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AliExpress – Antigua and Barbuda

AliExpress Guide for Shoppers in Antigua and Barbuda

Payment:XCD ( East Carribean Dollar )
Delivery:30-60 days

AliExpress is a global online marketplace that offers a wide range of products from electronics to fashion and home goods. This article aims to guide shoppers in Antigua and Barbuda on how to make the most out of their AliExpress shopping experience.

How to Get Started on AliExpress

Starting your shopping journey on AliExpress is simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the AliExpress Website: Navigate to the AliExpress website.
  • Create an Account: Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill in the required details.
  • Verify Your Account: A verification email will be sent to you. Click on the link to verify.
  • Set Up Your Profile: Add your shipping address and preferred payment method.

For more detailed instructions, you can visit how to set up an AliExpress account.

AliExpress Antigua and Barbuda: A young and happy Antiguan girl stands in the center of St. John's and holds a gift box in her hands.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promo Codes

Who doesn’t love a good discount? AliExpress offers various ways to save money:

  • Coupons: AliExpress offers monthly coupons that can be applied to specific stores or products.
  • Promo Codes: Keep an eye out for promo codes that offer discounts on entire categories.
  • Flash Sales: Limited-time sales offer steep discounts on select items.

Coupons by product category

AutomotiveComputersSports and Outdoors
KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones

For the latest discounts and promo codes, check out PoKupar’s AliExpress Discounts page.

Tips for Shoppers in Antigua and Barbuda

Here are some tips to enhance your AliExpress shopping experience:

  • Compare Prices: Use the AliExpress catalog to compare prices from different sellers.
  • Check Seller Ratings: Always check seller ratings and customer reviews.
  • Use the Wishlist: Save items you’re interested in to your wishlist for easy access later.
A man, exiting of Aliexpress coupons center

AliExpress Coupon Center

Active coupons for existing users. Fixed discount on all products

AliExpress promo codes for every month


Payment Methods Available for Antigua and Barbuda

AliExpress offers a variety of payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are widely accepted.
  • E-Wallets: Options like PayPal are also available.
  • Bank Transfers: Some banks in Antigua and Barbuda may allow direct transfers.

For more information on how to pay, you can visit how to pay for AliExpress.

Gift box from AliExpress for new users

Get a gift for registering on AliExpress

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Shipping to Antigua and Barbuda

When it comes to shipping, AliExpress offers multiple options for customers in Antigua and Barbuda. Here are some key points:

  • Estimated Shipping Times: Standard shipping usually takes between 15 to 45 days.
  • Tracking: You can track your order using the AliExpress tracking feature.

For more detailed information on shipping options, visit AliExpress Shipping.

Aliexpress parcel tracking - small truck on a world map

Track your parcel

Find out where your parcel is right now

Antigua and Barbuda-Specific Challenges

Shopping from Antigua and Barbuda comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Language Barriers: While AliExpress is available in multiple languages, some sellers may not speak English well. Use the AliExpress in English page for better communication.
  • Limited Shipping Options: Not all sellers ship to Antigua and Barbuda. Make sure to check shipping availability before making a purchase.

Antigua and Barbuda Customs and Import Taxes

When ordering from AliExpress to Antigua and Barbuda, you may be responsible for paying customs fees, taxes, and other charges. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Customs Fees: For goods valued at less than US$200, the customs fee is 0%. For goods valued at US$200 or more, the customs fee is 5%.
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT): The VAT rate is 15%.
  • Other Charges: You may also be responsible for brokerage fees and duty on certain goods like alcohol and luxury items.


  • For a product costing US$100, you’d pay a total of US$165, including a 5% customs fee and 15% VAT.
  • For a product costing US$1,000, you’d pay a total of US$1,150, including a 5% customs fee and 15% VAT.

For more details on how to calculate these fees, you can refer to the customs authority in Antigua and Barbuda.

Customer Support for Antiguan and Barbudan Shoppers

AliExpress offers customer support through various channels:

  • Live Chat: Available 24/7 for immediate assistance.
  • Email Support: For less urgent queries.
  • FAQ Section: For common questions and solutions.

This comprehensive guide should equip you with all the information you need to shop on AliExpress from Antigua and Barbuda. Happy shopping!

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