That’s why I love Aliexpress

Special entrance to Aliexpress. For those who like to buy.

я люблю алиэкспресс
я люблю алиэкспресс Тут собраны лучшие товары по лучшим ценам

Verified sellers and selected products

That’s why we love Aliexpress. Here is a special entrance for you. The main page, which contains the best stores and products.

It is simply impossible to stop. Another purchase. Just one, honestly, honestly. There are such prices that you will not stop.


Immediately the best products and prices

The main page of the site for amateurs. Here the best deals open up immediately. Only quality products and trusted sellers.


If you love – take it

Section for real shopaholics. Real lovers of Aliexpress order goods only here.


Huge selection

Hundreds of thousands of discounted products. This is real? Yes, if you go to this section. There are so many goods that the eyes run up. It’s hard to stop.


A price that surprises

The goods are so cheap that you want to take 2 pieces at once. To yourself and a friend. Well, really, there are no such prices anywhere else.

Вот за этот раздел я люблю Алиэкспресс


Average purchase size

250 000

Buyers come here every day

7 850 000

Products from verified sellers

What else is there to wait?

Come here anytime. Now you know how to open a main Aliexpress store with good stores. There is no need to wait. Make bargain purchases today.


For this I love Aliexpress

A special version of the site, which contains the best products and stores. Big discounts only. Delivery is free only.

Похоже на обычную главную, но эта - особенная

Shopping is a pleasure. If you know for sure that you will not be deceived. That the price will be good. They will deliver on time and will not damage the goods. There are millions of products on the Chinese marketplace. But only a special section contains good proposals. For this section, I love Aliexpress .

Newbies suffer sometimes. If you read, for example, the reviews on the iRecommendation , you can find hundreds of victims. They rush to the first thing they come across. And then they are surprised that they sent them a substandard or even damaged product. You need to be careful. And take only in trusted stores. They are marked on the site with a special badge with a “medal”.

If you don’t want to search, if there is no time. Then go to this section. Good shops with the right prices are immediately collected here. You can relax and enjoy your shopping. Take another product. And further. Until you get bored. Although, who can get bored of good shopping?

Be moderate and don’t waste extra money.