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Looks like Marília Mendonça from AliExpress

Marília Mendonça was a talented singer, gifted artist and wonderful person. We want the memory of her to be preserved in our hearts for many years. Therefore, we looked at the last 115 photos of the singer. We selected the best of her outfits and found the exact same items on AliExpress.

Fruit Print Dress – R$ 217

An unusual outfit that attracts attention. Just see how it fits perfectly on the Marília Mendonça! The dress is as bright, cheerful and energetic as summer itself. It is good that it can be bought in Brazil on AliExpress.

Fruit print dress on AliExpress – buy

These are very practical clothes. The dress helps to hide everything that needs to be hidden. Suitable for girls with any type of figure. In it you will look like a real pop star. Of course, you need to choose the right shoes for your dress. The leg remains open below the knee.

Marília Mendonça looks stylish and cute in her uniform. Check out this video, for example.

Marília Mendonça & Maiara e Maraisa - Esqueça-me Se For Capaz

It seems that Marília Mendonça’s songs can be listened to forever. We really miss this talented singer.

Leopard dress like Marília Mendonça – R$ 316

Such clothes should be in every woman’s wardrobe. A leopard print dress is a must-have accessory. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what shape you have. You should wear a leopard print dress at least once a year. See when the next sale is on AliExpress to get a good discount on womenswear.

Leopard dress on AliExpress – buy

The hardest part is choosing the right color for the leopard print. It is difficult to give advice here. Note only that the dark dress emphasizes the light hair color and hides the details of the figure. And if you choose a light shade of the dress, you will show the world every curve of your body. Very revealing and bright outfit.

Sparkling Dress – R$ 107

To amaze people with your brilliance. Not every woman dares to wear such a bright and eye-catching dress. Marília Mendonça was renowned for her openness and determination. She was not afraid to wear revealing dresses. And she always looked amazing in them. There are hundreds of these outfits to be found on AliExpress 

Sparkling dress on AliExpress – buy

This dress has one interesting feature. It opens the neckline well and emphasizes the legs. But it almost completely hides the waist and hips. It’s good that Aliexpress is so cheap and every girl can afford to buy clothes there.

Teddy Coat – R$ 430

Classic English winter clothing. Warm, soft and very pleasant to the touch. Looks as cute as Teddy Bear. Will suit both older women and young girls equally well. Can serve as formal wear and attire for walking. Marília Mendonça looks like a high school student in this coat.

Teddy coat on AliExpress – buy

Please note that jeans must be worn under the coat. These two things fit together perfectly. As if they were made for each other. A classic style that never goes out of style. Like this song.

Marília Mendonça - CIUMEIRA - (Todos Os Cantos) #Ciumeira

Marília Mendonça Lightweight Dress with Flowers – R$ 54

It only takes two words to describe this outfit: youth and beauty. It is so light, so airy. And very stylish. Bright prints look great on dark fabrics. If you have light hair, you should definitely keep a black dress in your wardrobe. Better yet, two of these dresses. With different prints. It is not expensive, and you can get an additional discount on AliExpress’s birthday.

Light dress with flowers on AliExpress – buy

For a black dress, you need to choose shoes of calm tones. Mid-heeled shoes work best. The fabric is so light that you won’t get hot even in summer.

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Denim Jumpsuit – R$ 149

Another classic piece that will never go out of style. In a denim dress, you can visit friends, go on a picnic or just go shopping.

Denim jumpsuit on AliExpress – buy

Many girls take shorts and a shirt separately. But it’s better to take a whole jumpsuit. Then the top will definitely be combined with the bottom. The outfit will look complete and stylish.

We offer our sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Marília Mendonça. This tragedy struck us to the core. We want this article to help us remember our favorite singer for many years.