Discounts for VIP buyers

Stop overpaying like everyone else. You can get discounts for the elite on Aliexpress.

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Для VIP покупателей

Discounts for the elite

Ordinary buyers on Aliexpress overpay. The Chinese sell them goods at inflated prices. But for VIP clients there is a special section with discounts on the site. You can get these discounts too.


Low price

With these discounts you can buy cheaper than others


Fast shipping

Items for VIP customers are shipped first


Special attitude

Chinese sellers are particularly courteous


Surprise gifts

Sellers often put a gift in parcels for VIP buyers. 
A trifle, but nice.

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What other VIP buyers are saying

How much can you get?


Purchase amount


Average discount


You save

What else is there to wait?

Get your benefits right now. Take the opportunity to get quality goods from China with fast delivery and great discount.


Discounts for VIP buyers

A special section of the Aliexpress website, where products are available at discounted prices for special customers. You can get your benefit on Aliexpress. If you know exactly where to look.

стань уважаемым покупателем на Алиэкспресс

You can order whatever your heart desires on Aliexpress. Here are collected goods from all over the world, not only from China. But here’s the trouble. Buyers expect low prices and are disappointed. It turns out that the same T-shirt or glasses are on Aliexpress as in the store. Why is this happening? The fact is that sellers can set any prices on Aliexpress. They use it. Overvalue their goods.

Only special customers with VIP status can buy on Aliexpress at a real price. Izvestia and other authoritative publications write about this. Yes, you can see for yourself what big discounts are offered to large buyers. Just open the site and take a look.

Then you will immediately have no question whether it is possible to order clothes on Aliexpress. Of course, if you buy at such discounts, then any product will be cheap. This is where big wardrobes come from. People pick up a bunch of things every season. And they don’t overpay. Be humble and meek.