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How to Shop Smart on AliExpress in Cameroon

Payment:XAF ( CFA Franc BEAC )
Delivery:20-15 days

Whether you’re new to online shopping or a seasoned AliExpress user, this guide is your go-to resource for a successful shopping experience in Cameroon. From setting up your account to maximizing your savings through discounts, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Good news for residents of Cameroon: AliExpress does indeed ship to your country.

How to Shop on AliExpress from Cameroon

Registration: Your First Step into a World of Possibilities

Before diving into the almost endless universe of AliExpress products, the first step is to create your own account. It’s simple and quick. You’ll need a valid email address or phone number, along with a secure password. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll be ready to start exploring in no time.

Address Filling: Your Guide to Hassle-Free Delivery

When ordering from Cameroon, it’s crucial to provide an accurate delivery address to avoid any inconvenience. Make sure to include all relevant details: house number, street, city, and even a landmark if necessary. A well-filled address is the key to successful delivery.

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Making Your First AliExpress Purchase: Navigate with Confidence

Placing your first order on AliExpress may seem daunting, but worry not, we’re here to assist you. Once you’ve found the product you wish to buy, click on “Buy Now” or add it to your cart if you wish to continue shopping. You’ll then be directed to the payment page where you can select your preferred payment method and confirm your delivery address. And there you have it, you’ve successfully placed your first order!

This guide is designed to help you easily navigate the world of AliExpress in Cameroon. Stick with us to learn how to maximize your savings and much more.

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Maximizing Your Savings on AliExpress

Monthly Sales: Your Savings Calendar

Every month, AliExpress hosts monthly sales that are a real boon for bargain hunters. These sales offer discounts on a wide range of products, from electronic gadgets to household items. It’s wise to keep an eye on these sales to maximize your savings. You can track these sales by subscribing to AliExpress’s newsletter or by regularly checking our sales calendar.

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Seasonal Sales: The Right Time to Buy

Seasonal sales are another excellent opportunity to make substantial savings. These sales usually occur during major holidays or season changes, such as winter sales or Black Friday promotions. Our sales calendar will provide you with all the information you need to not miss these opportunities.

Brand Promotions: Quality at a Low Price

Certain brands offer exclusive promotions on their products. These offers are often time-limited and provide significant discounts. To take advantage of them, it’s advisable to follow your favorite brands on AliExpress and subscribe to their newsletters. This way, you’ll receive real-time notifications about ongoing promotions.

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Using Coupons: The Basics of Savings

AliExpress offers a variety of coupons that can be used to further reduce the cost of your purchases. These coupons can be found on the product page but also in the “My Coupons” section of your AliExpress account. Using these coupons is quite simple. At checkout, you’ll have the option to select the coupon you wish to use, and the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Coupons by product category

AutomotiveComputersSports and Outdoors
KidsBeauty And Personal CareBags and Shoes
Home and GardenWatches and AccessoriesPhones
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Tips for Promo Codes: The Extra Mile

In addition to coupons, AliExpress also offers promo codes that can be applied at checkout for an additional discount. These codes can be found on various websites or through our own platform. Applying these codes is very straightforward. You simply enter them in the designated box at checkout, and the discount will be applied.

AliExpress promo codes for every month


Everyday Savings: Small Streams Make Big Rivers

Finally, don’t overlook the savings you can make on a daily basis. AliExpress often offers discounts on shipping fees, “buy one, get one free” offers, or discounts on bulk purchases. Moreover, by using the AliExpress mobile app, you can access exclusive offers not available on the web version.

In summary, maximizing your savings on AliExpress is not a difficult task if you know where to look. Between monthly sales, brand promotions, and the judicious use of coupons and promo codes, there are plenty of opportunities. It just takes a little vigilance and planning to make each purchase a real deal.

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Payment Methods in Cameroon

Most Used Payment Options in Cameroon

Shopping on AliExpress from Cameroon has become easier than ever due to a variety of payment options. Credit and debit cards remain the most popular, but other methods like PayPal and some local mobile payment services are also gaining traction. It’s crucial to choose a payment method that is not only convenient for you but also offers robust security measures.

Credit and Debit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted on AliExpress. They are convenient and often offer additional security measures, such as two-step verification.


PayPal is another secure option that allows for quick transactions. However, additional fees may apply when using PayPal for international transactions.

Understanding Associated Fees

When choosing a payment method, it’s essential to understand all the fees that might be added to your transaction. Some payment modes may have transaction fees or currency conversion costs, so it’s advisable to read the terms and conditions carefully before making your choice.

