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Chinese New Year 2024 on Aliexpress

In 2024:February 10
Holidays in China:February 10th to 25th
Symbol:Green wooden dragon
Sale:New Year Festival

Our guide for the 2024 Chinese New Year (春節 – Spring Festival) on AliExpress helps you shop smart during this busy time. The celebration, from February 10th to 25th, will affect how quickly you get your items and how stores operate. Expect some delays and be patient with customer service. Look out for big discounts and use AliExpress coupons for extra savings. Always check if your items are available and remember that communicating well with sellers is important. For the latest deals and shopping tips, keep an eye on our AliExpress Sales Calendar.

Chinese New Year on AliExpress

Chinese New Year Sale on AliExpress

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Key Dates and Timeline

The 2024 Chinese New Year celebration spans from February 10th to February 25th, a period that holds significant implications for shoppers on AliExpress. During these dates, several vendors and suppliers based in China temporarily close their operations to celebrate the festival. This hiatus in operations directly impacts order processing, shipping schedules, and customer service responsiveness on AliExpress.

Shoppers should be aware that orders placed shortly before or during this period may face delays. Understanding this timeline is crucial for planning purchases, especially for items needed by a specific date. Moreover, this period may see a surge in promotional activities and special deals, making it an excellent opportunity for bargain hunters. However, shoppers must balance the excitement of discounts with the practical considerations of extended delivery times.

In the next sections, we will delve deeper into the implications of these dates on shopping strategies, customer service, and how to navigate the festive yet busy period of the Chinese New Year on AliExpress.

Impact on AliExpress Operations

The Chinese New Year significantly impacts the operations of AliExpress, a time marked by a slowdown in business activities as sellers and suppliers take time off to celebrate. During this festive season, many stores on AliExpress may temporarily close or operate at reduced capacity. This reduction in operations typically leads to slower processing times for orders, delays in shipping, and extended response times from customer service.

Practical Advice for Shoppers:

  • Check Store Announcements: Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to check the store’s announcements. Sellers often inform customers about changes in operation schedules during the Chinese New Year.
  • Product Availability: Some products might be in limited supply or not available at all during the festival. Ensure that the items you wish to purchase are in stock and can be shipped promptly.
  • Shipping and Delivery Expectations: Expect delays in shipping and longer delivery times. Adjust your expectations and plan accordingly, especially if you need items by a specific date.
  • Customer Service Response: Be prepared for slower response times from customer service. Patience is key during this period.

Shopping on AliExpress during the Chinese New Year requires a proactive approach. Checking these aspects before placing an order can save a lot of time and prevent potential frustration due to unforeseen delays.

How Is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

Shopping Strategies

The Chinese New Year period on AliExpress presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for shoppers. While there are potential discounts and exclusive deals, these benefits often come with the trade-off of longer shipping times.

  • Look for Deals: Many sellers offer special discounts and promotions during the Chinese New Year. Keep an eye out for these deals, but remember that the processing and shipping might take longer than usual.
  • Plan Your Purchases: If you’re not in a rush to receive your items, this can be a great time to take advantage of the discounts. However, if you need items quickly, consider shopping after the festival rush.
  • Shipping Expectations: Understand that even express shipping options might face delays due to the reduced operations during the festival.

New Product Releases and Stock Availability:

  • New Arrivals: Some sellers introduce new products for the Chinese New Year. These items can be exciting to purchase but do check the expected shipping times.
  • Stock Levels: Due to high demand and slowed restocking processes, popular items might run out of stock quickly. Keep a backup option in mind in case your desired product is unavailable.

Shopping during the Chinese New Year on AliExpress requires a strategic approach. By balancing the lure of discounts with the practicalities of shipping delays and stock availability, shoppers can make the most of their shopping experience during this vibrant festival season.

Chinese New Year 2023 celebration calendar

Special Promotions and Discounts

The Chinese New Year is an exciting time on AliExpress, filled with a variety of special promotions and discounts. Knowing how to find and utilize these offers can significantly enhance your shopping experience.

Finding Special Deals:

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check the AliExpress homepage and dedicated festival pages for special promotions and discounts exclusive to the Chinese New Year.
  • Follow Favorite Stores: Subscribe to updates from your favorite stores on AliExpress to receive notifications about their specific deals and offers.

Using AliExpress Coupons and Promotional Codes:

  • Coupon Center: Visit the AliExpress Coupon Center to find available coupons that can be applied to a wide range of products.
  • Store-Specific Discounts: Look for store-specific coupons and discounts that can be used for additional savings on particular stores.
  • Promotional Codes: Keep an eye on AliExpress emails and notifications for promotional codes that offer discounts on various categories or brands.

Understanding how to navigate and make the most of these promotions and discounts can lead to significant savings. The Chinese New Year period on AliExpress is not just about celebrating the festival but also about enjoying the perks and benefits that come with it.

Holidays in China on February 2022

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Black Water Tiger is coming. It is believed that he should be passionate and stormy.

However, the water tiger is considered more open and friendly. Therefore, the Chinese do not expect bad events.

2022's Lunar New Year (Feb. 1) brings the Year of the Tiger, third in the 12-animal Chinese zodiac cycle.

How do Chinese people celebrate New Year?

It is difficult to even imagine the importance of this event. In China, many millions of people go to work from the depths of the mainland to the coast. They work without days off and holidays. For almost a year they do not see their family, parents and children. And only on the Chinese New Year can they go to their relatives.


In Cantonese, the main language of southern China and Hong Kong, the New Year’s greeting is “Gong Hei Fat Choi” (恭喜發財), which means “wish you prosperity.” In Chinese, people say “Xin Nian Kuai Le” (新年快乐), which simply means “Happy New Year”.

Chinese new year explained - Happy Chinese new year 2022 - Chinese new year traditions
What is Chinese New Year and how to celebrate it

Some get two weeks off. Some only have a week. But everyone is going home. To see relatives. Therefore, in February, approximately 3 billion trips are made in China by all modes of transport. The average Chinese worker:

  1. Spends a whole day in line to buy a train ticket before Chinese New Year.
  2. Pays 100 yuan (about $14) for a one-way train ride.
  3. Spends 10 hours on the road to get to the family.
Chinese New Year 2022