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21 Meghan Markle looks found on Aliexpress

We have selected suits, pants, shoes and even a coat like Meghan Markle’s for you. Found very similar or exactly the same products at low prices on Aliexpress. You can easily repeat any look of the Duchess of Sussex, even if you wear oversized clothes. And for the most loyal readers at the end of the article, we have prepared a small bonus. Even two. One is for married people, the other is for brides.

Spending less than $100 will make you look like a British duchess. Impeccable style for girls who want to set the tone.

White sundress – $115

Can be worn for summer outing. Or even go to the office in it. You will look fresh, stylish and irresistible everywhere.

Белый сарафан Меган Маркл с Алиэкспресс
White sundress – buy

The neckline is small, the shoulders are bared. It turns out strictly, but with a hint. No company will consider it a violation of the dress code, but men will not be able to take their eyes off. Click on the picture to view Meghan Markle’s sundress on Aliexpress.

Ivory cardigan – from $16

Click on the picture in the center to open a store on Aliexpress that sells exactly the same things. Delicate and airy. The floors fly so spectacularly in the wind. Will look harmonious in any season. Even on cool summer days.

Кардиган, как у Меган Маркл герцогини Сассекской, с Алиэкспресс
Cardigan in the store – buy

Perfect for a business woman. Confident, busy and charming.

Blue striped shirt – $23

It’s hard to believe that a thing can be so simple and so stylish at the same time. The shirt is almost universal. Can be part of a business dress. Suitable for a semiformal event. For example, Megan wore it to the races. Although what could be more serious and official in the UK if not horse racing?

Меган Маркл - Полосатая рубашка на Алиэкспресс
Striped shirt – buy

Click on the picture to view the shirt on Aliexpress. By the way, the thing will look very cool on you on a picnic or boat trip. Secretly – vertical stripes make the figure visually slimmer. The shirt appears frequently on Aliexpress sales.

Arab dress – $ 20

Lightweight and free. Meghan Markle wore it during pregnancy. Even in position, you can look stylish. And irresistible. The bright blue color of the dress emphasized the skin tone of the duchess so wonderfully that you can’t take your eyes off.

Платье, как у беременной Меган Маркл, в магазин мусульманской одежды на Алиэкспресс
Muslim clothing store – buy

If you click on the picture, you will be taken to the store on Aliexpress, where such outfits are sold. There you can pick up clothes for all occasions.

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Meghan Markle’s canary dress for $21

How irresistible she looks in this outfit among gray and blue men’s suits! It stands out against the background, like the sun among the clouds.

Желтое летнее платье Меган Маркл с Алиэкспресс
Yellow summer dress – buy

A yellow dress is every girl’s dream. Nobody has such. Just you and Megan. Don’t restrain yourself, click on the picture.

Light business suit for $42

Just the perfect outfit for the office. It is immediately evident that you are facing a successful businesswoman. Or a duchess at a social event.

на Али можно купить костюм и полосатый пиджак, как Меган Маркл
Striped jacket, on Ali you can buy a suit – buy

Can be worn not only with a black turtleneck, but also with a T-shirt. Wonderful summer wear for formal meetings. Click on the picture.

Duchess White Blouse – $ 14

Yes, Megan wears simple clothes too. Simple but flawless. Every seam, every button plays here. Every fold. Notice how she tucks it into her jeans.

Меган Маркл белая рубашка с Али
White shirt – buy

It doesn’t matter how many white blouses you have. There are not many of them. Click on the picture and order.

Polka dot dress – $ 15

No, the fifties don’t come back. They just didn’t go anywhere. And Meghan Markle is a vivid confirmation of this. This is what high style looks like. There is a plus size.

Игривое платье в горошек Меган Маркл, Алиэкспресс
Polka dot dress – buy

This is exactly the dress your grandmother had. Or she dreamed of him. And you can buy it literally for a penny. Just click on the picture.

Laconic dress – $12

Meghan wore it while touring Australia. Do not add, do not take away.

Платье из австралийского турне Меган Маркл
Laconic dress from the Australian tour – buy

A good idea for going to the office in June or July. Calm tone, business style. With a light touch of coquetry. Click on the picture and try it on.

Meghan Markle’s cocktail dress for $18

It seems that in this outfit she is simply irresistible. Probably, it was exactly what Megan was wearing when Harry introduced her to his family.

Белое платье, как у Меган Маркл, можно выбрать в других цветах
White dress, you can choose in other colors – buy

Emphasizes innocence, youth and flawlessness of the figure. If you don’t have this in your wardrobe yet, click on the picture. By the way, there are other colors as well.

Casual windbreaker – $19

Just lightweight outerwear. Can be worn to work, to rest. Ignore Harry’s costume. He is already in formal attire. And Megan gets off the plane in normal clothes, she will change later. Which, however, does not prevent her from looking irresistible.

