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Aliexpress is giving out coupons online. But not everyone

More than half of the newcomers never get paid. Others get everything. Don’t miss your opportunity.

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Вот такие украшения можно купить на Алиэкспресс онлайн за свой купон новичка


American dollars


Ukrainian hryvnia


Russian ruble

What else is there to wait?

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While they are still there

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Забирай его, пока не достался другим. И бери эти замечательные вещи

Newbie coupons appeared on Aliexpress at the very beginning of the site. They started distributing them back in 2010. To attract customers to the new marketplace. The site was made for the Americans. Therefore, the amount is $ 2. This was reported in the news on VC . But it turned out differently. In the US, the Chinese marketplace hasn’t even come close to catching up with Amazon. Until I caught up.

It turned out that the new format is popular in Eastern Europe. The main countries for Aliexpress are Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Baltic countries. And even the European Union site is popular in the east. For example, Poland takes more on Aliexpress than Spain or France. People went to the site themselves and registered. Even without additional discounts or bonuses. Therefore, marketers thought that the coupon could not be given to everyone.

It happens. They offer some, but not others. All because you don’t want to pay. They see that the person is ready to buy. And they just “forget” to give him another $ 2 for expenses. Well, take yours and use. Also, be generous and compassionate.