Transaction Fees

Some payment services may charge fixed fees or a percentage of the transaction. These costs can add up, especially if you make multiple purchases.

Currency Conversion Fees

If your bank account is in CFA and you make a payment in dollars, conversion fees may apply. These fees vary from one bank to another and can affect the total cost of your purchase.

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Shipping and Receiving Your Orders in Cameroon

Different Shipping Methods Available

AliExpress offers a range of shipping options for customers in Cameroon, including standard shipping, express delivery, and sometimes free shipping for certain items. Each method has its own pros and cons in terms of cost and delivery time.

Standard Shipping

This is often the cheapest option but can take time, usually between 20 and 40 days.

Express Shipping

While more expensive, this method guarantees faster delivery, often in less than two weeks.

Estimated Delivery Time

Delivery time can vary based on several factors, including the seller’s location, holidays, and weather conditions. It’s always good to check the estimates provided by the seller and allow extra time for unforeseen delays.

Tracking Your Order

AliExpress provides detailed tracking tools to help you monitor the status of your order in real-time. You can access this information directly from your AliExpress account, allowing you to stay informed and manage your expectations effectively.

Using the Mobile App

The AliExpress mobile app offers a real-time tracking feature that can be extremely useful for tracking your orders on the go.

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Customs Fees and Taxes for Ordering from AliExpress to Cameroon


When ordering from AliExpress to Cameroon, you may be responsible for paying customs fees, taxes, and other charges. The amount of these charges will depend on the value of your order, the type of goods you are ordering, and the customs authority in Cameroon.

Customs Fees in Cameroon

Customs fees are charged by the General Directorate of Customs and Excise (DGD) of Cameroon to help cover the costs of processing imports. The amount of the customs fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of your order. For goods valued at less than CFA 100,000, the customs fee is 0%. For goods valued at CFA 100,000 or more, the customs fee is 5%.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is a tax that is charged on most goods and services sold in Cameroon. The VAT rate is 18%.

Other Charges

In addition to customs fees and VAT, you may be responsible for paying other charges, such as brokerage fees and duty. Brokerage fees are charged by a customs broker to help you clear your goods through customs. The amount of the brokerage fee will vary depending on the value of your order and the customs broker you use. Duty is a tax that is charged on certain goods, such as alcohol, tobacco, and luxury goods. The amount of duty will vary depending on the type of goods you are ordering.


  • For an order costing CFA 100,000, you would pay a total of CFA 118,000, including a 5% customs fee and 18% VAT.
  • For an order costing CFA 10,000, you would pay a total of CFA 11,800, including a 5% customs fee and 18% VAT.

Calculating Customs Fees, Taxes, and Other Charges

You can use the DGD’s online calculator to estimate the customs fees, taxes, and other charges for your order. To use the calculator, you will need to provide the value of your order, the type of goods you are ordering, and your region of residence.

How to Avoid Additional Charges

There are several strategies to avoid paying extra fees:

  • Order goods valued at less than CFA 100,000.
  • Declare the true value of your order.
  • Use a shipping service that offers customs clearance, such as DHL or UPS.

Additional Information

  • The customs authority in Cameroon is the DGD.
  • The customs declaration form can be found on the DGD’s website.
  • The DGD may also require you to pay a handling fee for processing your customs clearance.

Special Regulations in Cameroon

In Cameroon, some goods are subject to additional customs duties or restrictions, including alcohol, tobacco products, firearms, endangered species, and counterfeit goods. Contact the DGD for more information on these regulations.

AliExpress Customer Assistance in Cameroon

How to Reach Support

If you need help or have questions about your AliExpress purchases, there are several ways to contact customer service. Options include live chat on the AliExpress website, email support, and social media channels.

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AliExpress Official Support 24/7

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Cameroon User Reviews and Tips

User Feedback Summary

Feedback from Cameroonian users about their AliExpress shopping experience is generally positive, particularly in terms of product variety and available payment methods. However, it’s advisable to read multiple reviews to get a comprehensive understanding.

Advice for New Shoppers

Based on local user experiences, new shoppers should always check both product and seller reviews. Additionally, be aware of any extra fees that may apply, such as customs duties or shipping charges.

Ensuring a Safe Shopping Experience

Quality Checks

Before making a purchase, it’s important to verify the quality of the product. This can be done by reading reviews from other buyers and checking the seller’s ratings.

Safety Alerts

Be vigilant for signs that may indicate a less reliable product or seller. Red flags could include negative reviews or prices that seem too good to be true.