL) no less!

Preferred Payment Channels

In Georgia, the most popular payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. Most Georgians prefer Visa, Mastercard, or localized digital payment services for smooth and secure transactions. Good news: AliExpress accepts all of these, and you can make your payment in GEL.

Watch out for hidden fees! Sometimes, international purchases come with extra charges. But guess what? By using local payment channels that offer international transaction waivers, you can skip those unwanted costs. Also, some digital wallets offer lower fees, so it might be worth exploring your options.

Aliexpress parcel tracking - small truck on a world map

Track your parcel

Find out where your parcel is right now

Shipping: From AliExpress to Georgia

So you’ve filled up your cart, applied coupons, and you’re ready to check out. But wait, how do you actually get those amazing deals from AliExpress to your front door in Georgia? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing Your Shipping Strategy

AliExpress offers a variety of shipping methods, each with its pros and cons. You can go for standard shipping for a balance between cost and speed, or express shipping if you’re in a hurry (though it’ll be more expensive). If you’re okay with a longer wait, some sellers even offer free shipping.

Georgia’s Postal System

If you’re opting for standard shipping, chances are your package will arrive via the local postal system. Generally, Georgia’s postal services are reliable, but delays can happen, especially during peak seasons.

Average Wait Times

On average, shipping to Georgia can take anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on the shipping method chosen and the seller’s location. Cities like Tbilisi generally experience faster shipping, while remote areas might have to wait a bit longer.

Monitoring Your AliExpress Orders

Want to keep tabs on your orders? Most shipments come with tracking numbers, allowing you to monitor their journey right from the seller to your doorstep. And if you run into any issues, AliExpress’ customer support is just a click away.

And there you have it—a full guide to payment and shipping when shopping from Georgia on AliExpress.

Woman with a parcel from AliExpress without taxes

Shop on AliExpress tax-free and duty-free

Constant sale. Goods from local warehouses. Fast delivery, no additional taxes or fees

Understanding Customs Fees and Other Charges in Georgia

If you’re shopping on AliExpress from Georgia, it’s essential to understand how customs fees, Value-added Tax (VAT), and other charges can impact the total cost of your order. This section is here to guide you through these extra costs.

Customs Fees

Customs fees are charged by the Georgian Revenue Service (GRS) to cover the costs of processing imports. The amount you’ll pay depends on the value of your order:

  • Goods valued at less than GEL 150: The customs fee is 0%.
  • Goods valued at GEL 150 or more: The customs fee is 10%.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Most goods and services sold in Georgia are subject to a VAT rate of 18%. This tax is calculated based on the total value of your order, including shipping and handling.

Other Charges

Apart from customs fees and VAT, you might incur additional costs, including:

  • Brokerage Fees: These are charged by a customs broker to help you clear your goods through customs. The amount varies based on the value of your order and the broker you use.
  • Duty: This tax is charged on specific types of goods like alcohol, tobacco, and luxury items. The duty amount varies depending on the type of product.

Examples to Illustrate Charges

  • Order value GEL 100: For a product that costs GEL 100 and falls under general merchandise, a 10% customs fee would be applicable. Additionally, an 18% VAT would add another GEL 18, making your total GEL 118.
  • Order value GEL 200: For a product that costs GEL 200, you’d pay a 10% customs fee and an 18% VAT, adding GEL 36 more. Your total cost would be GEL 236.

By understanding these additional costs, you’ll have a clearer picture of how much you’ll end up spending on your AliExpress purchases in Georgia. Plan accordingly to avoid any surprises and to make your shopping experience more streamlined and hassle-free.

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Ensuring Your Investment: Returns and Buyer Security

You’ve just spent your hard-earned money on AliExpress, and you deserve peace of mind for your purchases. That’s why it’s important to understand how returns work and what buyer protections are in place. Let’s dive in!

Returning Goods on AliExpress: Guidelines and Anticipated Outcomes

If you’ve received an item that isn’t up to par, or maybe even defective, fret not! AliExpress has a straightforward return policy. Typically, you’d start by contacting the seller to arrange the return. Make sure to keep all the original packaging and provide photos if needed. Once the return is confirmed, you can send the item back and await your refund.

The AliExpress Safety Net: Buyer Protections You Can Count On

AliExpress has a robust Buyer Protection program. From the moment you click ‘Buy’ to the time your package arrives, you’re covered. If your item never shows up or isn’t as described, you can file a dispute and get a refund. It’s all about ensuring a safer shopping experience for you.

Reaching AliExpress Support in Georgia

Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or a newbie, sometimes you need a little help. That’s why it’s good to know how to get in touch with AliExpress support when you’re shopping from Georgia.

Connecting with Customer Service: Different Pathways for Help

AliExpress offers multiple ways to get in touch: Live chat, email, and even phone support. Live chat is the quickest for immediate issues, while email might be more suitable for complex queries. No matter what your issue is, help is just a few clicks away.

AliExpress Office Intel: Contact Details

While AliExpress doesn’t have a physical office in Georgia, they do have main headquarters and other regional offices where they handle customer service inquiries. Here’s some contact info you might find useful:

  • Main Office:
    969 West Wen Yi Road
    Yu Hang District, Hangzhou 311121
    Zhejiang Province, China
    Tel: (+86) 571-8502-2088

So there you have it—a thorough look at how to ensure your investment and reach customer support while shopping on AliExpress from Georgia. Shop confidently and smartly!

Aliexpress support center operator

AliExpress Official Support 24/7

Get help from the official support team. Contact an operator right now

Customer Voices: AliExpress in Georgia

We’re now diving into one of the most valuable resources for any shopper: feedback from fellow buyers. Yes, the insights of those who’ve been there and done that can be invaluable. So, what are Georgians saying about their AliExpress experiences?

Collated User Feedback: What Georgians are Revealing About Their AliExpress Adventures

From the bustling streets of Tbilisi to the scenic landscapes of Batumi, Georgians have been finding value, convenience, and variety on AliExpress. Most buyers laud the extensive product range and competitive pricing. However, some cautionary tales about shipping times and product quality also emerge, making it imperative for new shoppers to carefully read reviews and ratings.

Advice for AliExpress Rookies: Wisdom Based on Local Testimonials

New to AliExpress? Here’s a golden nugget of wisdom from seasoned Georgian shoppers: Always check the seller ratings and customer reviews. And don’t forget to convert prices to Georgian Lari (GEL) for a more localized shopping experience.

Building Trust and Safeguarding Your Shopping

Last but not least, let’s talk about trust and safety. These two aspects can make or break your online shopping experience, so pay close attention!

Guaranteeing Product Quality: A Guide to Confident Shopping

Always aim for products that have high ratings and multiple reviews. Also, don’t shy away from asking sellers questions about the product. Many sellers are quite responsive and can provide additional photos or product information.

Spotting Safety Concerns: What to be Cautious of for a Stress-Free Experience

Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true—they usually are. Keep an eye out for counterfeit items and always read the fine print. Remember, the AliExpress Buyer Protection is your safety net, but it’s always better to avoid needing it in the first place.

And there you have it! You’re now equipped with the wisdom of the Georgian AliExpress community and tips to make your shopping as smooth as possible. Happy shopping!