Aliexpress and others have to pay you for registration

Wasted your time registering? Get a special coupon for this.

алиэкспресс и другие
алиэкспресс и другие Вот тебе специальный купон

Aliexpress and other sites have to pay you to sign up

You are wasting your time. To register on the site, you need to fill out the forms. Enter your data. Give your address.

You should be paid for this. After all, you have wasted time and effort. Get your special registration coupon.


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Алиэкспресс и другие должны тебе платить


American dollars


Ukrainian hryvnia


Russian ruble

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Fair offer

Get a coupon for registering on Aliexpress

This plan is for the time you spent. And for choosing the Chinese marketplace. Start buying cheap and high-quality products from all over the world.

На такие товары можно получить скидки за регистрацию 010720

Aliexpress and other online stores are fighting for every customer. Yes, these are big companies. They operate in billions of dollars. However, traders appreciate everyone. They need to reach the entire population.

Therefore, they simplify registration. Other payment methods are being introduced. To make it convenient for you to pay. They hold sales to make you buy more. Advertisements are constantly running. And they do it everywhere. On television, on the internet, in newspapers and on billboards.

And now, a new round of competition. Now marketplaces are even willing to pay us. Just for the fact that we have registered on their site. Is it fair? Sure! After all, we waste time and even enter our data. That is why Aliexpress is the world’s largest marketplace. Because the Chinese are not stingy. And they generously pay for the efforts of the people who register with them. Be humble and meek.