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Your Roadmap to Savings on AliExpress in Kyrgyzstan

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Hey, Kyrgyzstan shoppers! Before you dive into your AliExpress cart, we’ve got some vital information to share. The AliExpress you’re seeing in Kyrgyzstan isn’t the global platform you might have heard about. In fact, it’s a totally different beast. Let’s break it down.

AliExpress in Kyrgyzstan: Not What You Might Expect

It’s AliExpress in Russian, but There’s a Twist

Here’s the first shocker: In Kyrgyzstan, AliExpress opens up in Russian. Now, you might think that’s no big deal, but wait—this isn’t the AliExpress you know. This version is run by a Russian entity, and it’s not under the control of Alibaba Group, the original parent company.


Английское название Alibaba.com (RU) Limited Liability Company

Адрес г. Москва, набережная Пресненская, д. 10 этаж 11 пом. III ком. 17

Уставный капитал 5 573 393 600 

ОКФС Собственность иностранных юридических лиц

ОКОПФ Общества с ограниченной ответственностью

ОКОГУ Хозяйственные общества и товарищества с участием иностранных юридических и (или) физических лиц, а также лиц без гражданства

ИНН 7703380158

ОГРН 1157746446747

КПП 770301001

AliExpress Kyrgyzstan: A young and happy Kyrgyz woman stands in the center of Bishkek and holds a gift box in her hands.

A Brand Without Its Backbone

While the website may carry the “AliExpress” name, don’t be fooled. Alibaba Group has distanced itself from this version. So, what you’re seeing is basically a brand operating without the backing of its original parent company.

Why You Should Be Cautious

  • Inflated Prices: Unlike the global platform where you can find goods at competitive prices directly from Chinese sellers, this version features Russian resellers who tend to mark up the prices.
  • No Guarantees: The buyer protection you might expect from the global AliExpress platform? It’s not here. That means there’s a risk you might not even receive the item you pay for.

Our Recommendation? Shop Elsewhere.

Given the lack of transparency, the absence of buyer protection, and the generally shady setup, we’d recommend steering clear of this AliExpress version if you’re in Kyrgyzstan. Why take the risk when there are other, more reliable shopping platforms out there?

Conclusion: Buyer Beware

To sum it up, AliExpress in Kyrgyzstan is not what it appears to be. It’s an AliExpress in name only, lacking the features, prices, and buyer protection that have made the platform a global e-commerce giant. So if you’re shopping from Kyrgyzstan, our advice would be to proceed with caution or, better yet, not proceed at all.

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