Повседневная ветровка как у Меган Маркл
Casual windbreaker – buy

Take it to yourself. Even in the hottest summer, windy or cool days happen. And you should always look like a princess.

Postpartum dress – $18

Perhaps the hardest thing in Meghan Markle’s wardrobe. Just imagine: you recently gave birth, your health is still not right, your figure has not returned to normal, your chest and all that. And you need to look your best. And you know – she copes.

Платье после родов Меган Маркл
Dress after childbirth – buy

Of course, you can wear such clothes not only after childbirth. Great business suit. Official tones. Large buttons.

Trouser double – $37

The casual style was born in Britain. And if you are the wife of a local prince, then in your wardrobe should be appropriate things.

Брючный кэжуал костюм Меган Маркл
Trouser casual suit – buy

Do you have a pantsuit? Think, the thing is universal. Opens up boundless space for the flight of thought.

Roman style shoes – $20

Complement the business style. And they just shout – there is a lady in front of us. By the way, the Duchess has more shoes than dresses.

Стильные туфли Меган Маркл
Stylish shoes Megan – buy

The heel is never high. He is beautiful.

Universal blue shoes – $37

Meghan Markle changes shoes almost every day. But this particular model has been spotted on her graceful legs several times.

Синие туфли Меган Маркл
Blue shoes – buy

Could it be because the shoes are truly versatile? Suitable for both a skirt and a trouser suit.

Married Bonus – Prince Harry’s shirt – $12

Even if you are a prince, no one can forbid you to wear Hawaiian shirts. It’s summer.

Гавайская рубашка принца Гарри
Prince Harry’s Hawaiian shirt – shop

Buy it for your spouse. So as not to swear that you take so many things for yourself. He’s your prince.

Bonus for brides – Meghan Markle, wedding dress for $152

The same thing. You can order tailoring according to your size.

свадебное платье Меган Маркл
Bonus – wedding dress – buy

By clicking on the picture, you can buy yourself exactly the same.

Black sundress for $21

Well, how does she manage to find such things? How is it? It would seem like an ordinary pleated sundress. And how it looks!

Черный плиссированный сарафан как Меган Маркл
Black pleaded sundress

It can be worn under any clothing. In general, any. Whether it’s a jacket or a cape. Yes, even without anything. It still turns out gorgeous.

Irresistible Emerald – $29 Dress

Megna was born to wear this color. At first glance, it is clear that we have a duchess in front of us. Waiting for her Rolls-Royce to be served at the entrance of the residence. That short moment when the subjects of the British crown can watch the nobles.

Меган Маркл Изумрудное платье
Emerald dress

This dress will dazzle all your work colleagues. The office won’t be the same again. Put it on when you have a rough day. And this will be your day.

Sundress for a seaside resort – $19

Even princes and princesses have vacations. And Megan, like you, loves to see him off at sea. This is what she wears for the beach trip. And shopping in souvenir shops.

Меган Маркл легкий летний сарафан
Light summer sundress

Wherever you go, a sundress will help you look stylish. Egypt, Thailand, the Mediterranean Sea or the Black Sea – everywhere you will be a princess.

Sexy dress – $12

Sometimes a woman wants the gazes of men to be riveted to her a little longer than is allowed by the rules of good form. And it doesn’t matter where she is at this moment. Even at an official reception.

Сексуальное платье Меган Маркл
Sexy dress

Let’s add a secret – this color helps to hide some inaccuracies of the figure. The price is quite small.

Jacket for sporting events – $40

Prince Harry often attends events where there are almost no women. Sport matches, veteran meetings, charity receptions, car dealerships. And the spouse must accompany him. Meghan Markle has something in her wardrobe for such occasions.

Меган Маркл
A jacket in a trouser suit is sold in a store

The guy pulls you with him to the boxing match? Now you know what is right for such an occasion.

Striped dress – $14

The 3/4 sleeve is strong and stylish. In such an outfit, you can accompany your husband at any event. Even if the husband is a prince.

Полосатое платье с 3/4 рукавом, как у Меган Маркл
3/4 sleeve striped dress

Strict. Business. But at the same time, simple and stylish. Can be worn at any age. Wear in rainy weather.

White Pants and Basic T-shirt – $19 Set

The Duchess doesn’t just wear suits and dresses. She composes some images from things from different brands. Her taste is impeccable. Therefore, the combinations are stunning.

Белые брюки и вариант базовой футболки, как у Меган Маркл, на Алиэкспресс
White Pants and Basic T-shirt Option

Please note that trousers and a T-shirt are sold in different stores. The set will look organic in summer in any setting. But you need to wear it with caution – white things are so easily soiled.

Retro dress – $19

She chooses it for informal events. Take a closer look at the photo – it is almost invisible on it that Megan is pregnant.

Меган Маркл ретро платье с Алиэкспресс
Retro dress

You can wear a dress not only while in position. It looks great. Useful for going to the beach, and for a friendly party.