Get a personalized invitation to Aliexpress with discounts

Your personal Aliexpress home page. Created personally for you.

алиэкспресс со
Персональное приглашение на Алиэкспресс со скидками

Aliexpress home page, made for you

No consumer goods. Only good, necessary things. Tailored to your taste.

Discounts on products you’ve wanted to buy for a long time. Fair price for you.


There is plenty to choose from

The jeans you wanted. In assortment. The watch you were looking for. And 1000 more products for you.


No need to search long

Here Aliexpress adjusts to you. It selects the products that you are looking for.


Everyone gives a discount at once

Normal prices. Just the ones that suit you. Immediately and discount.


Aliexpress does for you

It’s nice to feel that you are being taken care of. Especially when a big company does it.

Персональный Алиэкспресс вход


At the time of buying


You can get such a discount


Your benefit

What else is there to wait?

Now you know how to open a personalized homepage on Aliexpress with discounts. Use it anytime. Come in right now and check it yourself. Make sure everything is exactly the way you like it.

Personal home page

Personal invitation from Aliexpress

Quick access to the products you need. And to the best discounts. Verified sellers and brands. Products that you have been looking for and wanted to buy for a long time.

Вот такие товары можно купить на персональной главной странице Алиэкспресс

Every day, millions of users visit Aliexpress with discounts. The site cannot guess who will open it. Therefore, it shows the most popular products on the main page. For all. As in Russian Timol . But we want something personal. I would like the site to remember our choice. And our preferences. To open it immediately with the goods we need.

There is a solution. This is a personalized invitation to Aliexpress with discounts. Your personal website home page. You no longer need to think about how to enter Aliexpress. Now you have your own login page. Chinese engineers have designed and engineered it to fit your needs.

They tracked exactly what products you previously searched for and bought. For example, you liked skinny black jeans. I didn’t like the blue ones. This means that they will be on your personal Aliexpress home page with discounts. Immediately in a large assortment. You will no longer need to look for jeans. They will be displayed immediately on the main page.

Of course, not everything can go smoothly. The general list may include products that you do not like. But with every purchase, with every next login, there will be improvements. Aliexpress will customize to your needs. Under what you love and expect from him. Be humble and meek.