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AliExpress and the Russian Market: A Critical Assessment

Russia’s Aggression and its Implications for Business

In addressing the situation in Russia, it is imperative to recognize the country’s direct role in initiating aggressive wars. Russia has actively started conflicts, notably the invasion of Ukraine and the occupation of parts of Georgia and Moldova. These actions are clear violations of international law and have led to tragic loss of lives. These acts of aggression have, understandably, resulted in global sanctions against Russia. These factors create a complex and morally challenging environment for any business, including e-commerce platforms like AliExpress, to operate in the country.

AliExpress in Russia: A Separate and Different Entity

For shoppers, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions of AliExpress’s presence in Russia compared to its global operations:

  • Separate Operation: The version of AliExpress that operates within Russia is a distinct entity, separate from the global aliexpress.com platform.
  • Divergent Shopping Experience: Shoppers face a significantly different experience on the Russian version of AliExpress. The platform offers a limited range of products, different service rules, higher prices, and less reliable guarantees compared to the global AliExpress experience.
  • Inferior in Several Aspects: Overall, the Russian AliExpress falls short in providing the breadth of choice, competitive pricing, and assurance of quality that the global platform is known for.
AliExpress Russian Federation: A young and happy Russian woman stands in the center of Moscow and holds a gift box in her hands.

Restrictions on Access to Global AliExpress in Russia

In Russia, there are notable limitations for consumers:

  • No Access to Global Platform: Russian consumers are unable to order from the global AliExpress site. This restriction is a direct result of the geopolitical situation and the associated legal complexities.

Impact on Belarus and Kazakhstan

The Russian version of AliExpress also significantly impacts neighboring regions:

  • Market Influence: AliExpress’s Russian entity has a dominant presence in the markets of Belarus and Kazakhstan.
  • Restricted Shopping Options: This dominance has effectively limited the consumers in these countries from accessing the global AliExpress platform, thereby restricting their shopping choices.


In summary, the operation of AliExpress in Russia, against the backdrop of the country’s aggressive actions and international isolation, presents a markedly different scenario for online shoppers. Russia’s status as an aggressor nation, with ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, adds a layer of complexity and ethical consideration for businesses and consumers alike. Shoppers in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan must navigate these realities, understanding that their experience on AliExpress will be significantly different from the global platform in terms of product range, pricing, and reliability.