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Dresses and blouses like Aitana Ocaña Morales on AliExpress

We have reviewed the latest 120 photographs of Aitana Ocaña Morales. We found out what kind of clothes the Spanish singer wears. And we have selected the exact same dresses, blouses and sweaters for you on AliExpress. Clothes can be ordered to Spain or another country.

Dress with a train – € 18

Light white summer dress with a long train. Suitable for walking to the beach or shopping. Accentuates shapely legs and figure.

Dress with a train Aitana
White dress on AliExpress – buy

Aitana looks very good in an open back dress. Young and beautiful. Like her songs.

Aitana - Berlín (video oficial)

Mesh dress – € 26

Sheer evening dress. A good choice for young girls going to a cocktail party. Very frank and expressive. Suitable for any body type.

Aitana in a mesh dress
Dress on AliExpress – buy

The finest fabrics and exquisite patterns. The singer looks stunning in this dress. The outfit adds expression to her stage image. I wonder if she got her discount on AliExpress?

Transparent blouse – € 2

It looks like nineties fashion is making a comeback. Again, everyone is wearing sheer blouses. This can be worn with a skirt or jeans. It is not expensive at all, but it looks great. You can choose a pattern – dots, stars or mesh.

See-through blouse like Aitana
Transparent blouse on AliExpress – buy

At Aitana Ocaña Morales has a lot of songs about love. This is why she wears revealing clothes so often. Black and transparent is her stage style. Although in video clips you can often see her in colorful clothes.

Mint sweater Aitana – € 19

So fluffy, so soft, so warm! This sweater will keep you warm in winter. Just look how cute Aitana looks in it. Suitable for tight or loose jeans.

Aitana in a mint sweater
Mint sweater on AliExpress – buy

Soft knit sweaters add femininity and openness to the look. They help create a homely, family atmosphere. Winter is the time to think about buying a sweater.

Aitana, Nicki Nicole - Formentera (video oficial)

Chiffon blouse – € 16

Perhaps this is the best clothing for a summer in Madrid. Thin material will save even the most intense heat. And will protect from UV rays. The pastel color looks neutral. Therefore, the blouse can be worn with both dark and light clothes and bags.

Singer in a chiffon blouse
Chiffon blouse on AliExpress – buy

Pay attention to the sleeves. Their length can be adjusted. For example, to show the wrists. The neckline is classic. Therefore, the blouse cannot be called too open.

Leopard dress – € 11

Tight, stylish, bright, defiant. This is exactly what an evening dress for a popular singer should be. Aitana shows us her natural strength and beauty. Expresses emotions not only with a song, but also in a vivid way.

Spanish singer in leopard dress
Leopard dress on AliExpress – buy

This leopard dress should be in every girl’s wardrobe. It is not expensive, often comes across on sales. If you don’t know what to wear to a party, then take this dress. Then you will definitely amaze everyone with your brilliance.